Top 10 Star Projectors in 2020

There are various types of decorative lights. They include star projectors which available for use to make the kids go to sleep peacefully. In addition, also design the home for various occasions. Well, out of all of them, star projectors have been very high on demand. They can project the starry night sky on the wall or even ceiling. Also, in the dark it does look stunning.

Also, some of these do have the rotatory base. Hence stars will appear to rotate slowly as you do in reality. Here are some of the best star projectors in the year 2020.

Top 10 Star Projectors in 2020

Star Projectors Reviews | Highly recommended

10. Kingtoys LED Projection

Projector Light, Kingtoys LED Projection Romantic Night Lamp, Blue Star Light Suitable for Birthday Parties, Family Party, KTV, Dance Halls, Clubs, Bars, Karaoke, Kids Party, Dance Floor

Projector Light, Kingtoys is among the most beautiful star projectors, but they do also give a very stunning view during the night. It can easily be able to create the aurora effect hence making it rank among the best on the market.

  • Room Decoration: It will transform the entire living room into the sparkling wonderland. The star’s embellishment ensures that you can feel better and more comfortable.
  • Eye-protective design: High quality LED projection provides anti-glare lighting that protects your vision.
  • Occasions: It is suitable for home decorations, family party, a nightclub as well as other occasions.
  • 3 Button 9 modes: Laser light has three buttons. B1 is for the speed setting. b2 is for the flashlight setting and b3 is for the LED cloud setting.
  • Durable, secure and high quality with UL certification.

Customer Feedback

  • Professional build quality.
  • Very versatile.
  • An eye protective design.

9. Our Day Night Light Degree Rotation for Kids

Our Day Night Light Moon Star 360 Degree Rotation Unique Best Gifts for Kids

If you are in the market for the star projectors that can be used in the various rooms, then you may want to consider this device. It easily fits in any room. It is such a perfect choice for the various circumstances that range from the home decoration to being able to light a house party.

  • High quality: High-quality IC dimming chip that has a guarantee of usage of over one year, environmental protection ABS material ensures that it is going to serve you for a long period.
  • Convenient design: Running on with the included USB cable or batteries that require an adaptor to be able to plug the cord into the outlet or can power it through the computer as you like.
  • Promotes sleep: With sounds less than 30 dB, it will give your kids a very good night rest with a high sense of security.
  • Endless fun: Your kids will be able to enjoy the universe as well as watch the solar system and the stars fly around their rooms to satisfy the curiosity of their universal astronomical science easily.

Customer Feedback

  • Inbuilt compatible speaker as well as audio.
  • Perfect choice for the educational uses.
  • Very easy to operate.

8. SleepyMe Star Projector in 3 Colors

SleepyMe Smart Sleep Soother | White Noise Sound Machine | Star Projector in 3 Colors | Baby Gifts | Portable Sleep Aid Night Light with 10 Songs for Crib | Shusher Sound Machine from Birth to School

For sure SleepyMe – White may not have all when it comes to the galaxy accuracy, but it does compensate this from the functionality and the fun features that it has. What makes it appear in the list of the best star projectors is the fact that lighting is superb.

  • The smart and the adorable chick is going to smooth the baby to sleep. All that is needed is to click on the soft touch buttons, and then you will be able to bring beautiful starry night sky indoors.
  • You can be able to play ten magical melodies as well as project stars in three colors. It was designed to easily fit in any room condition and preference, providing adjustable volume as well as the brightness levels.
  • Convenient: The endless combination of the lights as well as sounds makes it easy to accommodate any preference.
  • It is portable and cordless; hence there will be no loose cables around the infant. Touch buttons have been designed in a way that even the tiny hands can easily operate it.

Customer Feedback

  • Modern design, functionality as well as appearance.
  • Great illumination.
  • Versatile.

