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Rope lights are a familiar décor item. People generally use them during festivities like Christmas and Halloween. You can use the more modest colors all season as well if you would like. Usually, the rope lights are battery-powered or have a cable for electricity. The solar rope lights are completely powered by the sun. We all have heard about the solar panels, which were invented as a more environment-friendly and less expensive source of electricity. The solar rope lights are just that. You can use them in the daylight and night time. These lights come in a versatile range of designs that are fit for any kind of celebration. The solar rope lights come in different price ranges as well. You can opt for one that depending on the size, color, and length. Read on to see our favorite collection of solar rope lights.

Top 10 Best Solar Rope Lights in 2020

Solar Rope Lights Review | Beautify Anything with The Lighting Ropes

10. BBOUNDER Rope Lights

BBOUNDER Rope Lights

These solar rope lights are energy saving. You can keep them on about 10 hours maximum without charging in the sun. Furthermore, if they are recharged, they will give you more time in service. They are waterproof and you can bend them in whichever shape you want to. Battery or any kind of wires are not necessary for the BBOUNDER lights. These look awesome in the stairs and outdoor.

9. Lalapao Solar Lighting Ropes

Lalapao Solar Lighting Ropes

The automated solar rope lights. These lights can turn on and off on their own whenever it is nighttime. The lights come in 8 types of modes. However, they work for 8 hours maximum after you have charged them in the sunlight. They are water-resistant and are highly durable. Furthermore, the lights are made of copper wires and the color is warm golden. Each rope has 120 pieces of small lights and they come with their own solar panel!

8. DINOWIN Rope Lights

DINOWIN Rope Lights

These are battery-powered solar rope lights. The lights are bendable and you will have to charge the batteries in sunlight. However, they come in different colors and all the parts are waterproof. So you can keep the lights on the outside even in rain. The lights have two different modes; steady and flash.

7. Mpow String Lights

Mpow String Lights

These are the bestselling solar rope lights in the market right now. Each string has 100 pieces of LED lights which are as bright as the stars in the sky. Furthermore, each pack contains two string lights. The ropes can be operated in 8 different modes; some of them are twinkles, fireflies, waves, and fading. It is made of copper wire which is completely bendable.

6. Aluvee Solar Rope Lights

Aluvee Solar Rope Lights

These string lights are one of Amazon’s Choices of solar rope lights. The product is completely waterproof and comes in a variety of colors. However, you can turn it on and off and it also can be automated. There are 2 modes in this light: steady and flash. The rope does not get very hot; you can wrap around poles or trees without worrying about any damages.

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5. AMIR Solar Powered Lights

AMIR Solar Powered Lights

This is the brightest solar rope lights you will ever come across. The rope has 100 LED lights. The string is about 33 feet long and made of copper wiring. Furthermore, the bobbin winder is included in the wiring so you can easily bend it around stuff. The rope is waterproof as well. It is highly durable and will last you a long time.

4. Brightech Solar String Lights

Brightech Solar String Lights

These solar rope lights were specially designed for outdoor décor. The lights have hanging bulbs that will give your place a vintage look. Each bulb is of 2 watts only. However, they are completely solar-powered so basically cost nothing. The lights have a lifetime of 20,000 hours. These lights are suitable for any weather and are resistant to water. They are promised to be durable during extreme weather like storms and snow as well. One rope has 12 vintage bulbs hanging beautifully from it.

3. Homestarry String Lights

Homestarry String Lights

These remote control solar powered rope lights are something from the future. Furthermore, the lights look amazing both indoors and outdoors. The remote works about 130ft away maximum from the lights; it even works through walls and glass doors! However, they are water-resistant and bendable. You can decorate your home perfectly with these beautiful lights.

2. SocoSolar Rope Lights

SocoSolar Rope Lights

These lights are here to beautify your room, your balcony or even your doors. These are very flexible and you can use these to decorate any place you want. However, the lights look amazing both nights and during the day. Furthermore, if you charge them in sunlight for only one day, you can use it up to 10 hours continuously without recharging. The lights come with a battery included in the package with 600mAh NI-MH. The batteries are rechargeable as well.

There are 8 types of modes in these string lights. Furthermore, slow fade, flash, slow-go, steady, sequence, twinkle, and wave are modes. However, the packaging of this solar rope light is completely environment-friendly. If you are an environmentalist, you will love this product.

1. Lychee Halloween Lights

Lychee Halloween Lights


These lights were specially designed for Halloween. Furthermore, the lights are powered by lithium-ion batteries. Each battery has a power of 12000mAh. The average hours of operating in these rope lights are about 8-10 hours. The lights are both water-resistant and bendable. However, you can keep it wrapped around a tree in your backyard and light it up during a barbecue or other parties.

The ropes are 50 feet long and have 23 lights on each of them. The rope is made of PVC tube which makes it highly durable.

Solar rope lights are something we all love. Whether we are reading a book or enjoying a conversation with our friends; these lights just make things look more beautiful. You should definitely purchase one of your likings and enjoy the benefits of being environment-friendly.

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