Best Portable Wood Stove in 2020 | Convenience in Adding Wood

When you are moving out for camping or trips such as hiking, preparation of meals will be necessary to reserve your energy for the hike. However outdoor cooking can somehow be challenging as you lack all the luxurious items you use from your home kitchen. Furthermore, outdoor weather might vary hence making it not suitable for cooking as this might interfere with your cooking material. Nevertheless, if you have a portable wood stove, you are sure to have your cooking very easy without any hassle.

First, portable wood stoves are meant for outdoor use which can, on the other hand, be used for indoor purposes as well. This portable wood stove will also be easy to control the amount of flame you need for cooking your food as they do not produce too many flames. Not only this, but they are also considered to be very convenient through which they are better to use rather than investing highly on fuel. This is so as you can easily run out of fuel while on outdoor and this would result in unexpected frustrations. Here are the best portable wood stoves you will find in the market.

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Top 10 Best Portable Wood Stove In 2020

10. nCamp Wood Burning Stove

The next wood stove is from nCamp. This one is oddly designed, and you won’t figure out what it is at first glance. But this foldable-legs wood stove is one f the most portable wood stoves on the market.

You can light up a fire using forest twigs and leaves in this wood stove. The combustion chamber has a unique effect that allows it to heat up faster. You will get a reliable build quality with the combination of aluminum and stainless steel.

  • Can be ignited with branches and twigs
  • Durable build quality
  • Lightweight design
  • Unique Venturi effect heats up quicker

9. CANWAY Wood Burning Stove

CANWAY Wood Burning Stove

The first on the list is this wood stove from CANWAY. This one is one of the most compact solutions that you’ll get to see. The weight makes it very easy to carry around too. It’s also built pretty sturdy to withstand the occasional drops.

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Comparatively higher thermal efficiency

8. STADELHORN Titanium Wood Stove

STADELHORN Titanium Wood Stove

This one from STADELHORN is targeted towards the people who prefer to stay low-key. The new trend of going minimal has moved on to wood stoves too. This low-profile wood stove is made from titanium to get higher durability with a lower weight.

The wood stove was built keeping practicality, portability, and durability in mind. You won’t have to worry about annoying corrosions over the years.

  • Titanium build makes it super strong
  • Can be ignited with twigs and branches
  • Very compact and lightweight
  • Can withstand higher temperatures

7. EcoZoom Dura Camping Stove 

EcoZoom Dura Camping Stove - Portable Wood Burning Camp Stove for Backpacking, Hiking, RV and Survival, no Gas or Electricity needed!

EcoZoom Dura portable wood stove is an ultimate solution to your outdoor cooking needs. It is a highly durable portable wood stove which not only provide you with a long-lasting service but also saves much energy. Furthermore, with the insulated vertical combustion chamber, it will force gases to mix with flame hence leading to a decrease in the harmful emission.

This portable wood stove features a durable design through the high-quality materials which are not only well built, but they are also very powerful. Lastly, it is an eco-friendly stove which does not require using a lot of wood in cooking.

  • Lightweight in which it weighs 13lbs
  • Measures 13.25″ by 13″ by 12.5″
  • Features ceramic insulation hence it saves energy

6. OUTON Portable Camping Wood Stove Folding

OUTON Portable Camping Wood Stove Folding Lightweight Stainless Steel Alcohol Stove Outdoor Cooking Backpacking Stove

OUTON portable wood stove provides you with a convenient operation in burning wood. This is through which it has an anti-slip silicone sleeve located around the handle for effective insulation of heat. Furthermore, it has several functions by which it features 36 pcs of the different wood burning tip, 18 color pencils, and 5 soldering tips.

Moreover, it is ergonomically designed through which it gives you convenience from the fast heating technology used. Not only this, but the replaceable joint design used for different needs enhance its convenience as well as its versatility.

  • Made from PU Leather, Metal and ABS Material
  • Adjustable temperature ranging from 200 to 450 degree Celsius
  • Contains several functions with 36 different wood pcs, 18 color pencils and 5 soldering tip

5. GALMAXS7 Portable Wood Stove

GALMAXS7 Portable Wood Stove

The GALMAXS7 is designed a bit differently than the other stoves on the list. It has a stand-like design that ensures proper balance. You won’t have to worry about it tipping over when you’re out camping in the wilderness.

The stove can be used with all types of pots, as you’re free to adjust the features as you like. You can even change the ash plate depending on the surface you’re cooking on.

  • Very lightweight and easy to carry
  • Height adjustable ash plate
  • Multifunction stove
  • Stainless steel can bear a lot of weight

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4. VINIDA Wood Burning Camping Stove

VINIDA Wood Burning Camping Stove - Updated Collapsible Lightweight Survival Backpacking Stove for Camping Hiking Climbing and Fishing

Being eco-friendly, you will be sure to receive the best experience from the VINIDA portable wood stove. As a result of this, you will be worry-free on the effects it leaves on the environment as there are no canister fuels used hence saving both the environment and money. Secondly, it is of a lightweight complemented by the collapsible design which ensures that it saves space to be portable through your backpack.

