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Best Shower Faucets of 2020 | Enhance Your Shower Experience

Imagine taking a bath under a turbulent, oxygen-filled waterfall; or standing under a cloud-bursting torrential downpour. The experience is invigorating and incomparable. What if your shower faucet could give you that experience?There are shower faucets which can make you have another-worldly experience.Without further ado, let’s take a look at 10 of the most refreshing shower faucets available!

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The 10 Most Amazing Shower Faucets of All Times!

10. SR SUN RISE Luxury Rain Mixer Shower

SR SUN RISE Luxury Rain Mixer Shower

Take a shower in the rain with this shower faucet by SR SUN RISE!

Available in 4 different finish, this combo set includes a stainless-steel showerhead and a shower arm.

  • The chrome-plated shower arm has a removable flange—resistant to corrosion
  • Hot and Cool water supply—the brass thermoregulation system is concealed
  • Advanced Air Injection Technology ensures higher water pressure and low water quantity
  • The shower arm is stainless steel

9. POP Shower Trim Kit

POP Shower Trim Kit

A shower in the morning keeps your mood at check throughout the day—so why not ensure a good shower always?

The pack contains a rain shower head, a shower arm, and a shower mixer valve. All components are stainless steel with a brushed nickel finish.

  • Stainless steel interior, nickel finish
  • The shower head has an adjustable swivel ball to fix your favorite angle of water spray
  • The showerhead is 8” wide to ensure maximum soaking experience
  • The showerhead is only 2mm thick ensuring very high-water pressure
  • Air-in technology ensures air is sucked in and an oxygenated water supply is produced

8. VOTAMUTA Bathroom Rain Shower Faucet

VOTAMUTA Bathroom Rain Shower Faucet

Immerse yourself in a relaxing spa-like experience!

The pack includes a shower faucet, a hand-held sprayer, and a water spout. All components are constructed using high-quality brass, coated with antique brass finish.

  • The showerhead is 8” in size made of solid brass
  • The showerhead has a ball joint which can be adjusted to fix the angle of water spray
  • The hand-held sprayer has a stainless-steel shower hose

7. DELTA FAUCET Ashlyn 14 Series Shower Trim Kit

DELTA FAUCET Ashlyn 14 Series Shower Trim Kit

Add grandeur to your bathroom with these shower faucets by Delta Faucet!

The faucet is metal built with a chrome finish to add that hint of nostalgia.

  • The water spray from the faucet is always steady and forceful—so less water wastage
  • The pressure balancing shower valves protect the user from sudden temperature changes
  • The spray holes of the faucet are lined with rubber which prevents calcium and lime deposition

6. SUMERAIN Black Shower Faucet

SUMERAIN Black Shower Faucet

This fresh design will enliven your bathroom décor!

The Sumerain faucets come with Touch-Clean Technology which does not let calcium or lime deposits build up in the spray holes.

  • Rough-in valve is constructed with DR brass—low lead content, highly durable
  • Cartridge is CUPC approved—zero drip, one single handle controls both temperature and volume
  • Matte black finish is fingerprint resistant, anti-corrosive, looks elegant

5. DELTA FAUCET Lahara 14 Series

DELTA FAUCET Lahara 14 Series

This faucet makes use of high pressure of water flow to reduce the quantity of water used, thus saving your money!

The showerhead spray has 5 powerful spray options—the spray uses focused pressure to massage the aching muscles of your body thus giving you a relaxed afterbath feeling.

  • The showerhead has 5 powerful spray alternatives
  • The spray holes prevent a build-up of calcium and lime deposits
  • The valve cartridge monitors constant pressure, so you will not feel sudden temperature drops

4. GABRYLLY Shower Faucet

GABRYLLY Shower Faucet

This shower faucet will endow you a high-pressure lukewarm rain shower so soothing, you will never take a normal shower again!

The 6-inches special showerhead will give you a high-pressure rain shower experience even when the water pressure is low.

  • The showerhead high-pressure rain shower—water flow rate is 2.5 GPM
  • The showerhead is made of high-quality ABS material—high durability
  • The water temperature and flow volume could both be controlled using one valve handle
  • The pressure balancing valve cartridge ensures a constant temperature
  • The 6” shower arm is made of brass with a chrome finish

3. ROVOGO Bathroom Shower System

ROVOGO Bathroom Shower System

This shower faucet with a hand shower will give you an ultimate bathing experience!

The pack contains shower head, tub faucet, shower bar, and shower hose. The faucet is made of brass with a chrome finish.

  • The shower system is highly advanced– just one handle controls the water temperature and volume
  • The 360° rotator diverter valve controls all mechanisms
  • The 8” showerhead provides a steady high-pressure rain shower

2. QIOIO 10 Inches Rain Shower System

QIOIO 10 Inches Rain Shower System

This 10-inch showerhead will surely give you the most relaxing bath ever!

The showerhead, valve control, and shower hose are constructed out of best quality stainless steel with a brushed nickel finish.

  • The valve is made of stainless-steel, unlike other brass products
  • The diameter of the valve is 40mm, unlike other valves which have 35mm diameter
  • The 10” shower head is square-shaped and the shower arm is connected in by a screw tube at right angles, giving you an incomparable rain shower experience

1.ENGA Shower Faucet Set

ENGA Shower Faucet Set

It is, in a few words, a luxury bathing system!

Rated 5 stars on Amazon, this bathing system has a 12” shower head to give you a rain shower experience like never before.

  • The 12” shower head is ceiling mounted
  • Single lever to control both water temperature and pressure
  • Air injection technology saves up to 30% of water

In conclusion, taking a shower is a highly understated experience. It helps one to relax, focus and come out energized, ready to face new challenges. Shower experience can be enhanced with exclusive shower faucets. Some shower faucets will make you feel as if you are bathing under a waterfall.

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