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Do you remember the episode from The Big Bang Theory where Sheldon went crazy in choosing whether to buy the Xbox One or PS4? Even after ranting and countless hours of research, one of the smartest people with very high IQ coupled with another high IQ person, Amy Farah Fowler, who is actually a Ph.D. in real-life too, couldn’t come to a valid conclusion. In the end, Amy took Sheldon to the mall, thinking that Sheldon decided to go with Xbox One. Later, however, the episode ended with the doubting his decision! Maybe it was for the showrunner to hold a neutral ground and not face any backlashes! Still, while a brilliant scientist like Sheldon couldn’t make a sound, confident decision, what makes you think you are doing so? Let’s have a discussion on PS5 vs Xbox Series X.

Yes, the last numbers show Sony’s PlayStation being miles forward (not miles Morales) than Microsoft’s Xbox series. Only the sales of PS3 and Xbox 360 were close, with still Sony leading the game. How about this time? Is there any clear winner or a sleek distinction to help us come to a conclusion? With all the second-guessing, maybe this will help us to make our way to an informed decision if nothing else.



Since Microsoft has pointed this out enough through its ads and promotions, it needs no saying that the Xbox Series X is ahead of the rival. With remarkable recent developments, AMD is giving Intel a tight run for its money. It was no surprise that AMD got the contract to supply chips for both the next-gen consoles. Both of the gaming centers use AMD’s 8-core Zen 2 CPU and RDNA 2 enabled GPU. If you didn’t know, RDNA 2 is AMD’s counter to Nvidia. So, we stand corrected AMD is giving a run to both Intel and Nvidia. The two manufacturers have long had an almost absolute monopoly. The Radeon RX 6000 series has also made strides by beating RTX graphics cards in performance. RDNA2 technology has enabled AMD’s GPU to be a whopping 57% more efficient and powerful than its last-gen GPUs. AMD also introduced what it calls an “Infinity Cache” in the GPUs. The cache has more bandwidth while eating less power, better frequency scaling, and lower latency to work with the memory. But these are not all that matters; now, AMD has its own ray tracing technology through the “ray accelerators.” Even though it’s nowhere near Nvidia’s Gen 2 RTX technology, it’s catching up fast.

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What does it mean?

So, what does all this AMD rising means for gamers and, more importantly, console gamers? The consoles might give just enough performance to catch up with the high-end PC’s. However, as for the debate we are trying to solve, this doesn’t help at all. Even though Xbox Series X has a slightly more clock speed and teraflops, PS5 using precisely the same technology means that the identical performance gap is minimal.

Software and Execution

Software and Execution

On the specs side, Xbox Series X managed to pull a slight advantage by offering better hardware and a marketing point at the same price as Sony’s PlayStation 5. So, does that mean that Xbox Series X gets that slight little advantage too in performance? Not by a bit. Yes, Series X had better points against PS5 in the case of raytracing performance in the 4k. To be honest, AMD’s raytracing technology has a ton of room for improvements, and you might prefer not to sacrifice those frames per second for it. However, in performance mode or the high frame rate mode, almost all present games have performed much better in the PS5 than in the Xbox Series X.

Why is that?

As we have found, Microsoft has been very stingy with the developers. First of all, they were late to the scene as they managed access to the next-gen console dev kit, Game Developers Kit (GDK), far later than that of PS5 dev kits. This is actually a key differentiator, as optimizing games for a new developing environment takes time. For one thing, some developers even complained that the GDK is more complicated, while Sony comforts the developers with clear guidelines. On top of that, Microsoft even allowed little access to the kit. Not cool, Microsoft, not cool!

The good news for Xbox is that software can be updated frequently. With patches, fixes, and developers getting more time, Xbox can soon utilize its full power. Even the chief said they have the “full RDNA2 support” as an excuse for the late arrival.

Where’s the Difference?

Where's the Difference?

Now is the time to ask, “Does none of the next-generation consoles offer any unique features or advantages?” It does in some ways. We deliberately failed to mention that Sony’s PS5 has a “custom SSD,” which it claims to offer the fastest loading time. It really does. Game opening from the menu, fast traveling all takes significantly less time than its rival.

Did you know that Sony sold 68 million more copies of the PS4 than Microsoft did of the Xbox One? The number 68 million is even larger than the total sales volume of Xbox One, 41 million. We all know it was more due to the fan-favorite exclusive games by Sony Interactive. Microsoft’s Xbox Studios is still not as popular. Wait, there is a but, this is Microsoft! They are in the process of adding the makers of legendary games like Fallout, Doom, and The Elder Scrolls to the Xbox Studios’ arsenal. Halo Infinite, a Microsoft exclusive, is also set to release soon! The best standout for Xbox is still, however, its on-demand game provider, Xbox Game Pass, with just $15 per month.

Rounding it All Off

For now, even after the fantastic game pass option, which enables to play from 100s of games in current, next-gen consoles, PC, and even Android, PS5 would be a better option for its better optimization. Xbox might be playing a long game here and might see them leading after they catch up to the performance. For now, however, PS5 is leading in sales.

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