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Best Tasting Protein Powders in 2020 | Good For Muscle Building

When it comes to any food or consumable products, the taste is one of the first priorities for people. This is no different when someone is considering buying a specific protein powder. If you’re going to buy protein powder, it is best to buy them in bulks as that can help to save money. This way you’ll be stuck with a lot of the same product for quite a while. So, you would want to get the ones that taste great while providing other benefits. We’ve reviewed 10 best-tasting protein powders to buy in 2020 to help you choose better.

Best Tasting Protein Powders in 2020

Tasting Protein Powders Review | No More Tasteless Weight Loss & Muscle Building

9. Dymatize Whey ISO 100

Dymatize Whey ISO 100

The ISO 100 from Dymatize is among the healthiest powders you can get in the market. This is an award-winning, hydrolyzed product, so you can digest it very quickly. You’ll find it to be gluten-free, lactose-free, and it only contains only 1g sugar.

There’s less than 1g of fat in this protein powder, and it’s a mixture of everything your body needs during muscle building. Since it’s whey isolate, you get a high amount of protein content in this.

8. Legion Whey+ Isolate Protein

Legion Whey+ Isolate Protein

A lot of the protein powders out there make you sacrifice a good flavor when you want to go for losing weight. The Whey+ from Legion doesn’t make you do this trade-off. You’ll be able to indulge in flavors, such as strawberry banana, cookies n cream, and vanilla.

You only get 3g carbohydrates in 22g protein, and there’s not fat in each serving. This helps you to feel full, and also supports your lean muscle tissue. You’ll be losing fat as your energy increases.

7. Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard

Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard

Our next best tasting protein powder is the Gold Standard from Optimum Nutrition, which is high in both flavor and protein content. This is ideal for before and after your workout due to the pure whey protein.

You’ll find this product to be gluten-free, and it mixes well without having to blend. There are twenty flavors available for the Gold Standard, and there’s also a recipe app for you. One issue with this is that some of its flavors come with artificial sweetener, but it’s a great product overall.

6. BSN Whey Protein SYNTHA-6

BSN Whey Protein SYNTHA-6

Syntha-6 from BSN is a whey protein powder made using a special flavor technology. This comes with 22g protein along with 5g fiber in each serving. There’s also 10g amino acids in each of the servings.

You can consume the Syntha-6 at any time of the day. There are fourteen flavors available for purchase, and the chocolate one seems to be the most popular among all of them. You won’t need external help to mix the powder since it’s whey protein.

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5. Vega Vanilla Sport Protein

Vega Vanilla Sport Protein

You can get the Vanilla Sport from Vega in four different flavors as well as three different sizes. This is among the best tasting protein powders while being fully vegan. It’s good for your muscle recovery, and the container it comes in is recyclable.

There is 30g protein in one serving of this, and the carbs and sugar amount are under 1g. You’ll be consuming 3g fat in each serving, and that helps to dissolve vitamins, such as vitamin E.

4. Yuve Superfoods Vegan Protein

Yuve Superfoods Vegan Protein

Another vegan protein powder with great taste is the Yuve Superfoods Vegan. PETA has named its chocolate-flavored powder as the best in terms of taste of protein shakes. You can get this product in vanilla and chocolate bean flavors.

There is 15g protein found in every serving, and you’ll also find 25 different superfoods as well as chia seeds in there. In every 110 calories of the powder, you’ll be consuming only 2g sugar. This product is free of allergens like soy, and gluten.

3. Natural Force® Whey Protein Organic

Natural Force® Whey Protein Organic

The Whey Protein Organic from Natural Force is the perfect pick for you if you’re into organic foods and also like to help out the environment. You’ll find no artificial additives in this, and it comes from heritage-breed, free-range, grass-fed Jersey cows.

The Natural Force powder helps with lean muscle building and can be used as a replacement for a meal. They use four ingredients in each flavor, and the powder helps to boost glutathione, which is a great antioxidant.

2. SFH Pure Whey

SFH Pure Whey

The next best tasting protein powder is the Pure Whey from SFH, and it’s an all-around product. This offers great quality, taste, effectiveness, and purity. The whey concentrate helps it to get digested very easily as it hydrates well when put in water.

It comes in several mouthwatering, tasty flavors, such as tropical, candy cane, churro, chocolate, and vanilla. In addition, there’s no aftertaste to this, and you won’t find artificial sweeteners or flavors, gluten, or soy in this product.

1. Quest Nutrition Milkshake Protein Powder

Quest Nutrition Milkshake Protein Powder

Quest Nutrition has come up with a perfect protein powder pack for your entire family. You can replace a bit of flour in the bread and cookies with this, which has a low amount of carb and is healthier.

There is a high amount of calcium content in this, and it will thicken quickly to keep smoothness. There’s no gluten in this best tasting protein powder, but there’s still salt, artificial sweeteners, and lactose. You only get 100 calories in each of the servings, and the slow-digesting characteristic gives you a satiety feeling.

You don’t have to struggle with losing weight or building up muscle by having tasteless protein powder. We have talked about the ten best tasting protein powders for your consideration.

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