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There are very many reasons why a person needs vitamins in their bodies. It is because of their numerous advantages they offer like helping the growth of cells, moisturizing the skin, increasing blood circulation, enhancing a person’s vision, and so much more. For the same reasons why the body needs these vitamins, are almost the same reasons why your hair needs these vitamins also. There are very many benefits that your hair stands to gain because of these vitamins. Therefore, it is always imperative to ensure that your body has the best supply of vitamins.

When your vitamin content in the body is high, your hair will have maximum benefits. You will have a very strong, healthy, fuller, and spectacular hair. This means that you will have that hair you have always desired. As your body and immune system grow stronger by the day, your hair tops up everything like a golden crown. There are so many vitamins that play significant roles in your body and your hair. However, these top 10 best vitamins for hair growth. Ensure that you try these vitamins and you see the results and be impressed. Whether you use one, two, or more, you will still have the same expected result which is great hair.

Top 10 Best Vitamins for Hair Growth Faster in 2020


fish oil

The health benefits that come with using fish oil are unlimited. Fish oil is equally as beneficial to your hair as it is to your body. It contains vitamin E, and it is also has a very rich supply of Omega-3 fatty acids. This means that it will strengthen your hair strands, nourish it, thicken it, and help keep your scalp free from inflammations that cause hair loss.

Fish oil is a product that is trustworthy and can also occur naturally in some foods. These foods include white fish, tofu, egg yolk, tuna, and many others. This means that if you are not a fan of fish oil, you can increase the intake of these foods.

  • Your immune system will be strong
  • Results in thicker and fuller hair
  • It reduces hair loss caused by inflammation of the scalp
  • Easily available
  • High doses are very risky to one’s health
  • The after taste is unpleasant
  • The fish smell is unpleasant.

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There are so many side effects of iron deficiency in the body. The effects can be so severe that you end up in a hospital bed. Just as critical as iron is to the body, it is also as critical for your hair growth. When you lack enough iron, your hair will start breaking easily; it will become thin, brittle, and dry. Therefore, it is advisable that you supplement your body with iron for the benefit of your health and your hair.

Iron is a mineral that is vital. Iron supplements are quality supplements that will give you that gorgeous, shiny, long, and fuller hair. Some foods are rich in iron like seafood, spinach, peas, beans, and others. This can be your better choice if you are not up to taking any supplements.

  • It is easy to swallow
  • Does not have an after taste
  • Enhances supply of oxygen in the body. Therefore, your hair follicles will be catered for
  • An over use may lead to iron overload that will consequently cause liver failure, cancer, and other conditions.



Vitamin B12 is easily available in animal products like meat and dairy products. Therefore, it is very rare to find a person that has vitamin B12 deficiency. This vitamin is very crucial when it comes to growing and maintaining a strong, luscious hair. This vitamin is also great at helping to keep your nerves systems health. When your nerves systems are functioning correctly, then your entire well being is safe.

Vitamin B12 supplements are quality products that are dependable. If you do not want to use supplements whether capsules, orally, or as drops, you can increase your intake of foods like eggs, dairy products, organ meat, and poultry. They are very rich in vitamin B12, and they can adequately supply your body with the same.

  • Promotes oxygen transportation to the scalp
  • Enhances hair growth and regrowth
  • Keeps the nervous system health
  • Easily available
  • Improves cognitive function
  • May cause headaches
  • Itchiness and swelling
  • Anxiety
  • Nervousness
  • Involuntary movements



Vitamin D is one of the hormones that play a very critical role in cell growth. We know that it is important for hair follicles to have healthy cell growth and development so that it can reflect on your hair. This means that we cannot over emphasize the need for vitamin D. it is good for your skin and when the skin is catered for, you know that your hair is catered for.

There are superior quality vitamin D supplements on the market that work wonders.  Also, certain foods that are rich in vitamin D. these foods are salmon, swordfish, portabello mushrooms, and others. There is also the easiest way to get vitamin D, and that is through the sun.

  • Enhances cell growth
  • Boosts hair growth
  • The supplements are easy to use
  • It is easy to access it through the sun

In excess, the following will be the side effects.

  • Stomach issues
  • Excess calcium in the blood
  • It May affect your kidneys
  • Damage to bones




Vitamin E is famously referred to as Aloe. It is excellent for your skin, and that is why many aloe vera skin products are always excellent. This vitamin is a moisturizer and an antioxidant. Therefore, it can do wonders for your scalp resulting to a rejuvenated scalp. This means that hair growth will be promoted drastically. This is why many hair products utilize vitamin E.

