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Choosing the best as well as the right speaker stands are essential if you want to enjoy the service. You will need to factor in several during your search. The first key factor is that it should come with the right height to match speakers. In addition, it should be well built to offer excellent stability. Also, it should be made from tough materials, which can tolerate the regular movements and speaker’s weight. Ensure that the speaker stands should be portable as well as easy to move. Here are some of the best speaker stands available in the market.

Top 10 Best Speaker Stands in 2020

10. Bose FS-1 Speaker Floor Stands

Bose FS-1 Speaker Floor Stands

  • They have a compact design.
  • Instructional manual, which comes with this product.
  • Easy to assemble.

To start our list of the best speaker stands is Bose FS-1 speaker stand. The pair of speakers are going to look nice in the home as well as outdoor thanks to the trendy design.

This stand does elevate the speakers giving them an optimal audio performance as well as expanding the decorating options. Twenty-four inches tall floor stand accessories for the Bose 301 as well as 201 reflecting speakers.

9. Bookshelf and Floor Stands

Bookshelf and Floor Stands

  • Good cable management.
  • Stylish and compact design.
  • Easy set-up.

If you are looking for the speaker stands, which can ideally fit in the entertainment area, which receives a lot of the foot traffic, then this is an excellent choice.

These speakers floor stands for the satellite or even the bookshelf speakers or surrounds sound entertainment centers. With a universal design, it is compatible with the Bose, Polk, Samsung, and JBL, etc. Hollowed out aluminum pole for the cable management to easily hide the cables inside pillars as well as out of sight.

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8. Atlantic Adjustable Speaker Stands

Atlantic Adjustable Speaker Stands


  • Quality construction.
  • Easy to install.
  • Super easy wire management.

This is among the best compact as well as compatible speaker stands that you will not be able to take your eyes off. Sleek, as well as the glossy appearance of the speaker stand, is going to match with the entertainment room.

They have a 45 degrees adjustable mount for the speaker positioning. These stands are a perfect addition to your home entertainment. The pedestal of the speaker stand is hollow with the rear access opening for the wire management, providing a clean as well as organized look.

7. Mounting Dream Height Adjustable Speaker Stands

Mounting Dream Height Adjustable Speaker Stands

  • Durability and stable.
  • Highly compatible with different speakers.
  • It does create a clean as well as an organized look.

With this pair of speaker stands, you will easily be able to add a touch of class in the entertainment space.

Multiple attachment choices are usually available for the various speakers; adjustable height attachment for the vertical hole or keyhole. Inbuilt cable management hides speaker wires out of sight for the neat appearance and avoids clutter.

6. PERLESMITH Adjustable Height Speaker Stands

PERLESMITH Adjustable Height Speaker Stands

  • Superb cable management.
  • It comes with 3 mounting configurations.
  • Super easy to use.


This speaker stands might look simple, but they can easily fit in the entertainment area, which does receive a lot of foot traffic. PERLESMITH speaker stands are an ideal choice.

The extendable tube can easily be adjusted from 30-45 degrees to ensure perfect as well as customized sound. Get to adjust post assembly for the desired height as well as enjoy stereo or even surround sound.

5. Pyle Dual Studio Monitor 2 Speaker Stand Mount Kit

  • Anti-slip pads
  • Height adjustment
  • Tripod leg design
  • Easy transport
  • Easy storage
  • Fragile top 

Pyle studio monitor stand features a tripod design that gives this stand more stability. It will also hold speakers that have a weight of 90 lbs firmly and steadily. The stand also has anti-slip rubber grips that will help in equal weight distribution makes the base extremely stable and safe.

The centre of the stand has a telescopic feature that makes it adjustable and will easily adjust from 340- 530 inches that are high and secure enough. It is easily foldable for quick and efficient transportation.

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4. OmniMount ELO Speaker Stand

OmniMount ELO Speaker Stand

  • It supports speakers of up to 4 lbs.
  • Includes 3 universal adapters for superb speaker compatibility.
  • Rubberized isolation feet do minimize vibration as well as protect the floors.

With 3 universal adapters for maximum speaker compatibility, this is an excellent choice when it comes to the best speaker stands.

Six mm tempered glass base with the steel post. Inbuilt cable management does hide up to a maximum of 14-gauge speaker wire. The rubberized isolation feet do minimize vibration as well as protect the floors; It does fit most of the satellite speakers.

3. Sanus BF24B

Sanus BF24B


  • Furniture grade appearance with upscale performance.
  • Concealed wire management.
  • Twin contoured pillars offer supports as well as rigidity.

Constructed with the medium density fiber core, the speaker stands reduces resonance. Ideally, they do feature furniture grade appearance with the upscale performance as well as their twin-contoured pillars, giving them rigidity as well as support.

They boast of sleek profile, meaning that these stands blend well with any A/V furniture or the home theatre décor. In addition, they have concealed wire management, which ensures a clean installation. They are a perfect set, which should not miss from the living room or the cinema room.

2. VIVO Premium Universal 23 inch Floor Speaker Stands

  • Compatible with many types of speakers
  • Cable manager
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Ergonomic design
  • Breakable base and top

This universal surround sound speaker is ideal and compatible with satellite speakers, bookshelf speakers and many other types of speakers. They are sturdy and have an ergonomic design that makes them nice and attractable.

