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Best Standing Desk Converter in 2020 | For Productive Working

Having the right Standing Desk Converter can be able to save you a lot of trouble. Sitting all day at work puts you at greater risk for health such as heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. Having to choose right Standing Desk Converter can be quite challenging. You do want health benefits that are associated with having the best Standing Desk Converter. A standing desk converter is a unit that you set on an existing desktop that does allow you to easily raise the computer as well as a keyboard so that you can work in the standing position. Here is the best Standing Desk Converter in 2020.

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Top 10 Standing Desk Converter in 2020

10. EleTab Standing Desk Converter

EleTab Standing Desk Converter

To start our list of the best Standing Desk Converter is EleTab Standing Desk Converter. This is an ergonomic solution that has been designed with quality as well as creativity. It will be able to transform the unique space.

You can be able to go from the sitting to standing in an easy smooth motion using innovative simple height locking mechanism. The design of the lifting mechanism does allow the desk surface to elevate straight up. The top surface measure does maximize space while at the same time providing room for dual monitors. The lower deck holds the keyboard as well as mouse side by side. You can be able to customize your work area and also create a workflow that is needed.

  • Simple assembly.
  • It does have an ergonomic design.
  • Offers flexibility that is needed to move around.

9. SIMBR Standing Desk with Height Adjustable Stand Up Desk Converter

SIMBR Standing Desk with Height Adjustable Stand Up Desk Converter

Experts advise that one should keep alternating from sitting to standing when working, especially if you will be doing the work for a long period. That’s where this standing desk converter comes in. It also marks the end of back pains after working. Equally important, they have a stylish look that makes them and your office visually appealing.

It uses a gas spring to ensure that you don’t struggle to adjust the height. So, simply squeeze the handle until the height of the standing desk converter is the right one. For comfort, even for those with big bellies, settle for it. The combination of beveled edge and curve design will make it easy to use despite that. It also relaxes forearms, wrists, neck, and shoulders. The material is high-quality melanin hence no stains, scratches, or dents.

  • Removable keyboard tray measuring 30 inches by 12 inches
  • Cable management mechanism
  • Adjustable within a range of 4.9 inches and 16.9 inches
  • Easy to adjust according to the height right by you
  • Doesn’t require assembling
  • The working area measures 30 inches by 18.5 inches
  • Enough to fit a dual monitor


8. FEZIBO Stand Up Desk Converter

FEZIBO Stand Up Desk Converter

This Standing Desk Converter provides numerous comfort positions that allow you to be able to find a good balance that is between sitting as well as standing up throughout the day.

The gas spring hovering system does allow the tabletop workstation to be able to adjust well from sitting to the standing by using a light squeeze of the handle. The top surface does measure 32.6 x 17.8 inches. It does provide plenty of space for a single monitor as well as the monitor setups. This is an excellent choice for the small tabletop workstation use.

  • Smooth and sturdy.
  • Very easy to operate it.
  • It has a unique design that looks good.


7.  Standing Desk, TaoTronics

Standing Desk, TaoTronics

Enhance your life with this Standing Desk Converter. This product will give you the much-needed comfort to be able to solve various problems. It has been equipped with the gas spring system so that you can adjust the height easily without so much effort. You can comfortably switch positions from the tabletop, the bottom resting point at 5.3 inches. One can be able to fix at any height that is comfortable to you as well as adjust the viewing and the angle posture.

The top surface does measure 36 x 23 inches, the stand-up desk still offers enough room even with 2 monitors or even laptops. It can easily be able to hold the large keyboard and the mouse side by side. The base is fit for the best that is larger than 32×22.6 inches.

  • High-quality Standing Desk Converter.
  • Easy to use.
  • It comes with clear instructions.


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6. TechOrbits Standing Desk – Stand Up Desk Converter and Monitor Riser

TechOrbits Standing Desk - Stand Up Desk Converter

If you want to be at liberty to sit or stand while standing, consider this standing desk converter. It can accommodate any type of monitor, including a dual-monitor system. It also leaves enough room for your mouse, keyboard, speakers, and even more.

The fact that the material is aluminum means that it will be not only portable but also lightweight. So, you will also be in a position to carry it around if need be. It is adjustable, and you don’t use a lot of effort to either raise or lower it. When it comes to lifting, its gas spring will do most of the work. Your work will only be squeezing its handle.

  • Lifetime warranty hence offers you the best value
  • A modern look hence perfect for any office
  • Weight capacity is 33 lbs
  • It is easy to use
  • Adjustable height

5. VIVO Black Height Adjustable

VIVO Black Height Adjustable

This Standing Desk Converter can be able to fit the dual-screen setup. The riser features removable keyboard tray and the accessory slot that can hold either writing utensils, notebooks and many more.

Desk riser does have a solid steel frame which is built to last as well as keep the devices very safe. Color is modern black which is going to complement very many offices environment. The anti-slip pads easily prevent the riser from scratching desk surface beneath it. Cable management system on riser offers an even safer environment. Any of the cords that may have hindered good adjustments are organized and kept clean.

  • Easy to assemble as well as setup.
  • The mechanism that does make it lift up and down is highly impressive.
  • Enough space for the keyboard and mouse.

4. Standing Desk Converter

Standing Desk Converter

No products found.

Get to enhance work experience with this Standing Desk Converter. The dual tiered standing desk is on top of the current desk and it offers you the benefit of standing or even sitting on demand.

Greatly enhance the work efficiency using this Standing Desk Converter. It is perfect for the people who have wanted to stretch. Get to enhance the work experience with this desk. It has enough space for a large keyboard and the mouse pad. Stand up desk have been designed to provide enough room for the laptop, monitor, without taking much space.

