How To Know What Size TV You Should Get

How To Know What Size TV You Should Get ?

Size is a vital factor to consider when purchasing a TV. You need to consider the size TV because of your space or your preference. If a TV doesn’t fit well into your home, the picture and audio quality might be affected.  Before choosing the right TV size for your living room, there are vital questions you need to ask yourself to enable you to get the right one. We have come up with a few of these questions to help you make the best decision when shopping for a TV.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself before choosing a particular TV size.

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Quality or Size?

How To Know What Size TV You Should Get ?

If you are on a budget but will like to get a TV, ensure you get the one made by big brands as you have higher chances of getting value for your money. Also, its best to get a small better TV, with excellent performance than getting a big one with fair performance. If you must get a big-sized TV, go for the best products, regardless of the price.

Quality matters, so do size. So, get a TV with high quality and the right size.

Will it fit in your TV room?

The position of your TV is another question to ask. You can measure the width, height, and depth of where you would like to place your TV before making the purchase. If your living room is small, its best to get a small TV and if your living room is large, get a bigger TV. Getting a small TV for a large space is not advisable, the same goes for purchasing a big one for a small living room.

What is the Width and Height of the stand?

How To Know What Size TV You Should Get ?

Another consideration is the TV stand if you will not mount your TV on the wall. The width and height of your TV stand are crucial as you must ensure that it can sit comfortably wherever you are placing your TV.

If a TV stand is too big, there are chances that it will not fit well where you intend to place it, especially when you have a small living room. Before investing in a TV and TV stand, ensure that proper measurements were taken before doing your shopping.

How much Distance Between you and the Television?

The next question to ask is the distance between you and the TV. You can check out viewing distance calculators to find out the recommended screen size according to your sitting location. Alternatively, you can try out the manual calculation whereby you measure the distance between your sitting location and the television in inches and multiply your result by 0.84. You should be able to determine the ideal screen size with this.

Note: this method gives you a rough estimate and not the actual calculation

What Size of TV Screen is Best?

What Size of TV Screen is Best?

The screen of your TV screen plays an important role when you’re trying to buy a TV. Many people do the wrong measurement of their TV screen by measuring the bezels with it. Measure the screen alone to enable you to decide the best TV screen for your space. If you can not do this, you can check the TV’s model number for the screen size. The first two numbers in the Model number is the size of the TV screen. For instance, the model number Samsung QE45Q62R means the TV screen is 45 inches in size.

Your sitting position is ultimately based on personal preference and the arrangement of your living room or wherever you wish to place the TV.

Also, modern TVs are designed with 4k ultra HD screens that allow you to sit very close enough without hurting your eyes.

Viewing angle

The viewing angle is another thing to consider when you’re deliberating on the best TV size for your home. The viewing angle might be affected if you have a tiny living room or a cramped space with lots of people watching the TV. This is because some TVs can lose their contrast and color accuracy when you’re not directly watching the picture.

Curved Screen

Contemporary TVs from big brands now come with curved screens. The benefit of using these kinds of TVs is that they work like IMAX, whereby the picture is wrapped around you. Curved screens are designed for better viewing experience, but you need to always sit upright for a better view. However, note that the screen occasionally appears warped when lights off them.

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