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Best Skin Lightening Soap In 2020 | Lighten Your Skin Safely

Skin brightening has never been easier with the help of skin lightening soap as it is very easy to use and it delivers amazing results. It is great for people who want to have a lighter skin color with an easy product. However, not all skin brightening soap is safe for you to use. That is why we created this article to help you out in choosing the best skin lightening soap that is both effective and safe.

Top 10 Best Skin Lightening Soap in 2020

10. Natural Skin Lightening Whitening Soap

Natural Skin Lightening Whitening Soap

Tighten and whiten your skin effectively with this natural skin whitening soap. This skin whitening soap is a great choice if you are looking for a more natural option. It is full of pawpaw extract and pearl extract. There are also many more herbal essential oils within this soap. Those ingredients will give you many skin benefits. For instance, skin brightening, pore tightening and moisturizing the skin. It also fights against melanin oxidation. As a result, you will get a lighter skin color. Also, it is very mild and safe to use.

  • Safe
  • Natural
  • Brighten

9. Memoir Natural Whitening Cleanser Soap 

Memoir Natural Whitening Cleanser Soap 

Memoir skin whitening soap is great if you have sensitive skin. This skin whitening soap has many amazing ingredients. For example, coconut oil, pearl, kelp, tomato and many more. Plus, this soap is probiotic. These ingredients will definitely make your skin looks brighter and feels softer. It is also cruelty free and fragrance free. It does not contain any fragrance which is great for sensitive skin. Although it is quite small in size, it can actually last pretty long. This bar soap is equivalent to a 20 oz liquid soap. Also, it is handcrafted. Each one of the soap is very high quality, clean and safe to use.

  • Handcrafted
  • For sensitive skin

8. Triple Whitening Skin Whitening Soap

Triple Whitening Skin Whitening Soap 

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An effective skin whitening soap that is amazing in decreasing melanin production. This soap is full of Glutathione. If you never heard of this word before, it is what your skin needs to make it look its best. With this amazing ingredient, it will bring out your skin fairness back. Also, it is very safe to use. This soap does not contain paraben or any other toxic ingredients.

  • safe
  • Effective

7. VASSOUL Skin Whitening Cream

VASSOUL Skin Whitening Cream

With the skin whitening cream, you can lighten and brighten delicate parts of the body. You can use it under your armpits, elbow, bikini line, and sensitive areas. The cream has a two-in-one formulation to repair and whiten the skin at the same time. You can use it to conceal blemishes and dark spots. Furthermore, the cream has a protein-infused formula with antioxidants and fine pearl powder.

  • Repairs and whitens the skin
  • Helps conceal blemishes and dark spots
  • Suitable to use on sensitive areas

6. LAISAE Papaya Brightening Soap

LAISAE Papaya Brightening Soap

With the skin lightening soap from LAISAE, you get bright skin instantly with the combination of KOJIC acid and Papaya extract. Whether you are struggling with acne scars, skin blemishes, or rosacea symptoms, this soap can help. All you need to do is use the soap in the morning and evening every day. On the other hand, it is a perfect exfoliator as well to leave your skin healthier and keeps it moisturized at the same time.

  • Works well on dry skin, age spots, skin blemishes and more
  • Suitable for all skin types and excellent exfoliator

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5. Glutathione & Collagen Whitening Soap 

Glutathione & Collagen Whitening Soap 

Nourish your skin with the beautiful ingredients that this skin lightening soap has to offer. This whitening soap is full of glutathione, birds nest and collagen. Those are like magic ingredients when it comes to skincare. Not only does it lighten your skin, but it also nourishes your skin inside out. Plus, this skin whitening soap is very gentle on the skin. So you do not have to worry about skin damage.

  • Gentle
  • Safe



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If you want to get a clearer and brighter skin, consider getting this white lightening beauty soap. Why? Because this skin lightening soap is exactly what you need. With this, your skin will get more firm and glowing. Plus, it is very gentle on the skin. Also, it is very easy to use and delivers results immediately.

  • Easy to use

3. Kojic Acid & Collagen Skin Lightening Soap

Kojic Acid & Collagen Skin Lightening Soap 

Have yourself a healthier and a radiant looking skin with this cute skin lightening soap. We all hate skin discoloration, right? This is when this soap comes to the rescue. It is very effective in getting rid of skin discoloration. And it will bring out the healthy glow within your skin. On top of that, it is also amazing in reducing fine lines on your skin. The best part is it boosts the skin collagen production as well. This soap is made with natural ingredients too, so it is very safe to use and great for sensitive skin. It is such an amazing skin lightening soap. Because not only does it lightens the skin, it also moisturizes and nourishes the skin.

