Surprising Uses of Projector You Haven’t Known

uses of projector

Aside from the regular uses of a projector we’re all conversant with, there are other uses of projector that will leave you amazed. Typical uses f a projector including use in conference rooms, classrooms, and theaters us achieve all we want, be it entertainment or presentation.

Many of us even use it in our homes by playing interesting video games and watching our favorite shows in HD and 3D.  Some of us enjoy it outdoors by watching our favorite movies in the open at night.

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Technology has even evolved to the point that we can carry our projectors around when we go to work or even travel. Owning your projector is increasingly becoming a common occurrence. Another interesting thing is the fact that you can use a projector in many interesting ways in your home or wherever you are. Here are a few surprising uses of a projector you haven’t known.

Wall Mural

Surprising Uses of Projector You Haven't Known

Wall mural is a fun way to project your image on a dresser, wall, or any piece of furniture on a typical rainy day. The mural is a fun and interesting way to get a unique and beautiful projection.

Theme Looping: you can create a continuous theme looping video by using a video app. The theme should be a party theme. This form of projection is a very great way to have a lovely child’s party and other beautiful events. You can create a theme that comprises of plant and fish swimming and swinging away on the wall or the surface you’re using.


Another surprising way to use your projector is during the Halloween period. It’s a great way to have one of the coolest houses in your neighborhood. You can do this by checking out an online store where you can get Hallowindows, which comprises of animations that you can display on your window by connecting your DVD with your projector.

Then, use a scrim or a white sheet on the open window, where it can be seen clearly, and project these images to scare the trick-or-treaters that come close to your door. Many people will love this, and screams will go along with it.

Laser Show

laser show | Surprising Uses of Projector You Haven't Known

Another surprising but interesting way to use your projector is something called the Laser Show. It is a fantastic way to make your party a lively one. You can start by downloading a laser show app and connect your projector to the PC. A good app to use is the MusicBeam, and this app will enable you to change the laser show and adapt to the music.


Download a few free apps or software and enjoy a planetarium view in your home. If you want to enjoy the view of the galaxy and explore the planets and stars in three parts, you can use the Celestia program. You will also experience how it feels to travel or be in space.

Another interesting app you can try is the Stellarium app. The app is built to help you have a telescopic view right inside your home, on your couch. You can zoom in on planets and stars with this app and enjoy the look on the projected screen or surface.

Cooking Device

Another surprising use of a projector that we find pretty strange is using it for cooking your food. The heat that comes up from your projector can be used to cook meals like grilled cheese. This is possible, but not recommended.

But if you’re doing it, ensure its not every time. Trying it once to impress your friends wouldn’t hurt, will it?

Many creative ways of using your projector abound, but it is entirely left to you to decide using any of these methods or coming up with your creative ideas. You might even discover the most bizarre use of a projector that you never believed could be possible.

Make a Special Bedtime Experience

Surprising Uses of Projector You Haven't Known

These days, children love visuals and visuals help them learn, entertain them, and help improve their thinking abilities. projector can be used to interact with your little ones and give them a beautiful bedtime experience by turning a digital book into a simple but unique story.

You can put the kids to sleep by projecting their incredible books, especially those with images, to the ceiling or wall for a beautiful and fantastic view that will leave them wowed.

You can be creative and carry out any exciting activities together, like using your projector light to make funny characters with your kids. Moreover, you can also watch the skies together by projecting the image onto the ceiling as your kids sleep.

Use it for an Adventurous Night Swimming

Using your projector to project images right into your pool’s bottom at night is both surprising and amazing. You can project sea animals like fish, turtle, or objects like coral reefs or sand for the viewing pleasure of your kids.

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