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Best Wire Shelving Closets in 2020 | Spacious & Stylish

Modern-day construction is a lot about smart planning and using every inch of a room effectively. With a decent amount of open space, any room will feel larger and more welcoming. However, leaving open spaces in a room means there would be less space for storing all of your accessories. To generate the necessary storage space, you can use a wire shelving closet! With a wire shelving closets at home, you can save space and organize your accessories at the same time. So, if you are looking for the best wire shelving closet, then choose from these options below:

Top 10 Best Wire Shelving Closets in 2020

10. Muscle Rack Wire Shelving Closets

Muscle Rack Wire Shelving Closets

With an all-steel construction, it is clear that Muscle Rack’s wire shelving closet can withstand a lot of weight. The frame is solid and consists of 1” increments. As a result, you will be able to set the entire frame up in no time.

This wire shelving closet contains perforations that allow water to penetrate the body. Besides, this design allows light and air to naturally circulate inside the shelf.


–         Prevents dust from accumulating

–         Contains anti-corrosive properties

–         Consists of flexible leveling feet that provide stability

9. Adjustable Storage Shelving Unit

Adjustable Storage Shelving Unit

 As the name suggests, this wire shelving closet is adaptable. So, you can adjust the heights for every shelf in the most convenient way possible.

These closets feature a modern design. So, they complement the home décor as well as office décor.


–         Each shelf withstands 200lbs of weight

–         Consists of commercial-grade varnish

–         Comes in three different colors

8. AmazonBasics Wire Shelving Closets

AmazonBasics Wire Shelving Closets

Preview Product Rating Price
AmazonBasics 4 Cube Grid Wire Storage Shelves, White AmazonBasics 4 Cube Grid Wire Storage Shelves, White No ratings yet $22.49

The purpose of having AmazonBasics’ wire shelving closet is to neatly store all the accessories. With it by your side, you will never misplace any item in the household.

This wire shelving closet features a modular design. As such, you can stack multiple items inside each row without overcrowding them.


–         Can be disassembled for moving purposes

–         Comprises of a steel wire with powder coating

–         Cubes can withstand almost 10lbs of weight

7. Quantum Wire Shelving Unit

Quantum Wire Shelving Unit

Quantum Storage wire shelving closet has been made with carbon steel. It is anti-corrosive and quite durable.

The open-wire design for this wire shelving closet makes it an ideal storage unit for offices.


–         Contains 1” intervals for every post

–         Adjustable with 1-inch increments

–         Fortified shelves accompanied by wire trusses

6. eeZe Rack Wire Shelving Closets

eeZe Rack Wire Shelving Closets

The first thing you may notice about this wire shelving closet is the NSF certification. So, these closets are sustainable and versatile. Also, these closets are likely to resist wear and tear with a chrome garnish.

The closets feature steel wire construction that lets them withstand heavy objects without capitulating.


–         Withstands 350lbs for every shelf

–         The assembling process takes little time

–         Prevents corrosion from forming on the surface

5. Whitmor 4 Tier Closet Shelf

Whitmor 4 Tier Closet Shelf

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Whitmor, White, 4 Tier, Closet Shelf Whitmor, White, 4 Tier, Closet Shelf No ratings yet $19.79

Whitmor has been organizing people’s homes for a long time now. They have come up with a multi-purpose wire shelving closet to give you extra storage space. You can assemble the parts without using any fancy tools.

Whitmor’s wire shelving closet is made using a white metal frame that has an epoxy coating with wire shelves. The epoxy coating makes the closet durable and long-lasting.


–         Helps to organize accessories in a room

–         Can be used as a book rack, shoe rack, storage shelf

–         Lightweight and portable

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4. AmazonBasics 5-Shelf Wire Shelving Closets

AmazonBasics 5-Shelf Wire Shelving Closets

One of the many benefits of using this wire shelving closet is that it will fit in anywhere. If you are in a tiny dorm room, you can keep this shelving unit. You will be able to take advantage of its vertical space to store a lot of essential items.

These shelving units feature a flexible design that will increase the shelf space.


–         Shelves are customizable with adaptable height

–         Comprises of steel construction, making it durable

–         Shelves withstand 350lbs without bending

3. Sandusky Lee Wire Shelving Closets

Sandusky Lee Wire Shelving Closets

Sandusky’s wire shelving closet is one of the toughest products in the market. They are made with chrome-finished steel that makes them durable. As such, these closets can survive rough use.

These closets consist of an open wire design that makes the content inside visible.


–         Allows air to flow naturally inside of it

–         Resists dirt from building up on the accessories

–         Consists of adaptable levelers for stabilizing the body

2. SONGMICS Metal Wire Cube Storage

SONGMICS Metal Wire Cube Storage

Songmics’ wire organizer lets the user gather all six cubes in one place and form the storage unit. So, you will have numerous innovative ways to store the products.

There is no specific design because it is entirely customizable. Shelves contain wire mesh while the cubes are durable.

  • Provides a simple interlocking system
  • Stops units from falling off with an anti-toppling fitting

1. Whitmor Supreme Wire Shelving Closets

Whitmor Supreme Wire Shelving Closets

Whitmor is a reliable brand that has been organizing homes for years. This wire shelving closet from Whitmor increases the shelf space in your home by four times. It can neatly store items and keep them unharmed in a heated environment.

With a simple design, Whitmor makes it easy for you to distribute weight evenly on this wire shelving closet.

  • Consists of top quality chrome varnish for better functionality
  • Prevents rust from forming on the surface
  • Can be stored on a rough surface

A wire shelving closet at home or office always lets you breathe easy since it takes very little space. With that said, you can try any one of the closets from the list to organize all the unnecessary items.

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