Best Vacuum Steam Mop Combos in 2020

Cleaning the home or office one cannot ignore or overlook. Yes, we know it is a tiring job for many reasons. Our conclusion is to find the best equipment to make your work easier. Furthermore, we want to help make your tasks more comfortable at home. The truth is with the best Vacuum Steam Mop Combos you can tackle any cleaning project at home or work.

Once you have one in your hand, you will be amazed at what these machines can do. However, the appliance cleans and sanitizes at the same time leaving the place clean.

So if you want to find an efficient, functional, practical, and powerful vacuum steam mop combo make sure to read the reviews. Not only will they make your life simpler they are easy to use on different surfaces.

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Furthermore, they can reach into areas, remove stubborn particles, and eliminate them. Simplify your clean up tasks with any of the models available you will not regret it.

Top 10 Best Vacuum Steam Mop Combos in 2020 

10. SK 6-in-1 Multifunctional Steam Mop Combos

SK 6-in-1 Multifunctional Steam Mop CombosWhy struggle with a broom, mop, bucket, and water to clean the house. Get the sleek black and green vacuum steam mop with combo functions to get the job done. However, you can get the best experience using the appliance to do a deep and thorough cleaning.

While using the appliance it will leave your place smelling fresh and hygienic at the same time. Furthermore, the machine targets dirt, dust, and mops floors as well. However, another highlight is you do not need to use harsh chemicals destroying the environment unless you use organic cleansers.

For steam cleaning and sanitizing it has a powerful 1500W motor. Furthermore, you get a snap-on carpet glider to freshen the carpets. Furthermore, with the 180° swivel triangle head, you can maneuver easily to clean hard-to-reach areas. You can use steam on demand with the control settings.

Are you still undecided about the combo set let us look at the fantastic features?

  • Made with 6-in-1 accessories to clean carpets, windows, floors, ovens, upholstery and more
  • Comes with a microfiber steam mop to use on hard floors with three microfiber pads included
  • Has a lightweight construction with shoulder strap
  • The fiber pads washable and reusable and you can buy the consumables separately if needed
  • Equipped with a powerful 1500W motor and chemical free with 212F hot steam that naturally cleans all surfaces
  • Comes with a snap-on carpet glider with swivel triangle head with steam control settings
  • Consist of a sound alert for safety
  • Two-year Warranty

9. Eufy HomeVac Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Eufy HomeVac Cordless Vacuum CleanerNothing comes more exquisitely designed than the vacuum steam mop combo does from eufy. How many times have you had to unplug the vacuum cleaner or use an extension lead for cleaning different parts of the home? Prevent this with a cordless design using the HomeVac.

Think of it this way no cables is getting in your way, and it saves you less time cleaning with the powerful suction action. Furthermore, the appliance has a 2200mAh rechargeable battery that provides up to 50-minutes of cleaning and the dust holding capacity is 0.9L.

The weight is light at 5.5 lbs and makes carrying it easier to use around the home — the vacuum cleaners equipped with a cyclonic system and electric rolling brush to make cleaning tasks a breeze. What makes the equipment even more user-friendly is the high-performance filter that traps dust preventing it from returning into the air.

The dust holder releases easily with two steps and prevents dust from ending up your hands and the floor. The reusable swivel head comes with incorporated LED pivot to move around tables and under furniture comfortably. So what do you think or do you need more convincing?

Check out the features and decide for yourself if the appliance is for you.

  • Has a lightweight 5.5 lbs construction with powerful suction
  • Equipped with smart technology and innovative cordless design
  • Cleans floors with centrifugal force providing consistent suction and works with two filters
  • Comprise a 28.8V 2200 mAh rechargeable battery with up to 22-minutes of use on high power
  • Offers you up to 50-minutes use in Eco mode
  • Has a substantial 0.9L dust holder that removes in two easy steps to keep your hands and the floor clean
  • Include a 15-month warranty
  • Extras included an AC power adapter and wall mount with mounting hardware
  • Made with a swivel head comprising built-in LED pivots to reach underneath furniture and more

8. Sienna Luna Plus Steam Cleaning System

Sienna Luna Plus Steam Cleaning SystemNothing comes more sophisticated than vacuum steam mop combo does from Sienna. The Luna Plus combines sonic micro pulse vibration with three levels of adjustable steam control to make sure your home or office is spotless. With the micropulse, it lends a hand for maneuvering over different surfaces.

