10 Interesting Facts About Scooters

10 Interesting Facts About Scooters

Children are now leaving behind skateboards and bicycles and picking up scooters. It isn’t such a surprising shift once you realize how much fun you can have with one. Scooters always follow the same profile of two or three wheels and a handlebar, no matter the manufacturer. It combines the energy of a skateboard with the control and ease of driving a bicycle to a new form. Are you still doubting? Here are some interesting facts about scooters that should convince you.

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The Inventors Were Kids

10 Interesting Facts About Scooters

The creativity of children is often surprising and alien to those who don’t pay enough attention. Your thanks should go to the imagination of these kids for kick scooters. Once the kids got bored with riding roller skates, they decided that they wanted something else.

A wooden plank and two roller skates were all it took for the first kick scooter to come to life. The kids placed a wooden plank across two ruined roller skates and removed the shoe part. Once an enterprising observer realized the market value of such a design, Voila! That was how kick scooters gained existence.

The New Right of Passage

One in every 40 American parents now believes that learning to ride scooters is an essential step for their kids. It’s a necessary step before a child can learn to ride a bicycle. One reason is that while it’s similar to a bike, kick scooters are a great training aid to bike driving. So, it’s vital to learn about awareness of road safety and grant your kid some freedom.

First Electric Scooter Was A Wheelchair

In the struggle of walking around his large businesses, Gino Tsai got a brilliant Idea. What if he could create something that’ll make traveling around a big building more straightforward and faster? So, he saw a kick scooter and decided to refit it for a new purpose.

Ironically, while Gino Tsai built electric scooters for indoor use, most people use them outdoors only. By 1988, the electric scooter came on the global market and wowed everyone. Because it was so much fun, they decided to let kids on it with electric scooters for kids.

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Amelia Earhart Was A Patron

10 Interesting Facts About Scooters

The woman aviation icon who was the first woman to fly across the Atlantic found some fun in a scooter. By the 1930s, the belief was that scooters would replace the arduous task of walking in the future. No one believed it more than Amelia, who Used them to get everywhere.

Scooters Have Come A Long Way

Compared to the scooters that manufacturers were selling in the 1930s, new generation scooters are something else. Some now have pedals, some have brakes, and others have motors. You’ll find three-wheeled scooters as easily as four-wheeled and two-wheeled ones. Indeed, there are many more variations to scooter designs than we can list in a lifetime.

There’s A 15km/hr. Hard Limit

There’s A 15km/hr. Hard Limit

You would rarely find a kid scooter that can travel faster than 15km/hr. Whereas adult ones regularly reach 40km/hr. While 15km/hr. It’s difficult to get higher speeds out of your scooter because of design and material limitations. Indeed, most of them that travel at such speeds include a seat for safety and comfort.

Note: It isn’t recommended to allow kids nine years and below to ride scooters at top speed (15km/hr.)

Origin Is Switzerland

Lots of things began in Switzerland, and modern kick scooters are merely another one of them. The retired banker, Wim Ouboter, kickstarted another scooter revolution in the 1990s with his modern scooter design. Like with all good bankers, he was from Zurich, Switzerland. His desire was for something that everyone could use, even those with disabilities.

Celebrities Own Scooters

Like many other celebrities, Chris Brown has a scooter, and so do Mike Tyson and Justin Bieber. Indeed, Chris Brown has tried his best to create dance moves on his electric scooter; no luck so far.

It’s Eco-Friendly

Every mile you travel in a kick scooter is a mile you didn’t go in a cab. With the increasing rate of air pollution, reducing how much petrol you consume in a day is ideal. Making it your traveling agency is an eco-friendly choice in traveling.

It’s Cheap

You save transport money for other pressing matters every time your kid takes a scooter to school. Indeed, 500,000 students going traveling one mile in a scooter saves US Parents a combined $130,000 per day. That means that you’re also saving yourself some schooling costs beyond a scooter’s already low price.

Scooters aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. It’s an invention that has changed a lot about how we move around and live our lives. A century ago, the popular thought was that no one would have to work in the future. While we aren’t there yet, the continually advancing scooter may make it a reality.

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