Talent is not enough when it’s not tapped into. There are very many gifted individuals all over the world. All these talented people will always need a person that can take their time to develop their talents. That is where our top ten best industrial design schools in the world in 2017 list comes in.

These are the institutions that take their time to nurture talents and development. The world is full of professionals that are alumni from these establishments. Furthermore, their thriving careers in the industrial design sector shows that these institutions do not fail a person. Over the years, these institutions have worked hard to build their name. So far, they are doing a great job at it. However, one can be confident that their talent will be nurtured without any hardships. This list of top ten best industrial design schools in the world 2017 has everything you can use for your decision-making process.

When it comes to deciding on which institution gets to grow and groom you for the job market, you cannot go wrong. Your entire future will depend on it. Furthermore, this means that you have to be wiser with your selections. This list gives you a giant leap over your list of choices and it makes things easier.

Top 10 Best Industrial Design Schools in the World

10. Stanford University



Industrial design course offered at Stanford University is definitely one of the best we have around. It prepares students for a brilliant future in their careers. Over the years, individuals have risen in their careers because of the education they have received at Stanford. Students come out of the university when they are well seasoned because of the robust learning environment provided.

They come out well equipped when it comes to product design, toy design, automotive design, and furniture design. They employ techniques that are artistic giving students a creative mentality for their progress. Their learning processes include prototype construction, plastic and digital media, design development and refinement among others.

All the knowledge acquired will prepare the students for their life outside the four walls of a classroom. Looking at their list of success stories is also another motivating factor.

9. California Institute of the Arts (NUS)


California Institute of the Art is a renowned institution that offers one of the best educational practices for upcoming industrial designers. The school aims at teaching students to make students who design products that shape the society. Every student of NUS experiences practices that show them how design affects all aspects of their lives.

The faculty is made of people who are active in the design world. They are renowned designers working with well-known firms of design. All aspects of life have all these artists thriving with their trade. NUS also helps shape the careers of the students by being actively involved with their progress.

Their industrial design program is robust exposing one to all design elements, aspects, and environments. The design solutions taught to the students are well researched, prototyped, and tested. They are efficient and effective. They turn students to top designers in the world and there is no doubt about this fact.

8. School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC)


School of the Arts Institute of Chicago

The School of the Arts Institute of Chicago is an institution that produces individuals that are fully baked and ready to transform the world. Their alumnus has impacted the world with their knowledge and skills. Their course is specifically called Bachelor of Fine Arts (Designed Objects).

The name is a little different but serves the same purpose. The department uses product design, furniture design, system design, and interaction design elements to nurture the skills of students. The school also focuses on improving the day to day products that we interact with. They use the latest technologies and promote imaginative and creative thinking. This is because objects always improve human’s potentials.

They equip students with constructive knowledge that make them outstanding. The production processes, as well as the materials used in the design processes, are always up-to-date. Many products and objects need to be sustained, and the students are empowered to provide sustainability. This creates a market for their skills and knowledge.

7. ETH Zurich-Swiss Federal Institute of Technology


ETH Zurich- Swiss Federal Institution of Technology

Industrial design is one of the most esteemed courses offered at ETH Zurich- Swiss Federal Institution of Technology. It imparts knowledge and skills that are relevant in the ever changing world of design. The faculty offers interdisciplinary learning modules that help produce all-rounded individuals.

Their teaching module based on the real environment, social relevance, and technology. Students always graduate as able people in creation of industrial products. Every graduate from this university has been able to critically reflect their professionalism in their works. However, with the new technologies coming up, the students are able to keep up and produce quality works. Furthermore, their goals of training aim to ensure that critical social aspects are put to considerations.

Creativity, innovation, and imagination are encourage by the faculty. This way, students are more than capable to harness their greatness and show it forth. However, this institution is held in high esteem by many because of its excellence.

6. University of the Arts London


University of the art London logo

This University is well preferred in the whole world when compared to some universities. This is because it produces high-quality professionals in industrial design or product design. Over the years, it has been known to provide seasoned individuals.