As the equipment moves over the floor, the sonic vibrations loosen stubborn particles to reduce scrubbing. Furthermore, it has a comfortable shoulder strap making it portable to use anywhere. Furthermore, you get different cleaning accessories to clean bathrooms, windows, floors, and more.

Additionally, it is an environmentally friendly appliance, as it does not make use of chemicals and only steam. However, the functions are easy to see on the control panel. To light up dark areas to clean it has a LED headlight making sure you do not miss any dust in your way.

So what do you think of this sleek highly functional product? Let us convince you more with the fantastic features.

  • Works with sonic pulse vibration to loosen up stubborn particles
  • Works with high-temperature steam to sanitize the home
  • You can use the vacuum steam mop combo on floors, countertops, and more with the included accessories
  • There is three levels of steam control and vibrates over 90 vibrations a second
  • Comes with a LED headlight to make sure you miss nothing in its cleaning path
  • Has a convenient shoulder strap and the microfiber pads reusable
  • What is included: carpet glider kit, two washable microfiber cleaning pads, water fill cup, twelve-piece accessory kit, and storage bag
  • Equipped with a 1500-watt motor and weighs 6.7 pounds
  • The water tank capacity is 15.2 fluid ounces
  • For safety, it comes with an auto shut-off

7. Shark Sonic Duo Cleaner

Shark Sonic Duo CleanerFor one of the best vacuum steamer mop combos available on the market, nothing can beat the Shark Sonic model. The ZZ550 model is a quick and easy way to help you remove stuck dirt in the home. You can use the apparatus on carpets and hard floors.

With the vacuum cleaner, you get two scrub modes and non-toxic to use without chemicals. For us, that is a bonus as it keeps the environment safe for you and Mother Earth. There is no hard work needed from your side as the machine takes care of everything.

The unit comes with a swivel steering to make maneuvering it around corners easier. Further, it has air glide maneuverability, and the cord length is 22-feet. The product is lightweight at 18 lbs, and you get a fantastic two-year warranty with accessories included.

When used on carpets the steam vacuum cleaner rejuvenates mats leaving them looking clean and smelling fresh. The Sonic first removes visible dirt then the trap & remove technology penetrates deep to remove hard particles for removing later.

Do you think the appliance can meet your expectations? Look at the features and come to a decision yourself.

  • Comes with two scrub modes to use on carpets and hard floors
  • Gives 1000 scrubs per minute
  • Works with a seven-in-one cleaning solution that works without non-toxic chemicals
  • Has air glide maneuverability with a swivel steering
  • The cord length is 22-feet, and the item weighs 18 lbs
  • Included you get a carpet cleaning pad, carpet scrub & stain pad, two hard floor cleaning pads, polishing pad, 12oz carpet cleaner, 10oz activating penetrator, 16oz wood & hard floor polish with a 12oz cleaner
  • The microfiber pads are reusable
  • You get a two-year warranty

6. Shark Rocket DuoClean

Shark Rocket DuoCleanFor the best overall-cleaning vacuum with an ultra-light design, the Shark Rocket DuoClean stands out from the crowd of cleaners. The appliance has a corded structure and still helps you clean without any hurdles. You can use it on carpets and floors with the soft brush roll.

The brush roll deep cleans carpets and leaves hard floors looking polished. Further, it sucks up loads of particles in its way and can even attach large debris. The HV382 has a lightweight 4.6 lbs design making it easy to carry and use around the home.

