20 Special Hair Growth Tips Everyone Must Know

There is no doubt that a woman’s hair is precious. It is one of the most critical things that can keep her awake at night thinking about how to improve it. Studies show that a person’s hair, on an average basis grows by half an inch in one month. Even so, some methods have been devised to help people with their hair growth issues. Numerous hair growth tips are going around the world. These tips were put to the test and had been proven to be effective at achieving that long and gorgeous hair. When you combine these hair growth tips with a healthy lifestyle, you will have maximum results. This is because your general health status affects your hair. Your genetic makeup will also play a role or two. Even so, these tips will work for you. The following hair growth tips are as safe as they can be. Most of them are natural. Therefore, you do not have to worry about any negative effects. Follow these tips, and you will be glad that you took a chance.

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Hair Growth Tip Everyone Must Know

1. Have A Healthy Diet

There is no escaping this. It is very important that you engage in healthy eating habits as well as having a healthy diet every day. Proteins and vitamins are known to be key players when it comes to having healthy hair. That means you should increase their intake in your diet. Foods that are rich in vitamins A, B, C, and E are highly encouraged. Minerals like iron, copper, selenium, zinc, and magnesium are also important for healthy hair. They stimulate hair growth. These minerals, vitamins, and proteins will also work for the good of your body. Therefore, when your general health is on point, your hair will grow much faster.

2. Take Supplements

Supplements are a healthy way of growing your hair. These are just products that will increase a certain type of mineral or vitamin in your body. The increased levels of these nutrients are specifically to grow your hair. It has been the common practice of many people to use supplements. There is nothing to fear about it neither are there any side effects. The most common supplements are Omega 3 fatty acids, zinc, and Vitamin B1. Other than growing your hair, they can also improve your general health. This means you will have a double benefit.

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3. Give your hair a nice trim after six or eight weeks

This is not as bad as it may sound. Trimming your hair will help it grow even faster. When you have damaged ends, your hair will not grow as it should. Split ends are your worst enemy. Therefore, make it a point to trim them as often as you can. This will improve your hair length, its shine, and even the volume.

4. Always massage your scalp

Do you the feeling that your body gets after a good body massage? You will feel refreshed, rejuvenated, stimulated, and even more alive. Your scalp will also feel equally as good after a massage. Your scalp will experience an increased flow of blood. This will serve to stimulate the follicles which will, in turn, stimulate hair growth. You can either use oil or hair conditioner. The oil works excellently when it is warm. After that, you can rub your scalp using your fingers for around five minutes in a circular motion.

5. Always use hair mask

To have gorgeous and long hair, you must never underestimate the power of a hair mask. The effect that you have after using a mask on your face can be compared to what you will get from applying hair mask. A hair mask will always condition and nourish your hair more deeply than ordinary conditioning. To make a simple mask, beat a few eggs (two or three), add some lemon juice, and apply to your hair. Let the mask sit in for around ten minutes and remove it. After that shampoo your hair and condition it. Do this as often as two weeks apart.

6. Do not use hot water on your hair

Studies have shown that using hot water on your hair will make it weak. Other than that, it will also make it dry and brittle. This means that hair breakage will be inevitable. Always opt for lukewarm water which is much healthier for your hair. After washing it, use cold water to make the last rinse. This way, the open hair follicles will be closed. This will prevent moisture loss or any damages because of heat.

7. Drink a lot of water

Water is everything to any living thing. When your body is hydrated, everything will function optimally in your body. There will be significant growth and development of cells; this includes hair follicles. When your follicles are healthy, you will have an excellent hair growth rate. When your body is not hydrated, your cells will lose water, and they will not function optimally. This means your hair will be affected. Your hair will also become dry and eventually break.

8. Do not wrap up your hair in big towels

This may sound very awkward for someone to hear but it is worth mentioning. Many people have the habit of wrapping their hair in a huge towel after a wash. This could be because of the length of their hair or the bulkiness of the hair. Whatever the reason may be, you are damaging your hair. When you do, your hair gets tangled up with the fibers of the towel when you roll your hair in it to secure it in position. Your hair breaks a lot when you do this. That is why when you unwrap your hair, you will find strands of hair on it. Imagine doing this twice a week or even once. That is a great loss for you. You want to grow your hair, not to keep losing it.

