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Best Small Window Curtains in 2020 | UV Light Blocking

Curtains come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you want super long curtains for doors or the exceptionally big windows you have, or you want a smaller one for your small kitchen windows, there is something for everyone. The great thing about curtains is the sheer collection of designs and various mix of materials companies use to make them stand out in the crowd. Coupled with the vast array of options available for you to buy and the benefits that having small window curtains, like blocking harmful UV-light from entering the house or just some peace.

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Top 10 Best Small Window Curtains in 2020

10. H.VERSAILTEX Thermal Insulated

H.VERSAILTEX Thermal Insulated

A simple and minimalistic looking curtain for your windows that will not draw too much attention.

The innovating design of these helps to keep the temperature down with its thermal insulation design. Made from imported microfiber polyester, this is a great choice who is not looking for something too flashy.


A great craftmanship grade quality curtain suitable for various uses around the house. Easy to install and take off, superb choice if you are looking for something hassle-free.

9. MYSKY HOME Fashion 3 Piece

MYSKY HOME Fashion 3 Piece

Slightly see-through curtains that can blend seamlessly with any sort of aesthetic great for your kitchen windows.

The high-quality imported polyester is nothing we have not seen anywhere else, but the clever use of the material coupled with the subtle pattern design makes these stand out quite a bit.


Rod pocket is compatible with most rods available in the market and gives your kitchen décor a bump with the MYSKY home Fashion set of curtains.

8. Aquazolax Blackout Curtains 

Aquazolax Blackout Curtains 

Luxuriously crafted quality curtains from Aquazolax that are great if you are in the market for something small and affordable.

The design of these ensures that sunlight gets blocked when needed keeping your space cool and by extension reducing your heating bills. The blackout curtains do a great job at what it sets out to do.


Very easy to manage and wash, comes with a variety of colors to pick from.

7. Elegant Home 2 Panels Tiers

Elegant Home 2 Panels Tiers

Microfiber cloth curtain suitable for small windows, patios and kitchens.

The inconspicuous design of these means that you can use these wherever you want a shade of privacy while being perfect for use in kitchens and children’s rooms.


Small and lightweight curtains made for any sort of small windows.

6. Jinchan Tier Curtains 

Jinchan Tier Curtains 

We have grown pretty fond of Jinchan products, their chic and elegant design is quite impressive, to say the least.

Made from quality waffle weaved fabric, these add an extra bit of personality to any space you decide to these on.


Overall a great pair of quality fabric small window curtains that are worth the price.

5. Deconovo Dark Grey Insulated Curtains 

Deconovo Dark Grey Insulated Curtains 

Insulated premium quality DENOVO curtains that are the perfect option for optimal heat insulation and privacy shades.


The blackout design promises to keep your space cool reducing your heating costs in the long run. These are machine washable as well, recommended water temperature for washing is 86-degree Fahrenheit.

4. Home Queen Solid Grommet 

Home Queen Solid Grommet 

Highly rated solidly built curtains suitable for home and office use.

Made from faux silk fabric and 100% premium grade polyester makes these stunning to look at in any room in any scenario. Compliment your home décor seamlessly with the Home Queen Grommet curtains.


The faux fabric gives this curtain a great feel and looks classy and chic in any apartment or office. The added benefits of being easily machine washable means you do not have to worry about any hassle.

3. NANAN Waffle Woven Textured Curtains

NANAN Waffle Woven Textured Curtains

NANAN surprised us with the quality and the finish of these small curtains that are made to impress with great attention to detail.

The design of these is quite interesting. The curtains look scrunched up at the top along the side of the rod which gives them a unique look. The material quality is also very premium.


A surprising good curtain with a simple design made from waffle weave textured fabric and comes in a variety of great colors and finishes.

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2. NICETOWN Valances


A bold and colorful addition to any room or kitchen.

Wrinkle-free and soft fabric makes this one of the best choices for someone who wants curtains that they can just put on and forget about.


The rod pockets are compatible with many rod mounting options out there in the market and washing is no hassle at all.

1.NICETOWN Balloon Valance 

NICETOWN Balloon Valance 

Gorgeous curtains with premium and thick fabric that look chic and elegant.

These come in different color choices so you can choose exactly the ones that suit your style. The 100% imported polyester fabric also lends itself beautifully to the overall aesthetic of the curtains.


Built for adjustability, ease of use and sheer good looks. You get straps so you can adjust the length of these according to your windows and preference.

What are the criteria to consider before purchasing Small Window Curtains?

Small Window Curtains


One of the roles of small window curtains is to offer privacy. In addition to that, it can also be ideal for additional beauty, among other things. Nevertheless, they can only serve the purpose right if you choose them wisely. So, what are the things you should consider before purchasing small window curtains? Here is a discussion that offers you the answers.