Do you have pets in the home you will find using the Shark Rocket removes pet hair easily from any surface? On the front is a LED light and it comes with a floor nozzle for hard to reach places. However, to make it even better look at the marvelous features, it offers.

  • The Shark Rocket converts into a hand vac for cleaning countertops, furniture, and more
  • You can use it on carpets and hard floors with the duo brush roll
  • The DuoClean might not be a vacuum steam mop combo but is efficient at removing pet hair and other dirt particles
  • Has a LED light on the floor nozzle
  • Included you get a pet multi-tool, wall mount storage hook, and crevice tool
  • The brush roll you can remove and replace with the brush roll garage
  • The filters washable and reusable
  • With the lightweight of 9.9 lbs, the appliance is easy to maneuver
  • Has a long 30-feet power cord
  • The dust cup capacity is 0.91 dry quarts

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5. Smart Living Steam Mop

Smart Living Steam MopOne of our preferred vacuum steam mop combos is the one from Smart Living. Compared to the other home appliances, this one steams at 110-degrees C, and you can only use it on hard floors. With the green mop, you can remove dirt and grease from vinyl, tiles, and more.

There is no need of using toxic chemicals, and you only need to fill the water tank and attach the microfiber pad and allow the device to take care of the rest. The best way to use the steam mop is with distilled water as it prevents the reservoir from clogging up.

So if you need an easy to use powered steam mop instead of the spaghetti one and still in doubt look at the characteristics offered.

  • Cleans hard surfaces without using cleaning chemicals
  • Works at a high steam temperature of 110° C in a minute
  • Easy to use by filling the water tank with distilled water, attach the reusable microfiber pad, and power it on
  • Eliminates bacteria and germs found in the home

4. Bissell Symphony Pet Steam Mop

Bissell Symphony Pet Steam MopThe Symphony steam mop offers you the outstanding performance to vacuum & steam at the same time. There is no need of getting your hands dirty with this appliance working in the home. The dirt tank offers you hands-free emptying and the mop pads disposable after cleaning up pets messes.

To make it even better the dirt tank works with dry-tank technology to keep moisture out. You can use it on different hard floors from ceramic to granite and marble. You get a mop kit included comprising one washable soft mop pad and one washable scrubby mop pad.

There are odor eliminating scent discs (eight packs) and comes with the Bissell steam boost kit that is disposable. Further, you get scent waters to use in the reservoir. The unit is 9.74 lbs and lightweight with a water tank capacity of 12.8 oz. You get steam on demand and have built-in digital controls.

Does the vacuum steam mop combo tickle your fancy? Not sure if the appliance suit your needs look at the outstanding features.

  • You can vacuum and steam clean floors simultaneously
  • Comes with a drop-it tank emptying system leaving your hands clean
  • You get disposable pads for cleaning pet messes
  • Has a powerful cyclonic suction and 1100-watts for steam
  • The dust tank works with dry-tank technology to keep moisture out for easy cleaning
  • Further, it comes with a quick-release mop pad tray, steam on demand, digital controls
  • You get disposable map pads, mop pad kit, eight odor eliminating scent discs, Swiffer Steamboost Kit, and scent waters
  • Another important thing is with your purchase you donate $10 to the Bissell Pet Foundation

3. Nugeni Steva+ Cordless Vacuum and Steamer

Nugeni Steva+ Cordless Vacuum and SteamerWith the Nugeni Steva+, you can clean, deodorize, and sanitize the home. The appliance converts from an upright stick vacuum/steam mop to a handheld vacuum/steamer. You only need standard tap water but using distilled water comes highly recommended.

No harsh chemicals make it an eco-friendly tool to use to keep you and the family safe. You can use the handheld for sanitizing countertops, stained carpet spots and more. The AllergyAware filters reusable and captures most bacteria and germs in the home. There is no waiting time for the steam to build up with an efficient boiler system.

To top it all the cordless design makes it possible to use the domestic device anywhere from the home to the car. Cleaning the dustbin is simple by pressing a button. Moreover, to make the product more enticing, it comes with fantastic traits.