  • High-quality desk.
  • It is very sturdy.
  • Ergonomic design.


3. VIVO Standing Desk Converter

VIVO Standing Desk Converter

The two-tier system ensures that the keyboard and mouse are on the separate surface at an ergonomic position for the wrists. In addition, this can easily be removed with provided hex tools. Small storage tray on the front top surface offers extra space for items such as pens, pencils, and notebooks.

The desk has monitor mount compatibility that allows you to be able to use the monitor of your own choice. It does work with both the C-clamp as well as grommet mounting options. AV, as well as power chords, care kept well organized and clean with the adhesive cable clip which attaches to the street frame under desk surface. The second platform can easily be removed for the people who are looking to use the top surface as writing or laptop surface.

  • Easy to put together.
  • Very stable. Height adjustment is good.
  • Well built.


2. VARIDESK Standing Desk Converter

VARIDESK Standing Desk Converter

This desk was created to be able to pop out of the box and onto the work surface. You will be up and working productively within no time.

ProPlus 36 offers you the ability to easily rise up to 17.5 inches off the best and select among eleven different height settings. It is able to provide a large workspace with the upper tier for up to two monitors, laptop and the notebook as well as a lower tier for the standard keyboard and mouse. Spring-loaded boost mechanism, as well as dual handle design, does make it super easy to lift get to lower and adjust to any of the 11 height settings.

  • Solid construction.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • The size is great.


1. Seville Classics AIRLIFT

Seville Classics AIRLIFT

The top product in our list of the best Standing Desk Converter is EleTab Standing Desk Converter. It has been built with the heavy weighted base as well as high-quality materials so that it remains sturdy and stable at any of the 11 height settings.

This standing desk converter gives one ability to be able to rise up to 17.5’’ off the desk as well as selecting among the 11 different height settings. It does provide a very large workspace with an upper-tier for a maximum of two monitors, notebook as well as a lower tier for the standard keyboard as well as a mouse. Spring-loaded boost mechanism and the dual handle design does make it super easy to lift.

  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Ease of assembly.
  • Very comfortable.

If you have to be able to sit for many hours every day, you are at an increased risk of life-threatening health conditions. Despite your exercising every day, this might not be enough. It is clear that if you are in pain and also unhealthy, you cannot be able to work effectively. If the staff members develop health problems from their work environment, you can lose good employees and worker’s compensation can rise sharply. Having the best Standing Desk Converter can get rid of all these problems. 

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What are the benefits of using a standing desk converter?

benefits of using a standing desk converter

Before buying a standing desk converter, it is only normal for one to wonder how he or she will benefit from the purchase. Let us take a look at reasons why you should buy a standing desk converter. A standing desk converter will make you work comfortably and also eliminate the consequences of sitting for too long. An interesting fact a standing desk converter is that it can help you lose weight. Although it is not as effective as exercise, standing can help burn calories. That will not only help you lose weight but also ensure that you don’t gain extra weight. Remember that too much weight can cause obesity, which is bad for your health. It can also help reduce high blood sure levels. The truth is that taking a meal could see your blood sugar rise. However, standing instead of seating after lunch can eliminate that possibility.

How long should you stand at your standing desk?

It is no secret that standing while working can be good for your health. However, just like most things, too much of everything is poisonous. That is why you should clearly understand the exact time of standing that is ideal for your body. The truth is that both standing for too long and not standing often aren’t good. Experts say that standing for 15 minutes per hour to 30 minutes in every hour has health benefits. Depending on your overall body health, the ratio of sitting to standing should range from 1:1 to 1:3. That’s because sitting for too long comes with dire consequences. They include some cancers, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, high cholesterol levels, as well as high blood pressure. At the same time, standing for too long has consequences. They include varicose veins, tendons, back pain, and issues with your leg muscles. So, as much as standing is good, watch out on just how long you stand at your desktop. Otherwise, the said good thing would end up doing more harm than good.

Can you use a standing desk converter with two monitors?

The answer is a resounding yes. So, it is possible to use a standing desk converter despite having to use two monitors at the same time. If you have two monitors, as much as you only use one, you don’t have to throw the other one simply because you are using a standing desk converter. All that you have to do is to settle for a dual monitor standing desk converter. Another option is to go for a large standing desk converter. Ensure that its surface can accommodate the two monitors. Equally important, make sure that its weight capacity should also be in a position to handle both weights.

How to use a standing desk converter in a proper way?

How to use a standing desk converter in a proper way?

In most cases, no matter how good something is, you have to use it right to ensure that you benefit fully. A standing desk converter is no exception, and here are tips when using one. Don’t use it for too long because there will be dire consequences. Instead, keep alternating from sitting to standing and so on. In addition to that, ensure that the height is right by you. The recommended one is the elbow height. After all, an exact figure will not work because heights differ from one person to the other. Therefore, the angle between your elbows and the ground should be 90 degrees. Keep in mind that it is not designed to work on its own. Therefore, you should place them on top of your typical working desks. Their purpose is to boost the height of the desk so that it becomes possible for you to stand while working.

As far as the computer screen position is concerned, it should be eye level. The distance between your eyes and the screen should be within the range of 20 and 28 inches. Buying an Anti-Fatigue Mat is also a good move. Once you step on it when standing, it will make you feel comfortable and also improve the blood flow. Consequently, the leg muscles will be moving as they should. It will also make the leg and lower back pain a thing of the past. Ensure that wrists don’t end up suffering by choosing the right position for your keyboard as well as a mouse. To avoid straining your wrists, make sure you keep them straight when typing. At the same time, the mouse and the keyboard need to be at the same level. If that is not helping, go for arm supports, gel mouse pads, and adjustable keyboard stands.



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