1. Fabric

First and foremost, consider the fabric of the small window curtains. Remember that heavy ones never fold after being drawn. At the same time, you won’t like how they fall if they are too light. However, those that are reasonably heavy will come in handy if you are looking for privacy as well as darkness. If you want to make a statement, go for them. They include silk and velvet. On the other hand, linen and sheer are relatively light and great. They are suitable if you want a casual and subtle feeling. They also provide natural lighting.

Fabric also determines heat retention. Light ones will keep the room cold while the heavy ones will keep the heat in.

2. Colour

This depends on the color of the existing pieces, including walls and furniture. If they have solid colors, patterns and prints will do and vice versa. Another factor is the amount of light that the small window curtains will be exposed to. If it is a lot of it, go for dull colors. After all, bright ones fade faster.

3. Length

The length should fit your window. While at it, keep in mind the distance that you want your curtain to hand above and below the window. Floor-length ones will improve décor, whereas their counterparts will look out of place.

4. Custom vs. Off-the-shelf

The custom ones are good since you get to determine how they look and their dimensions. However, they are more expensive than off-the-shelf ones. If you are working on a tight budget, go for the latter.

5. Cleaning method

Some are ideal for washing machine friendly while others are only for dry cleaning. Choose the ones that suit you best.

How do you hang curtains in a small window?


Deciding on the best way to hang curtains is often hard, especially when dealing with a small window. Fortunately, we got you covered.

It is obvious that the window is the only source of the light lighting the house. Therefore, you must ensure that you don’t take away that little natural light. In addition to that, don’t compromise privacy.

If you have the money, consider going for customized bamboo if not fabric roller shade. However, keep in mind that shades can make opening your window hard. If you can deal with that, well and good.

Otherwise, the best option is settling for curtains. Hang them in such a way that they are way above the window. At the same time, ensure that it is wider than the curtain. See to it that the length is in such a way that it is almost touching the floor.

How to hang long curtains on a short window?

Small Window Curtains

Long curtains, often referred to as drapes, are, as earlier mentioned, a great recommendation when dealing with small window curtains. Below are some recommendations when hanging long curtains on short windows.

Ensure that the long curtains are not less than 30 percent wider than the window. Consequently, upon opening them, the window will be exposed as much as possible. Then, the window will look larger than normal because one will assume that it is wider than it actually is.

When determining the height, do not overlook the room’s style. For a modern, contemporary, and formal look, go for the long curtains running from the ceiling to the floor. After all, it is always advisable to ensure that the curtain starts at the ceiling if it has to puddle on the floor. Otherwise, it will look misplaced as the curtain rod will seem too low. For casual and country sites, short ones will do better. Their ends should be right below the sill.

The curtain rod should also be as high as possible. Otherwise, the long curtain will look misplaced.

How to clean your curtain without taking them down?

Small Window Curtains

You will be surprised to learn that you can clean your curtain without taking them down. Read on!

You can opt for vacuuming. All you need is a powerful vacuum cleaner. Ensure that it has a long attachment so that you reach every part of the curtain. If need be, use ladders to reach every corner. The attachment should be a soft brush so as to get rid of even the stubborn dust and dirt. If you go for this method, ensure that you vacuum regularly.

Another option is shaking your curtains. Shake them hard when holding them around the rod. Also, if you notice fabric fiber, shaking and vacuuming may not be a good option. Instead, use a brush or a lint roller. It is also good for removing dust.

When it comes to greasy curtains and stained ones, use a steam cleaner. It is more efficient than a vacuum cleaner. Besides, it doesn’t require you to put your curtains down. You also don’t need to use a lot of effort to remove dirt and stain.

Clean your windows, or else cleaning your small window curtains will be a waste of time. Ensure that the grills and the panes are sparkling clean. Also, let them dry before you close the curtains. When cleaning the windows, be careful so that you don’t stain the curtains.

For odor, deodorize the curtain so that they smell clean and fresh. Also, put essential oil or baking powder on the window sill. Besides, settle for an upholstery deodorizer. Often air them by opening the windows. This will also ensure that mold doesn’t grow. Moreover, given its side effects, including the fact that they are allergens, it is important to avoid them. It is possible to clean your curtains without taking them down. Then, you save time and energy.

To sum it up, when picking out a curtain it is always best practice to look into the fabric and also the type of weave and rod mounting compatibility it comes with. Besides, always keep these in mind and you are set to purchase the perfect curtains that suit the décor of your perfect room or kitchen or even patio. Any of the options above can help bring more personality to your space without breaking the bank.

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