7. Moredig Projection Light Night 360°Rotation

Moredig Night Light Projector, 360 Degree Rotation Kids Projector Night Light with 8 Multicolor, Starry Light Best Presents for Kids Nursery Bedroom - Blue

With first glances, you are assured that you have made the best choice when it comes to the best star projectors. It can easily illuminate even the darkest rooms.

  • Perfect night for the kids: The night light projector is very cool for one to put the universe back home to the kids to easily watch solar system as well as the stars around their room to satisfy the curiosity of the astronomical science.
  • 3 working modes: Mode A: It powers light on and off. Mode C: Rotation Switch. Mode B: Cycles through the color options and it turns on blue or purple stars over yellow. This device can be powered by the 4 x AAA batteries or even the USB cable.
  • Bright star lamp projector: Luminous, as well as the colorful LED lights, create a very calm ambiance in the child’s room.
  • High quality: Bets materials and designs have been used in creating this device hence ensuring that you can receive unmatched experience.

Customer Feedback

  • The build quality is very high.
  • Multifunctional.
  • Excellent for the nighttime escapades.

6. Night Lights for Kids, for Kids

Night Lights for Kids, Multi Colors Star Projector with Timer and Rotation for Kids and Baby, Purely White

Are you looking for the star projectors which can create a relaxing as well as a comfortable, scenic atmosphere at your home? Well, having this star projector is an assurance of the fact there will be no more cries from the baby due to the darkness.

  • Creativity: four main lights of warm blue, white, green and red, does a project to the complete starry star skies onto the walls as a ceiling of the room. The vivid starry helps to grow kids’ imagination as well as creativity.
  • Steady: the newly noiseless motor offers an ideal and quiet sleep environment for the baby as well as kids. The timer will easily shut off automatically by the time you do set which helps and babies and kids to fall asleep easily.
  • Simplicity: There is only four buttons that correspond to their function. Removing the outer cover, you get a star projector, but if you remove the inner cover, it is going to be a night light.
  • Utility; Glossy paint ensures that the night light to be a great decoration.

Customer Feedback

  • Auto shut off timer.
  • Simple operation.
  • It got two power supply modes.

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5. “Touch Active, Easy Clean” Projector Night Light by(Le Petit Prince) Lumitusi

"Touch Active, Easy Clean" Twilight Constellation Galaxy Round Projector Night Light by Lumitusi (Le Petit Prince

If your kid does not like or even his room, then introducing star projectors will easily transform the nurseries as well as bedrooms into an amazing sanctuary that will calm as well as comfort. This is such an amazing device to buy.

  • Choose between four different LED color settings, mainly Orange, Green, blue and auto-color changing mode C via the touch activated region on shell body.
  • 3 x AA batteries offer 60+ nights of sleep time that based on the 45 minutes of usage every night.
  • An efficient multi-colored LEDs project the dazzling array of stars onto the bedroom ceilings and walls.
  • An elly touch activated, around projector night light that gently transforms the nurseries as well as the bedrooms into the starry sanctuary which comforts and also calms the children.
  • Super easy to clean as it has been designed with children in mind.

Customer Feedback

  • It has a very simple design.
  • Best choice for calming as well as comforting the kids.
  • Portable.

4. Moredig Night Light Projector

Moredig Night Light Projector Remote Control and Timer Design Projection lamp, Built-in 12 Light Songs 360 Degree Rotating 8 Colorful Lights Children Kids Gift for Birthday, Parties - Black White

Moredig Night Light Projector has been designed completely different from the other star projectors which have reviewed. This star projector can easily be controlled using a remote.

  • Auto-off timer design; It supports 5-500 minutes to set time control, and when the time ends, it does turn off automatically.
  • Musical night light projector: With 12 superb light music songs, nice soft Rhythm that is useful to the children’s sleep, it will be able to create a very warm and quiet sleep environment.
  • Sea World Projection/ starry plus night light modes: There are 9 modes of light, and you can easily switch according to your preference.
  • Perfect gift for the children.
  • Remote control design: You can easily control it with a remote hence you do not have to necessarily get out of bed to close or even start the light.