  • great for sensitive skin

2. Pure Glutathione Whitening Bleaching Soap

Pure Glutathione Whitening Bleaching Soap

Glutathione is the main ingredient of this pure gluta white soap. It has many amazing benefits for your skin. It is also very effective in brightening the skin. This skin lightening soap is full of antioxidants. Not only does it make your skin look brighter, but it also moisturizes your skin at the same time.

  • Effective

1. Aspen Kay Naturals Organic Turmeric Soap

For an effective skin whitening soap with outstanding results, it helps to have this Organic Turmeric Soap. With the natural ingredients, it helps decrease the production of melanin. The soap works with all skin types and works well on sensitive skin as well. With the versatility, you can use it on your whole body and contains no Paraben making it safe for baby as well.

  • Safe with the organic ingredients
  • Works effectively on all types of skin

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When selecting the best skin lightening soap, it helps to have some background about these products before investing your money on them. Here you can find helpful info related to using a regular to whitening soap to make your selection easier.

What are the differences between whitening soap vs. regular soap?

Skin whitening soap

When it comes to whitening your skin, the best solution is using a whitening soap compared to regular soap. As with your traditional soap, you use it every day regularly. While whitening soap is not an instant result compared to serums, it still does the job.

Skin whitening soaps help attain a lighter color skin, and not all of these soaps are made equally. As with regular soaps, you can find different whitening soaps as well. Where whitening soap lightens the skin, regular soap decreases the water surface to lift oil and dirt and rinses away quickly.

Whitening soap, on the other hand, can contain KOJIC acid that inhibits melanin production. With less melanin, the skin becomes lighter and whiter.

Furthermore, you have exfoliating soap that sheds the dead skin cells to make it lighter. Both these soaps work well to lighten the skin.

However, regular soap does not contain antibacterial chemicals to remove bacteria, virus-causing germs, or lightening the skin.

How does whitening soap work for your skin?

A whitening soap has specific properties made up of active ingredients to help make dark spots lighter. You can find different types available that each work differently. Some whitening soaps help reduce the production of melanin that is responsible for the color of your skin.

Therefore, the less melanin produced, the lighter your skin becomes. Another method these soaps work is by cleansing the skin and ridding it of built-up dirt responsible for dull or hyper-pigmented skin. The ingredients used in the soap are KOJIC acid and helps remove fungal infections causing skin flaws.

Lastly, you get an exfoliating soap to remove old skin to help promote new and healthier skin that is lighter.

How can I lighten my skin naturally?

While using whitening soap, creams, or serum can help with lighting your skin, there are other natural ways to help as well:

  • Get enough sleep – sleeping less can harm the skin as your skin needs up to nine-hours to replenish at night.
  • Drink enough water – drinking water keeps the skin hydrated and leaves it looking radiant.
  • Protect your skin from the sun – wear your sunscreen even indoors as it helps to protect it from harmful radiation.
  • Keep the skin moisturized – use a daily moisturizer to get rid of dry and flaky skin to give it an instant hydration boost.
  • Use honey and olive oil – massage your face with a mixture of 2 tablespoons of olive oil with one teaspoon of honey and massage it onto the facial skin, and if you do have oily skin add a drop of lemon juice to the mixture. Remove with lukewarm water.
  • Exfoliate the skin – you can do this with two teaspoons of rice powder with coconut oil by rubbing it on your skin as it helps improve your complexion.
  • Make a natural bleach face pack – take two teaspoons of orange peel powder with one tsp baking soda and mix it with two teaspoons of honey and two teaspoons of lemon juice. Place the paste on your skin to remove the pigmentation and helps to bleach facial hair.

How Do You Get Fast and Permanent Fair Skin

How Do You Get Fast and Permanent Fair Skin

There are different methods you can use to make your skin fairer fast and permanent by visiting a dermatologist to have the following done:

  • Chemical Peels – the solution contains alpha or a beta hydroxy acid, peels off dead cells, and followed by skin rejuvenation. You can use it to lighten wrinkles, blemishes, and pigmentation.
  • Laser Toning – the technique comprises of laser technology to help reduce pigmentation as it breaks down the melanin and gets removed by the immune cells at a later stage.
  • Microdermabrasion – the process is the removal of the dead cells done using aluminum oxide crystals or, in some cases, a diamond-tipped abrasive device is used, leaving your skin blemish-free.

Alternatively, you can also use Arbutin, an extract from the bearberry plant, to lighten skin pigmentation. Furthermore, Retinol is also used to exfoliate the skin to help increase collagen, or you can eat more vegetables and fruits to get in enough Vitamin C or use it in a topical form such as cream.

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