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The most effective way to have shade at your back yard, market place, out-door café or even at the beach is by purchasing a comfortable table umbrella. As the weather gets warmer, you need to spend some time outdoors enjoying the breeze, protected from sun UV rays over a cold drink with your family and friends. Table umbrellas will be able to offer you a wide shade over the head, sunrays, or even water will not be able to bother you. It can be able to accommodate more people at the same time. Here is a list of the best table umbrellas for you in 2020.

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Top 10 Table Umbrellas 2020

10. The ABCCANOPY Umbrella

The ABCCANOPY Umbrella

If you have been looking for an all-time table umbrella, ABCCANOPY is the way to go. The luxurious and high-end features make it exceptional in the market and ideal for the beach, outdoor café, and pool.

It has been fitted with an LED system; this item is truly a killer. It is an all-time friendly sunshade, easy to use, and flexible. Night effective. With 32 LED solar powered lights, no science or hustles required. It can operate for up to 12 hours using the rechargeable battery

  • Fitted with a crank that opens and closes the system and a manual tilt button to adjust the umbrella against the suns’ angle.
  • This table umbrella enjoys the water and fades- resistant as well as a durable fabric ideal for s garden, deck, pool, and beach.
  • It also comes with 1.5’ powder coated Aluminum pole supported with 8 Aluminum ribs for maximum support strength.
  • The umbrella is easy to operate.

9. Giantex Umbrella

Giantex Umbrella - Table Umbrellas

Yet another awesome solar powered table umbrella for the garden, deck, and outdoor pools.

It has three solar-powered bulbs on each of the eight ribs, which will spark up your patio umbrella after night falls. With a handy crank lift, it makes it simple to open and close the umbrella even. Push the tilt button to size and resize the shade.

  • Waterproof
  • Fade Resistant
  • Its big canopy circumference makes it ideal in beaches and rain shelter.

8. Little-tikes-market umbrella

Little-tikes-market umbrella - Table Umbrellas

This item is ideal for a child endless picnic and market adventure.

It is a four-seater sided umbrella for children ideal for snacks, crafts, and games enhancing a child’s inter-social skill. The umbrella does have eye-catching Natural wood grain color makes it a comfortable blend pair with most outdoor furniture.

  • Easy to assemble and move
  • It easily hangs on the wall
  • Can comfortably support weight up 200lbs making it ideal for 4-6 children



Are you going for a picnic with family or friends? This table umbrella is an excellent choice, which will spice your day.

This is a portable sunshade pair well with the Picnic Tables, Fusion chairs, and Party Cubes. It has been fitted with a fusion hole to house the pole. A steel pole with a 1-inch in diameter with tilt button pointed at the end for easier penetration and support in beach sand or grass and can be effectively used with our Picnic Tables, and Fusion chairs, that have in-built slots to fix the pole

  • Super easy to assemble.
  • Portable.
  • It is well made.

6. Sunny-glade Out Door Umbrella

Sunny-glade Out Door Umbrella - Table Umbrellas

If you are looking for table umbrellas with a sole design and comfortability at the beach or the yard, this is the item to purchase.

It is loaded with a 7.5 feet diameter heavy-duty fabric to keep you relaxed and comfortable at the yard or beach, square. The wide canopy shades 3-4 chairs and tables comfortably. The umbrella has been fitted with a Light aluminum pole, which makes it hard to rust, easy to carry and operate.

  • The beautiful 100% polyester cover Makes it luxurious, giving it a long life, hard to fade, and easy for laundry.
  • With a push-button, it is easy to tilt the canopy to different shading angels, and with the crank, its flexible to open and close. What is more?
  • The air vent at the top allows easy flow of air, as well as prevents a quick blow by strong winds.

5. Abba patio Auto tilt umbrella

Abba patio Auto tilt umbrella - Table Umbrellas

Are you looking for a comfortable table umbrella for your market place or residential area? Then Abba will serve you best.

This item is designed amazingly to accommodate a high number of people, and different shapes of tables. It is also designed for automatic tilt within its tilt position. With a 9 ft. Diameter-canopy can easily fit with a 42″- 54″ round, square, or rectangular table holding 4 to 6 chairs provide in residential and commercial zones.

  • A 100% Recycled Polyester fabric- fade-resistant, Watertight and with a UV protection of a minimum of 1000 hr. UV colorfastness.
  • Fitted with an aluminum-coated pole resistant to rust and 8 Ribs of 1.5″ diameter of Aluminum builds immense power support far from a standard pole.
  • It enjoys a Crank system for opening and closing, and also tilt the shade to different angles.

4. Blissun Umbrella

Blissun umbrella - Table Umbrellas

With a manual yet easy to operate the system, Blissun table umbrella plays it cool, making it a superb choice in our list.

This umbrella comes in different catchy colors and it’s of lightweight which makes it portable and easy to carry. It is fitted with a manual easy to operate the crank system. 8 aluminum ribs and a powder-coated aluminum pole enables the sunshade to withstand strong winds.

  • A push-button that keeps the sun back effectively.
  • The shade-stretch of 9 feet is ideal for a good number of users.
  • It also comes with highly watertight, durable and ultra-violet resistant polyester that is durable.

3. Abba patio Umbrella 

Abba patio umbrella 

Are you looking for a residential or commercial table umbrellas? This item is the best fit. It is easy to operate

Unlike the auto, tilt Abba patio table umbrella, this item though not very different, is fitted with a button that manually works the tilt mechanism. It comes with 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Polyester fabric that is water-resistant and with ultra-violet protection, which can sustain a minimum of 1000 hours UV colorfastness.

  • It is operated by a crank mechanism to close and open with a manual push-button for tilting.
  • This umbrella has a vented canopy that allows free airflow
  • Easy and effective to operate.

2. Sky 130 umbrella

Sky 130 umbrella

If you are looking for a café or beside the beach serenity, then this table umbrella is an excellent choice.

It does have a large patio table umbrella of 9 feet canopy suitable for outdoor displays such as gardens, cafes, and more. With a crank and tilt system, you will enjoy the optimal shade with a long-lasting polyester fabric of about 200 grams.

  • Fitted with a 1.5’ diameter aluminum pole, supported by 8 steel ribs, offers maximum stability and anchor.
  • It also comes with different colors that will give your garden a breath to visit once more
  • For blending, this umbrella will best fit with our bronze and silver umbrellas in our stores

1. Abba patio outdoor table umbrella

Abba patio outdoor table umbrella

The warm and sunny season is here, and you are wondering what you will use to cover from UV rays? Worry no more. Abba- patio table umbrella got you covered. You can enjoy

A wide-canopy umbrella very comfortable for outdoor relaxation and on the beaches and its display is a killer decorator. The fabric is made of a solution-dyed polyester, which prevents color fading and provides high UV protection. It is also Water and fades resistant.

  • It comes with a Powder Coated Pole of diameter, that is 1.5 inches, strong and durable
  • The shade extends to 9 Ft, and therefore it can cover a good number of clients and usable with different shape tables.
  • The air flows dynamically in the vented canopy to control wind gust.

Who does not love to enjoy a good summer afternoon beside the beach or even a pool? Everybody loves it, and table umbrellas will be able to create the perfect condition for you to do it. When it comes to serenity, color, attraction, and design, table umbrellas are the way to go. They are portable, easy to carry, and even flexible to use. They also go hand in hand with more items such as tables, bases, and even services.

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