Moreover, this portable wood stove features a unique 3rd combustion design which is essential for faster and efficient cooking promising use of less fuel yet faster cooling. Lastly, you will enjoy a long-lasting service from the high quality and stable stainless steel material used.

  • Measures 7.5″ by 5.2″ and collapses into 4″ by 5.1″
  • Lightweight through which it weighs 0.57 lbs
  • Made of 4 parts which enhance its portability

3. REDCAMP Wood Burning Stove

REDCAMP Wood Burning Stove

If you’re tired of the compact stoves from the list, then this one from REDCAMP might surprise you. This wood-burning stove is the largest on the list when it’s unfolded. You’ll get a stainless steel build with a foldable mechanism.

The build quality is unmatched, and it comes with a steel net. You can see the stove lighting up quite fast. You’ll be able to light this thing up with twigs or leaves.

  • Foldable mechanism
  • Large-sized perfect for larger families
  • Upgraded grid design
  • Can light up with twigs

2. Odoland Folding Campfire Grill

Odoland Folding Campfire Grill

This collapsible grill is a multipurpose device, and you get the added benefit of a campfire pit too. You can bring it out when you’re having a party in the backyard too. The collapsible design makes it portable.

You can detach all the parts and put them back together in less than a minute. Odoland also provides a small fabric pouch to carry the grill. The stainless steel build offers durability.

  • Collapsible mechanism perfect for traveling
  • Five detachable parts help with portability
  • Comes with a small carrying pouch
  • Durable build quality

1. SOLEADER Portable Wood Stove

SOLEADER Portable Wood Stove

This is SOLEADER’s patented design with its double-wall construction. You’ll get faster gasification and secondary combustion because of the dual-wall technology. If you’re short on fuel, gather a few branches or leaves and ignite it in minutes.

The open mouth makes it simple to add fuel. All you got to do is lift the cooking pan and add more fuel. The stove stands upright and is well balanced: you don’t have to worry about it tipping over easily.

  • Can be folded into a small form factor
  • Unique double-wall build
  • Can light up with branches and twigs
  • Fits in a bag
  • Open mouth mechanism

Cooking at your travels and picnics will nowadays be very easy through the use of the portable wood stoves. However, there is a high need for selecting the best options. It is to ensure that you get what you deserve and the quality which will serve you enough. To get the best quality, there are some factors you need to put consideration. Which we have done on your behalf to narrow down your selection. Check the above top 10 best portable wood stoves reviews to ensure you have your best today.

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How Efficient is Portable Wood Stove?

How Efficient is Portable Wood Stove?

Modern portable wood stoves are a lot of energy-efficient—a dramatic improvement from decades ago. To attain a high economical percent rate, modern wood stoves produced makes use of baffles.

Catalytic Converter

Modern wood stoves built with a catalytic converter typically allow the resulting gasses from wood burning to pass through the converter. Habitually, the temperatures will begin to increase, initiating the converter to ignite the gases immediately, thus producing heat in return.

Remember that you will need to change the catalytic converter consistently and periodically, that’s a downside to it. And as such, there’s an increase to the stove’s maintenance cost.


Similar to the converter, the baffle also produces heat, utilizing the gasses that result from the woods burnt. Disparate from the converter, the baffle pushes the gasses over the fire as quickly as its produced.

Unavoidably, every portable wood stove has its flaws. As a significant factor supporting the efficiency of wood stoves is their connection to the exterior. Yet, modern wood stove models still retain a high-efficiency level.

 What to Look For When purchasing Portable Wood Stove 

 What to Look For When purchasing Portable Wood. 


Coverage –the elephant in the room– is the first specification in a wood stove you should take into account. You take into account the surfaces the wood stove would heat too.

Choose the surface size that best suits the surface area that the wood stove would be heating.


Every wood stove has it’s distinct wood-burning routine and all modern stoves are not entirely efficient. Also take into account that not all of the portable wood stoves burn the same and this affects their efficiency.


A portable wood stove comes in different design models and all wood stoves in their respective orders fit in one of these three distinct categories:

Traditional Design

Traditional design wood stove types are commonly self-standing. They can either have small or large fireboxes; however, they do not make use of blowers, which means the heat produced by traditionally designed wood stoves loses heat.

Traditional wood stoves are safe to use. It is safe to use the traditional wood stoves as they are built in such a way that the little ceramic glass prevents you from seeing lots of its flames.

The downside is that it requires a lot more ventilation than the other design types. Some models of the traditional designs allow a cancellation to be installed through back ventilation. The traditional design portable wood stoves are made from Solid materials including steel, iron and other solid.

