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Best Wooden Boards for Office in 2020 | Pinning Your Tasks

Wooden boards are a commodity at this point, they are easy to get anywhere and can be used in ingenious ways in an office environment. You can use it as a base for something on your desk or pin tasks and other important notes.

Some of the most useful wooden boards that you will in any office environment are bulletin boards for short and quick memos that can be pinned on to them for employees and everyone to see.

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 Best Wooden Boards for Office in 2020

6. Bi-Office Budget Board & Whiteboard 

Bi-Office Budget Board & Whiteboard 

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The Bi-Office board is for offices that are short on space and want a board that can do two jobs at once. Perfect for use in small spaces that needs to get creative with how they use the limited space.

The design of the board is very simple and straightforward, a theme you will find very familiar with a lot of the products on the list. Easy to install and ready to go out of the box


Dry erase surface for the whiteboard side and comes with an attached bulletin board, hit two birds with one stone with this one.

5. U Brands Cork Board 

U Brands Cork Board 

Every office needs a wooden cork and bulletin boards, don’t they? We have some on our list as well. let us start with the U Brands.

You can get these in different sizes that match your needs and size of the office space. Made from OAK MDF it features self-healing capabilities.


Make sure no more memos and bulletins are missed with the U Brands corkboard. A sturdy and well-built wooden board.

4. CTG Lightweight Cork Board 

CTG Lightweight Cork Board 

Pinewood made easy to carry and lightweight wooden cork boards perfect for any office.

The CTG lightweight cork board features two metal hooks that allow it to be easily installed on any surface. It is also fairly easy to carry and made solidly with pinewood giving it a rustic and natural look and feel.


Large surface area for easy pinning of notes and reminders in an office, the pinewood frame is a bonus to an already useful product.

3. Quartet Cork Board 

Quartet Cork Board 

If you are in the market for the best wooden board meant to be used as a bulletin board, then the Quartet is the best one you can lay your hands on.

With an Oak finish frame this board looks very professional and can blend in easily in any office environment. Subtle and practical is the name of the game with this one.


Easily mountable in any orientation great for holding in place important office notes, meeting minutes and reminders.

2. Rose Art Board Dudes Combo 

Rose Art Board Dudes Combo 

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The Board Dudes Bo Inner Dry Erase Board (FHD82) The Board Dudes Bo Inner Dry Erase Board (FHD82) No ratings yet $24.69

One of the best combo boards out there in the market that you can buy. These are meant to be some of the best quality and versatile whiteboard with dry-erase burlap.

Take in the sheer quality and attention to detail put in when making the board. The fit and finish of the product gives it a feel of craftsmanship and is a great addition to any office.


You can use it to organize photos, meeting notes and any sort of reminders in these.

1.Bottle Cap Co. Pallet 

Bottle Cap Co. Pallet 

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Bottle Cap Pallet, 18-Inch by 24-Inch, Weathered Wood Bottle Cap Pallet, 18-Inch by 24-Inch, Weathered Wood No ratings yet $30.99

Easily one of the best wooden boards for office use.

Quality wood slab with slits in the middle that is perfect and versatile about for use around the office.


Great looking, safe and simple board from a trusted brand. You can’t go wrong with this one.

In conclusion, when it comes to buying wooden boards, it is quite hard to go wrong. But with so many options and so many variations of the materials and finished used, it can get a bit confusing. Pick one from the above that suits your needs and you can be sure that it will get the job done.

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