  • You get loads of accessories such as the long extension to reach wand, hard floor & vacuum tool adapter, crevice tool, extendible brush, charging and storage dock, charging cable, and the list goes on
  • The vacuum steam mop combo gives you up to 39-minutes of continuous steam
  • The steamer cord length is 28-feet
  • Offers 1350 steamer power with up to 25-minutes of constant vacuum use
  • Equipped with a 20VMax rechargeable battery
  • Converts from a mobile steamer to a handheld vacuum
  • Works without using harsh chemical
  • Comprise a reusable dual layer AllergyAware filtration system

2. Dyson Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson Upright Vacuum CleanerDoes your home always look untidy with the kids and pets running around? You need the best vacuum cleaner to work through tough house cleaning tasks. With the Dyson Ball Animal 2, you can deep clean the whole house keeping it sanitized for the entire family to enjoy living in.

You can clean carpets to hard floors and offers you flexible ceiling cleaning as well. The suction power on the appliance is fantastic and comes with a self-adjusting head. With the turbine-tool, you can remove pet hair from furniture and floors easily.

To top it all the radial root cyclone technology helps capture microscopic dust keeping the air clean. Even emptying the bin is hygienic by pushing the release button and it comes with a five-year warranty. The cord has a length of 35-feet, and the dustbin volume is 55 gallons.

  • Self-adjusting cleaner head with outstanding suction to clean carpets and hard floors
  • Has a cord length of 35-feet and the dustbin capacity is 55-gallons
  • With the turbine tool, you can remove pet hairs around the home
  • Equipped with a HEPA filtration system
  • Has a 306 AW suction power
  • The dustbin is easy to empty with a push of a button
  • Has an instant release wand, making it easier to clean up high and underneath furniture
  • AAFA certified, and you get a 5-year warranty

1. BISSEL Symphony Two-in-One Vacuum Steamer

BISSEL Symphony Two-in-One Vacuum SteamerHere we have another vacuum steam mop combo from BISSEL to use on hard floors. The tank capacity is 12.8 ounces, and the cleaning pad width is 11-inches. By only using water in the tank it steams at a high temperature to sanitize the floors in the house.

The digital touch controls easy to use and comes with a five-way adjustable handle for hard-to-reach places. The mop pad tray comes with a quick release and includes four reusable mop pads. The power cord is 25-feet and cleaning the dirt tank is a breeze.

The dustbin has dry tank technology keeps moisture out and makes cleaning a breeze. Are you unsure about the appliance and need more convincing, look at the features to help make your decision easier?

  • Include a mop pad kit, scent waters, and spring breeze freshening discs
  • You can use it to clean over different hard floors
  • The dustbin is kept dry with the dry tank technology making your cleaning more comfortable and hygienic
  • Works with cyclonic power to capture all dust particles and debris
  • The mop pad is detachable to change the microfiber pads
  • You can customize your cleaning using the digital touch display
  • Lightweight at 9.74 lbs and the water tank capacity is 12.8 oz
  • You can steam on demand and comes with a warranty

Which Vacuum Steam Mop Combo Catches Your Attention?

Whether you want to clean the carpets and floors in your office or home, look no further. With the top ten vacuum steam mop combos reviewed, you can get the perfect cleaning solution to help. Furthermore, each of the appliances is from reputable brands with outstanding client records of accomplishment.

The products made with quality material and the versatile to use as vacuum and steamer. While there are some vacuum cleaners on the list, they offer you fantastic features. You will get value for money and get a powerful, efficient, effective, and functional device.

The biggest decision, we leave up to you to decide which vacuum steamer mops made for you. However, the important thing is you will not regret making the purchase.

Why go on your hands and knees to clean the floors in the home. Furthermore, use one of the top ten best vacuum steam mop combos reviewed to achieve the best cleaning results. You will not be left disappointed—make a choice and choose one today.

