Best PULSE 3D Wireless Headsets | Official PlayStation Headsets

Best PULSE 3D Wireless Headsets | Official PlayStation Headsets

Before jumping to any decision, you should perfectly analyze the market. I mean, you just cannot spend $100 on a headset without knowing the ins and outs properly. As this headset comes in a wireless form, many people think that it’s very heavy to carry or you just cannot carry it for more than an hour. But trust me, this review on the PULSE 3D Wireless Headsets will completely change the mindset and will help you make the decision of whether to buy it or not.

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Before going to the features of this headset, we need to know from where this headset is coming. This headset is pioneered by SIE LLC who is also the distributor of PlayStation since the year 1992. People rely on PlayStations on them, so it is obvious that they would also like to buy the official headphone launched with it. But there are many diversified factors for which you will absolutely love the headset. We will be starting with the compatibility of this headset with PS5.

Compatibility with PS5

Compatibility with PS5

Though this headset comes in a wireless form, and you are allowed to use it with any other devices, the real effect comes to your ears only when you use it to play games on PS5. The name has a 3D part which doesn’t mean anything to its exterior, rather the word 3D is literally used to define how the sound effects of the game reach your ears in a 3D form. You will literally feel that you are in space and walking around while playing the game. The bass that it provides in games is impressive and you will literally feel that you are flying in the sky like Spiderman. PS5 has got a new 3D audio which is the most tempest one and this generates audio positional for the games. This new audio console has been perfect only if it has this headset as a companion.

After knowing about the compatibility, you will certainly want to know how it looks and the main features to consider before thinking to buy it.

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Exterior and Features

Exterior and Features

The exterior shows us that it has strictly followed the color contrast of PS5 which is white and black. The white-colored hairband makes it look elegant and the black wings go really well with the bands. The band has pads from the inside which gives an adjustable grip to your ears and your head.

If we have to talk about the feature, the first thing that comes to our mind is the weight. As you will be using it along with PS5, it is very important for you to judge whether it can stay on your head for hours or you just need to throw it away after an hour or two. The good thing is that you need not worry about the weight because it is absolutely lightweight and can stay on your head for hours. Another notable feature is that due to the curved and padded interior, you might find a little difficulty in adjusting it along with your ears; sometimes it might not cover your ears as well.

After knowing about their features, you might want to know about their sound quality and how accurate the bass is. Let us go through it in the next part of our article.

Sound Quality and Bass Accuracy

Sound Quality and Bass Accuracy

Despite being a perfect headset, the sound quality is somewhat warmer in comparison to other headphones. It should be mentioned that the low bass is quite unclear and you might miss some extra directions when you turn this headset to low bass. The sound profile is quite weird because it may disturb you that it doesn’t have the option for a sound profile.

You cannot complain about the bass accuracy of this headset because the accuracy is decent. Like if you keep the notes on high and mid-range, then it will provide you with excellent sounds whereas as said earlier, you might account for some difficulty while putting it on low bass such as rumble and thump, etc.

As we are now acquainted with the basic features, let us look at the pros and cons that this headset has for us to offer.

Pros of Pulse 3D wireless headset

  1. The sound quality will surprise you. You will be able to play the games deeply because they will make you feel that you are in the game spot and playing the games live like virtual reality.
  2. As the audio of the PS5 has 3D features, this headset is the perfect option for the PS5. Because this will make you feel the 3D audio completely robust in your ears.
  3. The presence of a USB dongle makes it again a perfect choice. The dongle goes really well with the headset and you will not have to go for a wire if you want to hear a clearer and bass full sound.
  4. The headset has in-built settings on itself. The headset itself is a complete instrument in which you can customize the settings. Most importantly, you don’t need an extra screen to operate the settings of the headset.
  5. The earcup design is very soothing to the eyes as well as the ears. The padded earcups make your ears feel comfortable and don’t give you pain when you get rid of the headset after a long day at work.

Cons of Pulse 3D wireless headset

  1. The biggest mistake of this headset to look at is the band. The headband is made of plastic which is why it is impossible to keep it adjusted to one place. Once you move, the headset also moves with your body and will make you feel uncomfortable if you keep correcting the position all throughout the game.
  2. The battery life is shockingly short in this headset. It is around 10-12 hours per charge which is very less compared to a wireless headset.
  3. When compared with top quality headphones, the in-built mic is very poor and provides a rumbled and unclear sound when talked with.


Overall, if we talk about the pros and cons together, then we should probably consider the pros that this headset is providing us with. No matter what happens, this is the headset that provides us the actual 3D feeling when in a game. You could probably just use the mic for casual gaming and it will be just fine. We hope, you will get the answers you were looking for and now, you will be able to buy Pulse 3D wireless headset without any doubt.

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