Projectors vs TVs: Which is Best for Your Home Theater?

Projectors vs TVs: Which is Best for Your Home Theater?

You probably just purchased your home theatre or have a home theatre, but you are still deliberating on choosing a large TV or projector for it. Projectors vs TVs have their advantages and disadvantages, different situations and scenarios usually determine which one would be better. We will be talking about the features that make each one unique, and this will help you understand the difference Projectors vs TVs and as well help you make the right decision.

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Projectors vs TVs: Which is Best for Your Home Theater?

In terms of size, TVs used to be very small, but things have changed now. Tvs now cost a lot more than a projector screen. A good projector screen with the right color and brightness can cost three times lesser than a large screen TV of 80 inches and above. So, the projector becomes the best choice when you’re looking at size.


Brightness is another feature we should look out for if we want to choose between a TV or projector screen for our home theater. The brightness of the room or place where the projector will be used usually determines the amount of light you will need to ensure that the images are well projected. Projectors with high brightness costs higher than those with lower brightness.

TVs can produce brightness much higher than projectors, but the brightness of a TV is measured in nits, unlike projectors that are measured in lumens. Projector light also dims with time, and replacement can cost you a lot of money. But TV light can be harmful to the eyes since it doesn’t dim as you watch your favorite shows. So, if you’re not concerned about the cost but you can choose a projector. But, if you do not want to spend too much money and you want a very bright picture, you should go on TV.


A combination of brightness and black levels makes up a contrast. Although you can guess the brightness capabilities of a projector by simply looking at the lumen rating, the black levels usually depend on the darkness of your projection room.

While television can be washed out by lots of ambient light, they can easily deal with the ambient light and increase perceived contrast. Projectors, on the other hand, can not achieve this feat.


Projectors vs TVs: Which is Best for Your Home Theater?

TVs with a premium resolution of 4k or 8k are usually costly. The highest resolution for a projector is the 4k HDR, and its nothing compared to what a TV with 8k resolution can offer you. More so, only a TV can provide you with a good price when it comes to resolution.

Color accuracy

You don’t want to get a projector with decent color accuracy. While you can get a projector with good color at a moderate price, you get more from TV since it comes with better color accuracy. Projectors are also becoming more common and have almost the same features as TVs in terms of color accuracy.

But the cost of getting a TV with excellent color accuracy is high. So, if we want to pick between a TV or projector for home theatre by looking at the color accuracy, we can’t say which is better since each one has one thing that surpasses the other. So, we can’t possibly make a choice here.


Projectors vs TVs: Which is Best for Your Home Theater?

Installation is another feature to consider, and you will agree with me that TVs are much easier to install, unlike a project that requires different connections. Even large and heavy TVs that are fragile can be simply placed in your home theatre set up, and you can easily use them as unifiers since you can connect anything to it directly. If you even prefer the wall mount for your TV, you can easily do that or get professionals that will help you fix it within minutes at a very cheap cost.

Projectors, on the other hand, maybe challenging to install as it requires more effort and proper planning. Placing the projector correctly is a huge challenge and usually need professional help. You also spend more since you have to pay for getting a wireless transmitter or routing HDMI cables to your projector.

Sound quality

In terms of sound quality, TVs are better because they come with sound quality speakers. Although some projectors also come with speakers, they are usually very small and are placed far from the viewer. Some projectors do not even come with speakers.

Our Verdict

Between Projectors Vs TVs, from our perspective Tvs are better in many ways than projectors. So, if you want to get the best out of your home theatre, use a TV.

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