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Is a Steam Cleaner Better Than a Mop?

vacuum steam mop combos

In comparison to a conventional mop and bucket floor-cleaning method, the vacuum steam mop combo is a more sanitary and convenient way to clean up the floor.

For the conventional mop, you need to exert some energy in squeezing out water from the mop before cleaning. You also get to do some work in scrubbing off the grime from your floor when you use a traditional mop. But with the steam mop, all you need to do is to fill up the water reservoir with clean water, and have a couple of spare mop pads while cleaning. Space, which requires hours of cleaning with a mop, could actually be wiped spotless in minutes with a steam cleaner.

Also, with the steam mop comes relief from the stress of dragging a bucket of dirty water across the room while cleaning.

For the sanitary aspects, there’s no doubt that a vacuum steam mop combo is way better than the conventional mop.

For one thing, the heat from a steam mop can be useful in getting rid of germs and bacteria. Research results have shown that steam is effective in reducing Acinetobacter baumannii, MRSA, and VRE. It also has sanitary characteristics that can eliminate Clostridium difficile and the very popular Salmonella. And 5 seconds is all it takes for a steam mop to carry out its wholesome activity.

Furthermore, a steam mop pad can be easily changed to curtail the spread of dirt from one part of the floor to another. On the other hand, the conventional mop could quickly spread stains and dirt all over the floor – especially when cleaning water is not changed frequently.

But whether or not a steam mop is better than the traditional mop depends mainly on the nature of your floor. Basically, a conventional mop can be used on all floor types – provided it is properly drained before use. But not all floor types are suitable for steam cleaning. Some floor types are easily damaged by the heat from a steam mop.

First, steam mops are only better than conventional mops when a sealed flooring is involved. Any grade of linoleum or vinyl floor can be cleaned with a steam mop. Porcelain or ceramic tile, certain types of laminate and hardwood flooring are also compatible with a steam mop. But some types of hardwood flooring can get damaged by the heat from a steam mop.

Irrespective of your flooring type, it is best to consult your floor manufacturer before using a steam mop on it. This is because some laminate floors may be suitable for steam cleaning, while others may not be compatible with heat. Steam mops could push steam down the planks and cause damage to the flooring’s core layer.

Other times, it is just best to ditch the heat and revert to the traditional way of getting floors clean. Some steam mop manufacturers could actually flag their products safe for wood floors when they’re not. It is just better to be on the safer side – especially if you have wooden floor.

Secondly, for a heavily soiled floor, steam mopping may not be the better option. You’ll only end up using steam to spread dirt all over the place. Steam mops are best used as maintenance cleaning system. The traditional mop and bucket technique would be best for you if your floor is heavily soiled.

Thirdly, steam mops offer so much convenience that people often forget to follow the necessary guidelines. And most often than not, failure to adhere to these guidelines have somewhat severe consequences. Whereas for a conventional mop, there are no critical rules to be followed for use. For example, you cannot top the reservoir of a steam mop with anything other than clean (often demineralized) water. This is because minerals can solidify and clog the steam outlet, and cleaning chemicals can damage the heating system. But a conventional mop can work with any cleaning solution, provided it is compatible with flooring.

Lastly, if your floor is stained with grease or oily substances, a conventional mop would likely give you better outcomes than a steam mop. Although there are steam mops that feature the use of cleaning chemicals, you should know that they all come with a price.

Should I Mop Before Steam Mopping?

vacuum steam mop combos

Mopping your floors before steam cleaning may make your floors spotless, but it is unnecessary. Unless the floor is heavily soiled, steam mopping alone enough – after all, mop and water have been in use before the introduction of steam mops.

Nevertheless, if you must steam clean your house, it is best to skip the mopping. There are several other ways to prepare your floors for steam mopping than conventional mopping. Preparation of floors and guidelines for steam mopping include:

Ensure the Floor Type is Compatible with Steam Cleaning

If you didn’t check the compatibility of your floor with heat before purchasing your steam mop, do so before use. If your flooring is going to get damaged by heat (especially if it requires thorough cleaning), it would be better to skip the heat. But if your flooring is heat-friendly, you can begin your steam cleaning process.