9. Avoid shampooing your hair every time you take a shower

Shampoo is really good for your hair. Do not be mistaken about that. However, overdoing it may give you some unwanted results. The whole idea of shampooing your hair is to get rid of any dirt that is on your scalp. It also helps to wash off product buildup. Your hair cannot get dirty enough to warrant a shampoo session every day. Neither can there be product build up in just a day. When there is nothing to wash off, the shampoo will wash off your essential hair oils. These natural oils keep your hair smooth, long, and luscious. When you strip your hair of these oils, you are left with dry and fragile hair.

10. Always make a point to flip your hair up

Flipping your hair has been proven to be very effective when it comes to improving blood circulation. This is a trick that is effortless. All you have to do is bow your head to flip your hair upside down. Ensure that all the hair is hanging upside down. You can do this every single day. After flipping it, stay in that position for around four minutes and stop. You may also add in a few seconds of scalp massaging to make this trick more effective. You may not necessarily use any oil or conditioners. But if you can, it will be a better idea to use them.

11. Avoid anything that will stress you up

Stress is a wicked enemy to your hair growth. You have seen people lose weight because of stress. Losing your hair because of stress should not come as a strange thing to you. When you are stressed, you may trigger the fall-out phase for your hair. If not, you may enter the telogen phase. Stress has a very fast effect of disrupting your hair cycle and consequently affecting your hair growth. If you find yourself stressing because of anything, you can exercise, meditate, or do breathing exercises. This way you can relieve yourself and provide your hair with a healthy environment to grow.

12. Avoid harsh chemicals

There are certain types of chemical treatment products that are extremely harsh for your hair. If you must use them, use them minimally. Harsh chemical treatments will damage your hair. If you can pull of a natural hair look for the rest of your life, please do. Also, consider putting aside shampoos and conditioners that are heavily scented. Sometimes all your hair needs is that mild shampoo and conditioner more than that heavy scent. It is never really about smell most of the time. Pay more attention to what your hair needs and less attention to what your nose likes.

13. Comb your hair gently

Your hair is as precious as the finest diamond. Be gentle with it and handle it with great care. When you comb it, do not be rough. Also do not comb it constantly so that you can avoid hair breakage. When your hair is wet and you want to detangle it, be careful. This is when your hair can easily get damaged and in a massive way. Treat your hair with love and care. Handle it the way you would handle a child’s hair.

14. Air dry your hair

It is a common practice for many people to wrap their hair in a turban after washing it. Many people are unconscious of the benefits of leaving your hair dry on its own. When you are just from washing it, wipe it, or pat it gently with a soft and small towel. After that, let it dry slowly on its own. This prevents breakage because of towel drying.

15. Stay away from heat styling

I know sometimes that perfect look will always need heat styling. Even so, if you must do it, do it once in a while. Hot styling hair tools can easily damage your hair. The constant exposure to heat will make your hair very brittle and very weak. This will make it prone to hair damages. When your hair is damaged it cannot grow long because it is constantly breaking. The damage caused by heat styling may even be permanent.

16. Do body exercising

Never take for granted exercising. It is not just good for your body but also for your hair. When you exercise, there is an excellent circulation of blood in your body. Everything in your body functions optimally, and your metabolic reactions take place effectively. This means that your entire body is affected. Your follicles will benefit too.

17. Use special oils

Numerous hair oils are used to nourish your hair. They are effective and very dependable. These oils have been in use for a very long time, and they keep proving to be the best. I am talking about oils like Jojoba oil, olive oil, coconut oil, Argan oil, castor oil, and the likes. There is no limitation to the benefits of these oils to your hair. They are excellent and very affordable.

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18. Avoid cotton pillows

There are special pillows that are recommended for you that are great for your hair. Cotton pillows will rub with your hair while sleeping. This will result in a lot of tangles when you wake up. If you are not careful, these tangles can cost you a lot when you try to untangle them. The recommended pillows keep your hair tangle-free throughout the night.

19. Avoid tying your hair up

If your hair is fragile and especially at the edges, avoid tying it. This is because it may promote hair breakage. If you must secure your hair in position so that it does not fall on your back, make a loose ban by curling it. Then secure the bun using a hairpin or clip.

20. Address any underlying medical problems

Some medical conditions may result in hair loss. It is very important that you address them. Consult a specialist and find a way forward. As you are dealing with a medical problem, also use the other tips to manage the situation. 

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