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If you say towel hooks are only necessary for the bathroom, then you are wrong. Towel hooks can be essential for any room or kitchen in your house. Maybe you have a gym room, where you frequently need a towel, so you want to keep something there that can provide you towel whenever you need it. No, not any human hand help, we are talking about a holder that will hold your towel beside your treadmill or exercise cycle. But as towel holders are big, and their looks are not much great, you need a towel hook to hang your towel.

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Below, we compiled the list of best available towel hooks that can save your time on searching the market. Check this list before you make your purchase decision.

Top 10 Best Towel Hooks in 2020

10. Franklin Brass Double Prong Robe Hook

Franklin Brass Double Prong Robe Hook

This is one of the most popular and purchased towel hooks in the market. The material used here is a die-cast nickel. Above this, the finish is matte which gives it a more present look. The design is a double prong that offers long time durability. It can take up to 35 pounds of weight. It is a perfect hook for organizing any foyer as well.

9. GERZ Bathroom/Towel/Robe/Clothes Hook

GERZ Bathroom/Towel/Robe/Clothes Hook

This gives a more modern look than any other towel hook in the market. It is made from SUS 304, solid metal that doesn’t get rust or breaks that easily. Unlike the previous hook, it can hold only one cloth or towel so you have to keep in mind that. It is a screw mounted hook that can hold a weight of more than 30 pounds.

8. IRomic Heavy Duty Vacuum Suction Cup Hooks

IRomic Heavy Duty Vacuum Suction Cup Hooks

If you are looking for a towel hook that doesn’t need any screw, this is the towel hook for you. You can stick it in any place you want as the suction area is made from German BASF TUP rubber and the holder is made from high-quality ABS plastic. Due to its lightweight, it can hold a few heavy objects underneath. You can reuse it by opening the lock that is placed above the hook.

7. Qmagic Heavy Duty Suction Cup Hooks

Qmagic Heavy Duty Suction Cup Hooks

If you are looking for something that can be installed on a rough surface, without any drilling hassle, then this is the hook for you. This is waterproof, long-lasting, and has a 360 rotational angle, by which the hook can be put upside or downside or in any way you want. It can bear up to 5 kg weight and can be reused again after removing from its first installed point. It is made from ABS plastic and has steel spring in it. They also offer a 100% risk-free satisfaction for their product.

6. VIS’V Suction Cup Hooks

VIS'V Suction Cup Hooks

If you are looking for multiple hooks in a single pack, then this is the product you should get right now. They offer bang for a buck like you will get 10 pieces of towel hook in one single set. The hooks are great to install on the window, kitchen, or bathroom wall. Like the previous ones, you don’t need a tool or drilling machine to install it on the surface you want. It can hold up to 6.6 pounds of weight.

5. FOTYRIG Adhesive Hooks

FOTYRIG Adhesive Hooks

A towel hook that is waterproof, fireproof, oil proof, what more do you need? This towel hook can be placed in any place in any direction and you don’t have to worry further with its adhesive. It’s more practical and modern looking, even if you want, you can hang your shirts or other stuff here as well. Max capacity is up to 4 KG.

4.Amazon Basics Classic Robe Hook

Amazon Basics Classic Robe Hook

The first towel hook we got on the list with multiple color options. We don’t have to explain further as everybody knows about how good these products are. Coming back to the traditional drill and screw system, this towel hook can bear more weight than adhesive ones. This classic style towel hook can hang a bit over 5 kg solidly.

3.Nolimas Bathroom Towel Hook SUS304

Nolimas Bathroom Towel Hook SUS304

The hook is constructed with premium level stainless steel called type 304. It can offer you long-lasting, rust-free, and chromium-nickel that has 18/10 content to shield against corrosion. Installed with screws, this towel holder can hold up to 10 kg weight.

2.HASKO Vacuum Suction Cup Hooks

HASKO Vacuum Suction Cup Hooks

This towel holder has the most powerful suction cup among the others. Made with steel and plastic components, this towel holder is lab tested to hold up to 10 kg of weight without any hole or screw. The manufacturer includes a special type of 3M tape that allows these hooks to stick more to the surface strongly.

1.Angle Simple Solid Metal Bathroom Shower

Angle Simple Solid Metal Bathroom Shower

This solid towel holder is way more attractive than any other regular towel holders in the list. It is Well Engineered and substantial so there is no way you can doubt its quality. This towel holder also comes with a hand-polished on multi-layered to have a beautiful smooth surface. There is no sharp edge that can tear any clothing.

The towel holder is essential if you want to save space and have a beautiful look in your bathroom. It can be installed by oneself because most of the towel holders we listed here are adhesive based so that you don’t need a plumber to install it. So just search through the list to get your desirable towel hook.

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