Best Razor for Men in 2020 | Get a Salon Like Shave Right At Your Home

Razor for Men

Razor is an everyday use item for most men. Even the men who keep a beard need razors or trimmers to shape them. We all know what happens when we have to deal with a bad razor. You get cuts, uneven beard and scratches all over your face just because of using a bad quality or blunt razor. Razor burns are another major issue why it is so important to choose a good quality razor for an everyday shave. Not just men, women can use the razors manufactured for men as well. So this article about the best razor for men is beneficial for everyone.

The article will guide you through the premium quality best razor for men you can ever find. It is hard to believe a simple razor for shaving human hair can be so versatile. Read on to find the best razor for men that you want from following.

Top 10 Best Razor for Men in 2020

Razor for Men Review | Get a Salon Like Shave Right At Your Home

10. Pace-6 Plus from Dorco

Pace-6 Plus from Dorco

Dorco is a well established and reputed brand in the grooming products industry. The company manufactures products for the Dollar Shave Club too. What you will find in Dorco is the much cheaper version of the same quality products as that of Dollar Shave Club.

This razor comes with six blades of the same size and type. Six blades also ensure that you don’t have to spend much time on grooming your beard. The head of this razor is tilting so you can shave the sides of your cheekbones more efficiently. Skin hydration is ensured with a lavender oil strip in the razor.

9. Merkur Classic Safety Razor

Merkur Classic Safety Razor

This classy and luxurious looking razor is bound to be in the list of the best razor for men. The razor does not resemble regular manual razor you can find in the market. It has a steel body and thus is very durable. This is a straight razor with only one blade which has a covering on the top and opening on two sides. The alignment on these blades is great; it makes the razor go smoothly sliding through the skin.

The razor is extraordinary regarding its performance, design and components- you would not regret your decision of buying this precisely perfect razor.

8. Parker 96R Butterfly Safety Razor

Parker 96R Butterfly Safety Razor

Excellent for sensitive skin types; this best razor for men promises excellent and smooth shaving. You can find this razor on Amazon and the company’s website. Parker Company is a reputed and popular razor manufacturing company in the grooming industry. This razor looks very classy and has a nice handle. You will have great control over your shave with this textured handle. The blades are chrome blades and sharp enough to perform surgeries. You cannot go wrong with this product; it gives you the ultimate shaving experience.

7. Gillette Mach3 Turbo

Gillette Mach3 Turbo

Gillette is another widespread brand of razors. The company manufactures the best razor for men in the whole wide world. This company is the market leader in many countries of Asia. The blades are disposable so once you have bought the razor; all you have to do is change the blades once in a while.

If you are looking for a clean shave; this is the best option of razor for you. The blades are designed to get as close to your hair follicles as possible. The product is a really affordable option for sensitive skin.

6. Schick Hydro 5 Razor

Schick Hydro 5 Razor

This is another disposable best razor for men. The razor is designed to be used by all skin types, especially the dry skin types. Often if a skin is not moisturized, it faces breakouts after a shave and your skin irritates.

The razor comes with five very sharp and finely made blades. These blades go as close to your skin as possible without cutting it. This is a very affordable razor packed full of exciting features.

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5. Gillette Fusion ProGlide

Gillette Fusion ProGlide

If you are looking for cartridge razors; this is the best razor for men in that category. The razor comes with very fine blades and great for sensitive skin. FlexBall tech is used in the blades which give you a quick, precise and clean shave.

This is the blade for busy corporate people. It does not take much time to get your everyday shaving done with this brilliantly designed shaving razor.

4. Vikings Blade Chieftain

Vikings Blade Chieftain

A premium quality best razor for men. This particular razor is highly praised by professionals and men beauty gurus. The razor looks very classy and luxurious. It will give you the authentic feel of a high-end salon. The finish of this razor is finely chromed out which makes it suitable for longer usage.

There is only one blade with an opening on both sides. The blade is designed to give you a close, clean and smooth shave without any irritation. These premium quality blades are made of Swedish metal and coated with platinum. You can’t go more luxurious than this in the case of the best razors.

3. Feather SS Straight Razor

Feather SS Straight Razor

If you are a professional, you certainly know about the traditional straight razors. However, these Japanese razors from feather SS are the best razor for men. The razor is simple; it is a knife with a great quality blade. You just need to be careful with your hands while shaving.

The razor is great for salon use. It certainly gives you more control over the shave and more flexibility as well.

2. Merkur Futur Safety Razor

Merkur Futur Safety Razor

This adjustable razor is a favorite of many users. The razor comes with great flexibility in usage and versatility in design. Furthermore, if you have a thick beard and often find it hard to shave; you should choose this premium quality razor. The razor looks very sophisticated.

The blade is double-edged and adjustable; so you can test different techniques with this razor. Although a bit expensive; the razor is an addition to any man’s accessories.

1. The Ultimate Shave Razor for Men

The Ultimate Shave Razor for Men

This highly affordable razor gives you a chance to experience high-end salon-like shave at a much cheaper rate. It is great for regular use and the blades are finely made. There are 5 blades along with a blade for trimming purposes.  12-blade refills come in the package along with a great handle.

We often oversee the quality of our everyday use products. However, these products are actually the most necessary ones and need more attention. Spend a little on yourself and pick a good quality razor for shaving.

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