Vitamin E can is in hair products, foods, and other supplements. The foods that have vitamin E in plenty include vegetables, eggs, poultry, peanuts, almonds, whole grains, and so much more. This vitamin is also as a supplement in the form of a pill.

  • It is a great moisturizer
  • It is a powerful antioxidant
  • Helps in hair restoration
  • Increases blood circulation in the body
  • Reduce and prevent inflammation of follicles
  • When in excess, vitamin E can cause Blood thinning that leads to bleedingBlood thinning that leads to bleeding
  • Blood thinning that leads to bleeding
  • Blurry visions
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue

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Vitamin A is also another crucial vitamin that is needed for healthy growth of cells in the body. A healthy hair is more often linked to healthy scalp cells. Vitamin A will ensure that your hair is long, beautiful, moisturised, and luscious. This means when there is a deficiency of this vitamin; you are most likely going to have a not so pleasing hair.

There are various ways to increase your vitamin A level in the body. You can either take vitamin A supplements or you can increase the intake of foods that are rich in vitamin A. some of these foods are carrots, spinach, mangoes, sweet potato, cod liver oil, and much more. The supplements are highly recommended because they are effective and efficient.

  • It promotes hair growth
  • Keeps your nails healthy
  • Results in healthy skin
  • Results in fuller and shinier hair
  • Vitamin A in excess can cause:
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Headache

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There are so many hair products and especially shampoos that make use of this niacin. This is vitamin B3, and it has long been used for its advantageous effect on one’s hair. This vitamin also plays a very great role in keeping your body healthy as it helps in the conversion of food into energy. This leaves your body energized and ready for any action.

This vitamin can be taken as a supplement or consumed in foods that are rich in vitamin B3. The effects are commendable and very impressive. Some of the foods that can supply you with plenty of niacin include chicken breast, lamb liver, Portobello mushrooms, lean beef, and fish.

  • Increased blood flow to body cells
  • Moisturizes the skin
  • Prevents skin conditions like acne
  • Improves the supply of nutrients to the hair follicles
  • Boosts hair growth
  • It can cause liver toxicity


Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the key players in helping the body to deal with oxidative stress. Oxidative stress will always lead to hair loss, and it is difficult to manage it without extra help. The extra help that you will need will be provided by vitamin C. It is a potent antioxidant that works well to prevent hair loss because of oxidative stress.

Vitamin C supplements sell very fast because of their credibility and high quality. Therefore, you can take a chance and join the long list of vitamin C supplement users. Alternatively, you can increase the following fruits: kiwi, broccoli, strawberries, grapes, and the likes. These foods and fruits are healthy and are highly recommended.

  • Promotes hair growth
  • Prevents aging
  • Helps in creation of collagen
  • Prevents hair loss
  • Too much vitamin C will do the following: Kidney stones
  • Kidney stones
  • Problems with digestive tract



Zinc is a vitamin that is vital in the development of healthy hair. It is highly effective at the stimulation of hair growth. It does this by promoting the development of healthy hair follicle cells that are vital for healthy hair. Thus, their deficiency will mean poor and unmanageable hair. On the other side, the right amount of zinc will equal a healthy, strong, fuller, luscious hair that is pleasing to the eye.

Many companies manufacture zinc supplements that one uses when the body lacks sufficient zinc. These supplements are taken as per instructions. Those that do not trust supplements can be taken care of by these foods; meat, seafood, pumpkin, cheeses, whole grains, and others

  • The pros of using zinc supplements for your hair include:
  • Long and healthy hair
  • Promotion of hair growth and regrowing
  • Ensures that hair follicles’ cells are developing healthy



Vitamin 7 is famously known as biotin. Biotin is the main ingredient of some of the most popular brands of hair products and especially shampoos. Many people like to call it the ‘hair growth vitamin.’ It is impossible to dispute this when the results can support this claim comfortably. Biotin will always improve your hair quality always.

Biotin is a tested and approved vitamin that can nourish your hair effectively. Taking biotin supplements will increase the volume of your hair and makes it shinier and stronger. You can take biotin as supplement to increase the level of biotin in your body. Alternatively, you can eat these foods: Mushrooms, organic meat, peanut butter, eggs, fish, berries, and others.

  • The pros of this vitamin include:
  • Increased hair volume
  • Stimulates hair growth
  • Maintains healthy hair, skin, and nails
  • Maintain a healthy metabolism
  • It is good for your digestive system
  • In excess, you may experience
  • A constant need to urinate
  • A lot of sweating

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