The Modern Design

The modern design wood stove commonly has inserts that accurately fit in your fireplace, while it isn’t also uncommon to see them self standing. These modern design models are customarily equipped with fireboxes that are a lot larger than the other models, utilizing blowers to improve it’s heat output significantly.

A lot of modern design models allow a back and top ventilation installation. The modern design wood stoves are made from lightweight materials; still, they’re quite sturdy.

The Portable Design

The portable wood stoves are simple, small and lightweight.They are easy to assemble due to their design and also to take out their parts. Despite the portable model being efficient and able to emit a good heat amount, it’s not recommendable to use them indoors.

Often, they release pollutants into the atmosphere. Using this model in well-ventilated areas is highly significant.

Heat Output

People do not purchase wood stoves based entirely on looks. The heating output of the stove you intend on purchasing must be good. Various models have their maximum amount of heat; go for the wood stove that can conveniently warm your cabin.

It is relatively easy to use a wood stove. It only requires you to add some fuel into the Firebox, have it lit, then the woodstove will immediately begin to produce heat. Heat production also varies and this is as a result of the different type of stove model available today.

Generally, there are 2 types of portable wood stoves. The first type uses Catalytic Combustion and the second type does not use Catalytic Combustion.

Catalytic Combustion

These types of wood stove cost a lot more and, in their defense, are sturdily efficient.   Their designs are complicated for an average person yet their heat output is a lot seedier, and woods are burned for extended periods.

Non-Catalytic Combustion

Contrary to catalytic combustive wood stove type, non-catalytic combustive wood stoves are affordable. The fire produced from non-catalytic combustion is fierce.

A massive drawback with a non-catalytic model is, they naturally create an impressive heat output, yet an inconsistent one. Flames will apex for a short while before the heat produced will decline rapidly.


The Firebox’s size is a basic specification you should consider. Firebox sizes are equally important. You should know that the larger the fireboxes are, the more wood and fuel for the woodstove. But a big firebox means a lot more wood to stuff into it. These models are suitable for heating large spaces, so purchasing one for a little cabin is quite a waste.


Ensure the wood stove purchased has certifications. As you are aware, an alarming amount of counterfeit products are saturated in the market.

You wouldn’t want a wood stove that cannot handle difficult times during the winter.

Nonetheless, the stoves should come with a certification to prove that it is original and a manual that guides you on how to use them safely.

 Does Portable Wood Stove save your Money? 

Do you know, people who buy wood stoves ignore the cost saved and focus more on how the burner looks, feels, and burns.

Even with factual evidence, it isn’t an easy feat to know the exact amount of potential cost savings of using wood stoves. But it is agreed that wood stoves are more efficient than coal fires.

Let’s roughly break this down;

Wood fuel costs £50 for a tonne (Green-Wood)

Then it will have to be dried.

Another £150, to purchase a 300kg bag filled with kiln-dried wood.

Statistics from (Biomass Energy Centre) proposes this to a cost of 1.2p per kilowatt, which is for greenwood. A study carried out in 2015 explains that the above compares accurately to an estimate of 5p for gas and north of 15p for electricity.

Yes indeed.

From the above explanation, the most significant cost impact is the source of wood fuel, to a wood burner. Once this can be outsourced for free, the cost savings would be marginally huge! Also, the cost of gas and electricity has increased over time, which makes using a wood stove cheaper.

How to maximize wood-burning and fuel

  • Always Heat your living room in the evening hours.
  • Open the doors to the rest of your home during night time.
  • Opt to use your wood-burning stove rather than central heating during winter periods.
  • Try using much larger wood burners when heating your water or radiator.

 The concept of keeping the heat levels in your living room at a subtle level in the evening and opening the doors to airflow when you get on the bed makes perfect atmosphere sync. Without a doubt, portable wood stoves aggregate a warm cozy atmosphere at a deep-seated heat.

Is a portable wood stove safe? 

Is a portable wood stove safe? 

Well, they are, but it depends. Fire hazard is a downside. Wood burners have contributed to many unplanned fire outbreaks due to human error in carelessness and misuse. Follow the do’s and dont’s of using a portable wood stove as they are highly essential to keep you safe.

DO—Make sure that you create enough clearance between the stove and any combustible materials that also include floors, walls, and the ceilings.

DO—Whenever you’re placing the stove, make sure its holder in on a noncombustible, fire-resistant base.

DO—Hire a professional to check your chimney for potential hazards.

DON’T— attempt to extend the stove pipe through walls or ceiling except you’re presented with no apparent alternative.

DON’T—connect your wood stove to a chimney until the fireplace has been sealed off properly.

DON’T—attempt burning your waste in your wood stove; this risk can cause a fire outbreak.

DON’T—Turn off the woodstove when heading to bed. Do not let it burn unattended.

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