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Best Toddler Backpack Leashes in 2020 | Child’s Safety

Toddler backpack leashes are intended to help your child with the first baby steps. Other people use it to control their children in public places. Others can use the same backpack leash as a high chair since a toddler is not as heavy. The most important thing is that many toddlers need these toddler backpack leashes to help them in gaining the required control. In this article, we will look at the best ten leashes and the important features that make them stand out.

Best Toddler Backpack Leashes in 2020

10. Toddler Backpack with Anti-Lost Harness

Toddler Backpack with Anti-Lost Harness

Here we have a cute designed adjustable and comfortable toddler backpack with a harness to keep them safe when walking. The mini bag is excellent for storing their books, toys, snacks, and more. The cute little dinosaur looks terrific, and the adjustable straps offer comfort at the same time. Furthermore, the size is perfect for one to three-year-old kids to keep them safe while doing shopping.

  • Cute dinosaur print
  • Mini backpack for small items
  • Harness design
  • Adjustable straps

9. Mommy’s helper kid Keeper Leash

Mommy’s helper kid Keeper Leash

Simple, affordable, and easy to use are the few words that can describe this toddler backpack leash. Many instances when you are visiting the mall, this leash can be used to control your toddler from touching things.

This leash allows you to change the length to the most suitable one depending on where you are. The leash is versatile since you can also use it on a high chair to sit your toddler.

  • Adjustable leash
  • Comfortable and safe
  • Secures your child’s movements

8. OFUN comfortable Safety Leash

OFUN comfortable Safety Leash

If you are planning to go for a large vacay or a park visitation with your toddler, this comfortable safety leash by Ofun will do you just good in controlling their movements. It has adjustable shoulder straps that make your child feel comfortable any time they are wearing it.

Additionally, the long elastic leash is attached to the person responsible for the child on the wrist. It is also made to be comfortable at that end of the parent with soft padding. You will enjoy hanging out with your toddler, and with the leash, he will learn to be responsible.

  • 360-degree rotation flexible
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Comfortable and breathable cushion

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7. Hipiwe Butterfly Baby Walking 

Hipiwe Butterfly Baby Walking Safety Backpack

This delightful back is ideal for your small princess! As any mother will let you know, everything changes once your toddler is mobile. The 4-foot (1.25 meter) leash enables your little butterfly to move unreservedly, without having the option to take off.

The connection for the leash is strategically placed in the focal point of the bag rather than being on the base. This is significant for kids who are simply getting their orientation — on the off chance that they run excessively far, the focal point of gravity won’t be lost like ordinary leash backpacks where the leash is on the base.

  • Cute butterfly-like
  • Long detachable leash
  • Enough space to hold any toddler’s necessities

6. Travel Bug Toddler Character Safety Harness

Travel Bug Toddler Character Safety Harness

With the safety harness, you can keep your little one close and safe. The two chest buckles with adjustable shoulder straps offer them comfort. There is a storage pocket to keep small items and provides your child with independence while giving you piece-of-mind.

Furthermore, the two-piece backpack leash comes with a wrist strap to use the backpack by itself as well. The detachable tethers recommended for 18-months, older, and super easy to clean. So if you want value for money, make sure to check this safety harness out today.

  • Has two chest buckles with adjustable shoulder straps
  • Designed with a storage pocket
  • Comes with matching leash and wrist strap
  • Easy to clean

5. Goldbug 


Your child wearing the Goldbug-Animal safety harness is just being hug by a cuddly animal that will make them very happy. It is a combination of the best features of a leash and a backpack and therefore referred to toddler backpack leash.

It comes with adjustable straps that you can adjust according to how your child is to make him comfortable. Whenever you go out, you will no longer feel insecure about losing your child or even your child falling every time because, with the leash, you will control almost all the moves he makes.

  • Adorable, friendly design
  • Leash and backpack

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4. Munchkin Brica 

Munchkin Brica 

This backpack’s made to be small and compact, just what your toddler might need to enjoy him/herself any time they wear it. It has a removable backpack leash that helps your child to stay close to you whenever you go out.

Inside the backpack, you can decide to pack some toys that your child can play with. Alternatively, a snack can also come in handy, just to entice your child.

  • Swivel clip
  • Toy loop
  • Shock absorbing tether

3. Alphabetz Butterfly 

Alphabetz Butterfly 

This toddler backpack leash ensures that safety for your child is the priority. Whenever you go shopping in the mall or even in crowded areas, you will always have control of our toddler using the toddler backpack leash.

The backpack has comfortable and adjustable straps that will allow any growing toddler to adjust as they fit them. It is the most favorable for kids between one to five years old. This is also very convenient because it is hand washable.

  • 360-degree swivel
  • Machine washable
  • Comfortable and adjustable straps

2. HappyVK Safety Harness for Kids

HappyVK Safety Harness for Kids

Free your hands while keeping your little one securely on this backpack leash. The restraint comes with a detachable neoprene handle to switch to hands-on or hands-free use in seconds. The waistband has an adjustable length with a locking buckle and durable D-ring to attach to the leash.

The harness has an adjustable design with breathable mesh cloth for comfort. So please keep your child close in public while offering them the freedom to move around on this leash. For keeping it clean, you get an adorable drawstring bag included as well. Check it out today. You will be satisfied with the quality.

  • Designed with detachable neoprene handle to use hands-on or hands-free
  • Adjustable waistband with locking buckle
  • Made with breathable mesh cloth
  • The leash attaches/detaches to the harness

1. Toddler Backpack Leash

Toddler Backpack Leash

This toddler backpack leash is the best in our review for most of the features it possesses, but most of all, its color and character carry the day. Your child will always be delighted while wearing it on their back, knowing that they can stay strong and not fall just like a butterfly.

Additionally, the leash will help in support in case your toddler is falling. As your child grows up, it is essential to add some confidence, and therefore, you will remove the leash and boom! They will know that they are now in control after you had their back for most of the time.

  • A bag that can be used for putting a snack or toys
  • A removable leash that is also adjustable

In conclusion, we have seen the charm that toddler backpack leashes come with, and they work on toddlers immensely. Many parents will always entice their children with great toys or even snacks inside the backpack to keep them always happy. Besides, as your child grows, the more they get used to controlling themselves, and you will have to do away with toddler backpack leashes in the long run.

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