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Whoever said shopping for denim is tough work clearly never read our reviews! Check out our reviewed Top 10 Ripped Jeans that are currently taking both online and offline markets by storm!

Top 10 Best Ripped Jeans in 2020

10. Democracy


Our first product on this review is this amazing ripped jean by Democracy. The jeans are made with a range of different textured materials, such as cotton, rayon, spandex to even a bit of polyester.

This jeans come with a zipper on the front for ease of wearing. The waistband of the product is completely elastic, which works to cater to people of all sizes. You can find these light blue ripped jeans in 9 other colors to choose from.

  • Machine washable design
  • Contrasted stitch
  • Mesh panels.

9. RieKet


If you want to go for something really bold and fab, then this distressed boyfriend ripped jeans might cater to your needs.

This light blue distressed jeans come in a light blue color, however you can choose from 8 other colors as well. The jeans are really comfortable to wear for a long period of time and are also machine washable.

  • Versatile, stretchable waist circumference
  • Really distressed look gives the jeans a sexy, rowdy look
  • Hand and machine washable.

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Our next product on this Top 10 Ripped Jeans review is targeted towards men who like to go bold in denim too.

This black ripped denim jean comes with a zipper closure as well, for ease of wearing. The distressed look of these jeans will give you a really biker vibe. The product is also hand and machine washable.

  • Comfortable and stretchable design
  • The jeans are ripped around the knees, which look real ly cool
  • Absorbent fabric material.

7. HUE


This machine washable ripped jeans is known to be really comfortable due to its 98 percent cotton construction. The remaining 2 percent is of spandex, which gives the jeans its much-deserved stretch.

The jeans have distressed rips around the knees and thighs, similar to the previous product for men that we reviewed. The jeans come with back pockets as well.

  • Machine and hand washable design
  • Faux front pockets
  • Naturally placed distressed rips.



The COVER GIRL distressed ripped jeans come in a light blue wash color, complete with front and back pockets.

This comfortable ripped jeans for women has a zipper closure, and is also machine washable. The light wash design gives the product its cute appearance and chicness.

  • Naturally placed denim rips all over the jeans
  • Stonewashed design
  • The jeans is available in a range of different sizes.

5. Shengfan


If you want to forego the entire skinny jeans concept, then this rather vintage bell-bottomed ripped jeans might fancy you.

This premium denim jeans comes with super naturally placed distressed rips on the knees. The bell-bottom shape of the jeans flatters the natural curves on women best.

  • Machine washable jeans
  • Durable denim construction
  • Fits naturally around the waist.

4. Enrica


We are back with yet another ripped jeans for men, this time from Enrica!

Coming in a variety of 18 different colors to choose from, this best ripped jeans feature a straight cut design that most men find very comfortable.

  • Convenient back and front pockets
  • Natural rips around all over the jeans
  • Machine washable design.

3. Vibrant


Vibrant brings you their amazing women’s ripped jeans in black. This chic beauty is one that you can wear to work as well.

This black ripped jeans can also be found in two different colors, and for plus-sized women as well. The jeans are really comfortable and stretchy, so you will not feel constricted at all. The rips are naturally placed around the knees.

  • Chic black design
  • High waist skinny ripped jeans structure
  • Front and back pockets available.

2. Lovits


This high waist boyfriend denim ripped jean in white is one of the best to get if you want something that you can wear casually and officially as well.

The stretchable denim material of this jeans makes it ideal for people who are always on the go. The jeans come with front and back pockets, as well as zipper closure on the front.

  • Ideal for casual and official wear
  • Stretchable design makes the jeans really comfortable
  • Product can be found in two different colors.



Our last product is another ripped jean for men by Hungson. This light blue denim jeans comes with naturally placed rips on the thighs and knees.

The product features pockets on the front and back of it, complete with a zipper closure as well. You can also find the jeans in a light grey color to choose from.


So there you have it! Whether it’s for official circumstances or for casual wear, we hope our picks for the Top 10 Ripped Jeans suit your needs. Thanks a lot for sticking around with us till the very end of this article!

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