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Best Under Desk Foot Rests in 2020 | Take Care Your Feet

Backaches and splitting headaches at the office are something we all suffer through and consider as just a part of life. Incorrect posture is the reason behind these backaches and headaches. You can get a quick solution to all of this and fix your posture immediately with the help of an under desk foot rest. Presenting to you the top 10 foot rests you can keep under your desk to take care of your feet.

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Top 10 Best Under Desk Foot Rests in 2020

10. Everlasting Comfort

Everlasting Comfort

The Everlasting Comfort is quite beneficial for those with restless legs as it doubles as a rocker to be put under feet or knees. And if you’re warm blooded like me and burn up tissues in your hands, you’ll be glad to know that the pillow has heat responsive technology that cools and freshens your legs.

The black rest pillow has non-slip rubber at the bottom and memory foam at the top for utmost comfort. It’s really comfortable as it collapses to the bottom if you place your feet for long hours.

  • Teardrop structure
  • Rubber bottom
  • Acts as rocker



The ideal footrest for your calloused feet, the Huanuo has uneven geometric bumps to give your feet the nourishment they are neglected from. The surface can be tilted from -30° to 30° for better posture.

This under desk foot rest is unboxed fully assembled so no need for reading manuals and sticking parts. However, the adjustable position might put strain on your back and angles if your legs shake.

  • Uneven surface
  • Circular bumps
  • 3 height positions



A special feature of the AMERIERGO is that while other under desk foot rests are tilted for height convenience, this baby has an extended piece which can be attached anytime you want to lay back.

The foot stool has a breathable cover which can be zipped open for an easy cleaning. Although, it is considered too soft and mushy to be a foot rest.

  • Extended cushion
  • Machine washable cover
  • Breathable velour cover

7. Econo High

Econo High

Preview Product Rating Price
Portable Footrest Black Portable Footrest Black No ratings yet $39.99

The portable footrest, this comforter by Econo High can be shrinked to the size of your iPhone when folded. This is bang-on for those who have weak posture or backaches in the office.

Packed up neatly on a nice travel pouch, the Econo High sits 1’ when folded and 5’ when assembled for use. The plastic under-desk is available in 2 colors.


6. Safco


Wish to customize the height you position your feet, the Safco has up to 9 inch adjustable positions from a lowest height of 5 ½” to maximum 14 ½”. If you have a standing tool at your work desk, you can easily adjust the elevation for a more comfortable seat.

The black stand has a heavy gauge tubular steel footrest which has a fixed angle of 8° for relaxed heels.

  • Sandpaper-like surface
  • Steel body
  • 9 adjustable positions

5. Eureka Ergonomic

Eureka Ergonomic

Think puncturing holes on paper with your hands is fun? Now you can do the same with your feet. The Eureka Ergonomic foot rest has a rotating mechanism underneath that allows your playful feet to angle the elevation backwards and forwards.

Stretch out your Achilles heels while rocking your feet. Rest your sole on the uneven surface of the stool enclosed in a metal frame.

  • Rubber enclosed stand
  • Stretches 0° to 20°
  • Spacious platform

4. Well Desk

Well Desk

Anyone who’s ever bought a footrest has complained of the foam shrinking after long hours of work. Unlike other under desk foot rests, the Well Desk has soft and velvety yet sturdy foam which lets your feet to unwind through a hectic day.

This footrest can be inverted to double as a rocker. It stands 4” tall and 12” deep although some like their footrests a bit taller.

  • Resilient foam
  • Works as rocked as well
  • Cover removable and washable

3. Office Ottoman

Office Ottoman

Layered with gazillions of micro beads, the Office Ottoman considers the discomfort of tall civilians in mind. This under desk foot rest has a generous surface and has a height of 4” so that your knees don’t touch the surface of your table.

This cotton and polyester pillow for your feet comes black in color and is attached with anti-slip rubber on the bottom so that your feet don’t push the stool away when seduced.

  • Side mounted zipper doesn’t touch floor
  • Micro beads massage feet
  • Doubles as rocker when inverted

2. AmazonBasics


Preview Product Rating Price
AmazonBasics Under Desk Foot Rest - Black AmazonBasics Under Desk Foot Rest - Black No ratings yet $16.55

Get a mini foot-massage and reduce your stress and strain at the same time with the AmazonBasics. The textured circular bumps and geometric lines have been recommended as the fastest and easiest way to get relief from backaches.

The black plastic footrest has a swiveling design which helps your feet rock. However, if you’re the kind of person who’d rather stay completely still, you should know the screws don’t lock.

  • Uneven surface creates massage
  • Platform floats freely
  • Rubber bottom prevents sliding

1. Mind Reader

Mind Reader

The Amazon’s choice for under desk foot rests- the surface of this stool will remind you of pebbles on the beach. The Mind Reader has 3 adjustable positions for instant relief to individuals of all ages.

The black resin plastic footrest is equipped with wheels for swiveling the size and raising the complete surface.

  • Swivel adds flexibility
  • Pebbled surface gives massaging effect
  • Non-slip feet

Some of the footrests we have mentioned above are useful to create a massaging effect and hence relieve stress through acupressure, some focus on giving your feet pillows to rely on while others focus on elevating your soles and heels for blood circulation. The kind you need depends on what you prefer and suffer through the most. Hope our list will help you in your quest.

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