These are people that respond perfectly to changing trends and play strategic roles. The professionals from this institution are also well known as trend setters. This is because the school promotes free thinking. The module of education in multidisciplinary and the students get involved in numerous projects. Furthermore, their teaching structure encompasses enterprise, discourse, publics, and service. All these are designed emphases that they use to train their students.

They teach their students on taking chances with exploration so that they can make significant advancements in design processes. They also equip students with ability to face challenges and resolve them. The university opens up students to a lot of opportunities and interactions with esteemed individuals in the field.

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5. Politecnico di Milano



Polytechnic of Milan

This is the Polytechnic of Milan. It is rank position one as the best technical university in Italy. There are so many reasons as to why you should choose this college. Even so, the mere fact that it has appeared on our list should be convincing enough. With the vast number of laboratories, students are expose to a great research environment.

The learning module pays close attention to quality of teaching and research. Experimental research is crucial for a student’s growth, and this university shows a clear understanding of this. However, with many students graduating from this university on yearly basis, they come out well equipped for industrial design processes.

The faculty ensures that students take part in training projects as well as research projects. They strive to collaborate with other top-rated universities from the European countries. What makes them unique is the ability to link book learning with on-the-job learning. This gives a student an upper hand in the job market.

4. University of California, Berkeley


University of California, Berkeley

The University of California, Berkeley offers an extraordinary industrial design course. Their primary focus is usually to teach students to design products that are sustainable. However, they are involve in product definition and sustainable manufacturing.

The financial models are also part of the learning processes thereby fostering financial skills in the students. As a student, you will be taught how to collect the user’s needs. From there, they will know what the product should be able to meet the needs stated. Using data gathered as a priority, they will be able to get product specifications, create a prototype, and develop it. Furthermore, the department also aims to develop ‘green’ products.

This makes their students an asset when it comes to going green. However, the students of this university are expose to engaging environment for their growth and a hands-on experience sharpening their skills.

3. Parsons the New School of Design


Parsons School of design

Parsons School of design is renowned for the quality education they offer. At the undergraduate level they offer product design and at the graduate level, they offer industrial design. However, choosing to enroll for a Master’s in Fine Arts in Industrial Design is rewarding.

The course offered is for two years and it’s on the full-time basis. Even so, it is more rewarding. The university has a reputation of producing well seasoned industrial designers relevant and productive in the ever changing industry. Furthermore, the learning process aims to equip students with knowledge that will help them locally and internationally.

As they learn, they are prepare mentally and physically to meet the needs of the people at local levels or international levels. The university raises individuals that are competent and competitive always. That is why their alumnus thrives in the world. However, at the undergraduate level, the same can also be said. They strive to produce individuals that are able and up to the task.

2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is one institution that cannot be left outside. It is excellent in the learning environment and teaching processes that they take their students through. As an institution, they offer product design and development course.

This course is engaging, and the students get involve in hands-on projects that sharpen their design skills. The learning module will typically include workshop modes where students carry out a number of exercises. The institution takes time to teach students how to identify what their target audience needs.

From there, they can come up with a design concept and carry it out to the end. This is why their products always live to the expectations of the people. This is also the reason why their students thrive in the market place.

1. Royal college of art


royal college of art

This university offers the concept of industrial design under the name ‘Design Products Programme.’ The college has a robust teaching scheme that encourages students to grow and become leaders. It teaches them to be leaders that can solve the world’s problem with their creativity and technical capability.

Their teaching process includes a design for purpose mentality, and it follows the stipulated design culture. The faculty is made of experienced tutors that are active in their design careers. However, there are also study groups that further help students grasps different concepts. The technical support that the students receive from prototyping is also excellent.

The projects that the students get involve in are usually showcase in London and other places. Furthermore, this means they are expose to the world such that when they graduate they can have a place to start in the society. After a thorough training from the institution, there is no way one will fail to excel.

For anyone with a dream to venture into product design or industrial design, these are the finest institutions. By investing in your future, you can rest be assure that you will profit from it. Furthermore, these universities have produced some of the greatest faces in industrial design, and you can be one of them. Their proven track record speaks volumes about them, and no one can discredit them. With their robust learning schemes and their well-developed curriculum, all students become well-seasoned designers.

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