It also comes with a cable organizer that will help you keep messy wires and cords clean and organized. The speaker stand will also feature rubber feet’s and carpet spikes for accommodating different floor types.

1. Atlantic Adjustable Height Speaker Stands

Atlantic Adjustable Height Speaker Stands

  • The three-sided base for the stability of the stand.
  • Pole, as well as base, conceal speaker cables.
  • Cast iron construction giving it a sleek appearance.


With this speaker stands, you can get perfect surround sound. Their height can easily be adjusted and are highly durable.

The sturdy cast-iron supports for the audio accessory gives the home theater a sleek appearance by being able to hide cables away inside the pole as well as the base. Whether you are listening to music, movies, or even games, all are going to sound their best

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What are the criteria to consider when choosing a speaker stand?

Just like anything else that you will want to buy, you will have to consider some factors before buying your speaker stand.

Weight Rating

Always consider the weight your stand will be able to withstand. Never place too heavy speakers on your speaker stand to avoid the damage of your stand. This will also prevent your speakers from falling off that may cause damage to the speakers.

Construction materials

Speaker stands will feature different types of materials such as aluminium, polypyrene plastic, steel and other materials. Each of the materials will come with their advantages and disadvantages. Steel stands are durable, sturdy and will accommodate a lot of weight.

Cable management

Does the stand you want to buy have cable management? Cable management will ensure that there are no messy wires around the place hence will make your place look nice and presentable.


If your speakers are for use for a large audience, you will need a stand that has a long height. Ensure that you have also checked the adjustability of the speaker’s height. This will ensure that you will easily adjust the height levels as the need arises

Base & Feet

Ensure that you have selected the speaker stand that has the best base and feet that will not cause any damage to your floor. Some stand features rubbers for maximum stability.

Why are the speaker stands important?

Speaker stands are indispensable because of the following factors.

Improves on overall Sound Quality

When you place your speakers on a speaker stand, the general quality sound will improve. When speakers are placed on the stand, there are fewer vibrations as compared to when they are placed on tables or on the ground.

Secures your speakers

Speaker stands will raise your speakers from the ground to a certain level. This will help your speaker from being splashed with water, dust and also keep your speaker from interference from small children’s who may damage your speakers.

Improves on the Bass

When you listen to speakers without speaker stands, the bass levels are blurred once the music is played. This is why it is always important to place your speakers on a speaker stand.

Easy recording

It becomes pretty easy and simple to record when you have placed your speakers on a speaker stand.


Speaker stands will act as decorations to your speakers. When your speakers are placed on a speaker stand, they look more fashionable and iconic as compared to when they are placed on the tables or on the ground.

Larger audience

When placed on a stand, your speakers will reach a large audience as compared to when you will place them on a table or the ground. Also, the quality of sound and bass is awesome

How to maintain speaker stand?

Consider these tips so that you can the speaker stands can last for a relatively long time.

1. Do not overload your speaker stand

Always ensure that you have the right speaker stand for your speaker. Do not place too heavy speakers rather than the recommended ones. Heavy speakers will cause damage to your speaker stand when your speaker stand is damaged. That may cause your speakers to fall and get damaged.

2. Proper assembly and disassembly

Ensure that you have followed the correct steps and procedures while assembling your speaker, this will avoid any kind of accidents. When you want to dismantle the stand, do it carefully and with great precautions. Do not place your speaker stand in a tilting position to prevent your speakers from tipping off and falling.

3. Store your stand properly

Store your speaker stand properly; some of these speaker stands will come with some leather bags that are waterproof and are ideal since they will prevent your speaker stand from rusting.

4. Clean your stand

Keep your speaker stand clean. Wipe it with some water and a piece of cloth before you store them. Never store dirty or dusty speaker stands.

5. Oil the movable parts

Speaker stand will come with some movable parts, always ensure you both oil and grease the parts for them to work efficiently without any form of friction

How to set up a speaker stand with your speaker properly?

  1. Unpack, the speaker stand from the package and ensure that all the accessories needed are available. Get yourself some fasteners such as pliers or a wrench that you will use to flatten the screws.
  2. These speaker stands will come with pressure blocks that you will tighten using your hand using a knob that has an internal screw attached to it. These pressure blocks are made from plastic. Another pressure block is located at the bottom that will allow you to adjust the legs accordingly. Do not overtighten the pressure blocks so that it does not become damaged
  3. After setting up the legs, extend the centre post and slide to the desired height, you will then insert the metal pin. You should never rely on the pressure blocks to hold the centre posts.
  4. Ensure that the stand is in a flat position to avoid your speaker from tilting off. If you are in a sloppy position ensure you have some enforcement on the stand
  5. Place your speakers safely on top of the stand and fasten them properly in order to avoid them from falling. If your speaker has some cable organizers, organize your cables properly in a manner that is presentable. Ensure your speaker is fastened well.

Speaker stands will come with many benefits such as improved sound and base quality, protection of your speakers and many other benefits. Always ensure you get the correct speaker stand for your speakers. Never overload your speaker to avoid any damage to your speaker. You will easily find these speakers stand form your nearest electronic shop. Ensure you get the speakers to form a reliable supplier who has a good reputation.

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