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Best Theatre Curtains in 2020 | Setting Your Mood

What makes theatre so enjoyable? Is it the larger than life actors, the emotional performance, and stories acted out by the talented artists, or is the crowds around you enjoying the masterpiece together? We will let the philosophical questions to experts and theatre lovers. While you are searching for the answer to that question and maybe even thinking of opening a theatre or setting up a top of the line home theatre system, you will be needing some theatre curtains. Otherwise, how will you have the dramatic start to a scene or an emotional close at the end of a show?

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Top 10 Best Theatre Curtains in 2020

10. Baocicco Red Drapes 

Baocicco Red Drapes 

Elegant and bold curtains that can set the mood of any stage of theatre performance.

The vinyl cloth means these are not too heavy and will be easy to carry, especially you need to move with these from show to show.


Nonreflective quality drapes and can be easily washed with a damp cloth.

9. Baocicco Vinyl Interior Backdrop 

Baocicco Vinyl Interior Backdrop 

Can’t find the perfect backdrop for your pictures or need a backdrop to set the mood on the stage or theatre? The Baocicco Vinyl Backdrop is a great choice.

The size is not too unwieldy coming in at 7×5 FT with high-resolution vinyl.


Large background great for any professional theatre use.

8. Cherry Home Set 

Cherry Home Set 

Beautiful blackout curtains that are fairly large and perfect for use as blackout theatre curtains.

The fit and finish of these might be slightly disappointing to some, but at the end of the day they perform exceptionally well and can block sunlight very well.


The Cherry Home Set is a perfect option for theatres that can get the job done quickly and easily.

7. NICETOWN Blackout Curtain Panels 84 

NICETOWN Blackout Curtain Panels 84 

These are blue and very bright yet amazingly do an excellent job of shutting out the light.

With 100% polyester material the NICETOWN Blackouts has a 95% blackout capability which means you can enjoy your theatre performance in complete immerse.


These are heavy-duty theatre curtains that look good and minimalistic

6. Lovemyfabric 100% Polyester

Lovemyfabric 100% Polyester

Large set of theatre curtains perfect for big sets and professional performances.

The American manufacturer managed to make a great option for enthusiast home or professional use theatre curtains with is 100% polyester and large design, the curtains come at a size of 58”x108”.


Sleek and industrial looking professional grade long curtains great for theatres.

5. Ambesonne Theatre Curtains

Ambesonne Theatre Curtains

Premium grade satin finish curtains that can set the mood for any theatre performance before and after.

Imported quality satin fabric made for professional use and also home use for enthusiasts. These are very soft and silky to the touch.


The set includes two long curtains great for blackout during a theatre performance. You will be happy to know these are machine washable and you do not have to break your back washing these.

4. PHMOJEN Theater Interior Curtains

PHMOJEN Theater Interior Curtains

Anti-wrinkle high-quality material with high-quality vinyl fabric made for high-resolution theatres.

The design of the curtains is nothing ride home about but gets the job done.


Customizable to your preference, you can pick the size and image. Top-notch high-quality curtains.

3. StangH Thick Velvet Curtains 

StangH Thick Velvet Curtains 

Plush velvet curtains made for high-quality theatres. If you are thinking of creating a home theatre setup at your home or run a professional theatre, these are a perfect choice.

Thick and heavily insulated curtains that can create impressive blackouts which helps in dimming any theatre space and setting a great mood for enjoying the performance.


Easy to maintain and clean, you will be needing to use soap to spot clean. You also have the option to spot clean these as well, making them easier to handle given their large size.

2. Factory4me Red Curtains 

Factory4me Red Curtains 

Nothing really says theatre more than a pair of bright red curtains. These are classic shimmery red curtains for any theatre set up.

The subtle waves that are created from the fabric make these look absolutely stunning. From the outer side or the inner side, no matter where you look at this from, these are some of the best designed and well-manufactured curtains in the market.


You get 2 sets of and on demands printing. It is important to note that all of the curtains are not lined but is one of the better curtains we reviewed.

1.RYB HOME Light Block Curtain

RYB HOME Light Block Curtain

A solid curtain versatile for a theatre or home use with very soft and quality fabric. If you are looking for a trusted brand of curtain that can just get the job done with the least amount of hassle involved, the 1. RYB HOME Light Block Curtain is the one to get.

Made from import grade polyester this curtain is soft and smooth to the touch. The color finishes the manufacturer chose to go with this one also calls for attention and looks very well put together. The size is also perfect to be used for large windows or theatres, coming in at 180×96 inches.


The RYB curtain is easy to clean and maintain and gets the job done without an extra hassle. You can wash the curtains easily and is machine washable with triple woven fabric.

In conclusion, theatre curtains come in different sizes and material quality. All of these perform fairly competently and get the job done with some added extra features here and there. Simply choose the right one for you and you are good to go.

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