Clear Out the Room

To avoid lifting and dropping items while the steam mop is left heating up on one spot, clear out the room before steam-cleaning. Take out obstacles like movable furniture and loose items. While some steam mops can work around furniture, it is best to move the furniture entirely out of the way.

Sweeping and Vacuuming

It is important to sweep and vacuum your floors before plugging in the steam mop. Dust, lint, and large dirt need to be cleaned out of the way before swinging your steam mop into action. And you don’t want to have to drag large debris with your mop all around the room while cleaning. If a vacuum isn’t available, sweeping will do just fine. But the suction power of a vacuum is best for getting rid of dirt and grime that reduce your steam cleaner’s efficiency.

Get Your Mop Pads Handy

The beauty of steam cleaning can be marred by residual dirt trails that form on floor surfaces after mopping. To avoid ruining your floors with dirt trails, get several pads handy before you start the cleaning process. This way, you can change the pads as soon as they get dirty.

Mop pads are readily available and are not too expensive. They are also machine-washable to enable you to use them more efficiently.

Prepare Your Steam Mop

Preparing your steam mop before a session of steam cleaning is very important. You don’t want to stop your cleaning halfway across a room just to fill up your mop’s reservoir. So, ensure everything is in place before you begin to steam clean.

Fill the mop’s reservoir with clean water, attach your mop pads before connecting the mop to the closest power outlet. If your steam mop is cordless, ensure it is well charged and ready to clean.

Start to Steam Clean Farthest from the Entrance

You certainly do not want your feet or footwear leaving marks on your steam-cleaned floor. So, it is best to start steam mopping from the part of the room farthest from the door. Work your way to the entrance by mopping back and forth in straight lines. This way, you can keep track of the areas you’ve already cleaned.

Powering Your Steam Mop Should be Done Later

A vacuum steam mop combo heats up pretty quickly. And it can be quite challenging to attach the pads when the foot of the mop is heated. So you’d want to connect your pads right before plugging the mop in.

Also, try to fill the reservoir before plugging in your steam mop. This is to eliminate the risk of an electric shock since water and electricity are involved. It is equally safe to unplug the mop before refilling the reservoir or changing pads while cleaning.

Never Leave a Plugged Steam Mop Idle

It is not out of place to get distracted while cleaning. Your baby could need urgent attention, or someone might be at the door. Whatever the case, do well to unplug the steam mop before leaving the spot. Else, it could overheat in a matter of seconds, and cause damage to your flooring.

Never Store Your Steam Mop with Wet or Dirty Pads

It is advisable to take off mop pads from the mop as soon as it cools. This is because mildew can result from leaving a wet or dirty pad on a steam mop. It could also damage the cloth head. So, make it a habit to remove mop pads and wash them up immediately after use. You can attach clean, dry pads to the mop just in case you need it handy for your next cleanup.

Do Not Use a Steam Mop near a Cold Fixture

Cold fixtures such as the tiles in the bathroom or toilet should not be steam mopped. The introduction of heat to these fixtures could result in a crack.

What Can I Put in My Steam Mop to Smell Nice?

What Can I Put in My Steam Mop to Smell Nice?

Basically, it is not advisable to add anything other than water to your steam mop. This is because the steam outlet could get clogged, and the mop rendered ineffective. Or worse still, harsh and toxic substances could damage your floors and cause allergies for your children and pet.

But if you want a little bit of pleasant fragrance circulating in your house, a few drops of essential oils won’t be wrong. While you steam mop, you can add a few drops of lemon, orange, lavender, or grapefruit oil to the mop’s reservoir. You can also use wintergreen oil, jasmine fragrance oil, or organic lemongrass oil to get your desired scent.

A vacuum steam mop combo is excellent and convenient cleaning equipment. Nevertheless, its efficiency is determined by a lot of factors. And whether it is better than the conventional mop or not is dependent on the nature of your floor.

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