Customer Feedback

  • Simple operating.
  • Auto shut off timer.
  • An excellent choice for the kids as well as adults.

3. SOAIY Sleep Soother Mood Light for Baby


SOAIY Sleep Soother Aurora Projection LED Night Light Lamp with 8 Lighting Mode & Speaker, Relaxing Light Show for Baby Kids and Adults, Mood Light for Baby Nursery Bedroom Living Room (Black)

If you are in search of the cute and a starry nightlife source for the nursery or even your kids’ room, then you may want to consider this. It has a superb shape and will give you very bright colors that will certainly make your kids very happy.

  • Automatic shut off: An auto shut off after one hour; hence you can go to sleep with it, and it is going to shut down on its own.
  • Inbuilt speakers: It is volume adjustable, and there is an audio cable in this package; hence you can easily plug an iPod or any other device.
  • Eight lighting projection modes: There are multiple light projections from which you can easily choose for, and this depends on your mood.
  • Two-way use and the amazing aurora light show: This will create an enjoyable and relaxing bedtime experience for the kids or even you as a parent.

Customer Feedback

  • The color choice is very good.
  • An attractive design which makes the baby happy.
  • Comforting and it makes the kids sleep fast.

2. SOAIY Rotation Mood Light for Baby Nursery

SOAIY Rotation Sleep Soothing Color Changing Aurora Night Light Projector with Build-in Speaker, Relaxing Light Show, Mood Light for Baby Nursery, Adults and Kids Bedroom, Living Room (White)

Among the star projectors that will be able to give an aurora-like effect is this device. This is the main reason why this device has been chosen several times by many consumers. It has eight light projection modes.

  • 8 lighting patterns hence you have a wide variety from which you can be able to choose from.
  • An automatic shut off which is going to save energy when you fall asleep.
  • 45-degree tilt: This allows you to be able to project the light straight up or in the different direction, making it easy for you to cover the large areas or even be able to get the wide panoramic effect.
  • Inbuilt speaker: Adjustable volume and there is an audio cable in this package hence you can plug in any other device including iPhone.
  • Amazing Aurora light show which will give you a relaxing mood.

Customer Feedback

  • Automatic shut off feature.
  • Great for the nighttime escapades.
  • Eight different light projection modes.

1. [Upgraded Version] SOAIY Soothing Relaxing Light Show

[Upgraded Version] SOAIY Soothing Aurora LED Night Light Projector with Timer,Remote,Music Speaker,8 Lighting Modes,Relaxing Light Show,Mood Lamp for Baby Kids, Adults,Living Room

This is an upgraded version. It will easily project the stars and an aurora-like effect in the dark room. With such an effect, one can be able to enjoy a very good night sleep. Also, it is such an ideal choice for creating a romantic, cozy and leisure atmosphere for the couples in the bedroom.

  • Inbuilt speaker: With an adjustable volume, you can be able to plug in the iPod or any other device and enjoy some relaxing music even as you fall asleep.
  • 8 light projection modes and the 45 degrees titled adjustable hence you have a wide variety which you can choose from. It can easily cover a large area.
  • Amazing aurora light show and 2-way use Create a relaxing bedtime experience.
  • Remote controlled hence you can switch on and off at the comfort of your bed.

Customer Feedback

  • Super easy to clean.
  • It is easily activated by a single touch.
  • Creates a calming atmosphere.

Buying the best star projectors is very beneficial to be able to keep the kids quiet and also make them easily fall asleep with so much ease. Moreover, you can be able to use it as the night lamp if it does come with the removable cover. Not only that, it can be used to decorate the room during social gatherings as well as occasions. You can be able to power them via the computer or even the power bank and using the AAA batteries. There are various light colors which are available, and some of them do have a timer that switches them off automatically.


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