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Best Portable Monitors in 2020 | Lightweight & Stylish

With the advancement of technology, we can use smartly-designed devices that favor our specific needs. A portable monitor is a product as such. There are numerous ways to utilize this handy device. People who love playing mobile games can use portable monitors to do so on a bigger screen. If you are a writer, you may opt for the dual-screen option to simultaneously browse through your research on one side, and your documents on the other. You can determine what and how many ways you would use it, but there are plenty.

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Furthermore, you can carry it to meetings to enhance your performance in presentations. To purchase an electronic device, you must do your research to get the one that will cater to your requirements. We are here to make it easier for you, with a list of the top-most portable monitors in the market.

Top 10 Best Portable Monitors in 2020

10. Acer UT0

Acer UT0

Here’s a multi-touch display monitor that can be used upright or flat for applications including writing, gaming, drawing, painting, and more. Also, it allows you to stream content straight from your mobile to the display.

Design & Quality:

-Lay-flat design with silver accent

-High-quality resolution


-Excellent touchscreen with a response time of 8 milliseconds

-Simple configuration

9. ViewSonic VG2449

ViewSonic VG2449

If you are in search of a dual-pack portable monitor, this one from ViewSonic is a great option. It is suitable for gaming and everyday computing. Although they are a bit tricky to set up, they provide high-quality performance once installed.

Design & Quality:

-Thick bottom-border for steady positioning

-High-definition picture quality


-Ensures consistent vivid color across the dual-pack and the third monitor

-Single cable connectivity

8. HP Business S14

HP Business S14

This is a dual-display portable monitor from HP ideal to carry to work or travel. It’s easy to set up with just one USB-C cable and does not require additional cables or plugs thereby, making it hassle-free.

Design & Quality:

-Slim and lightweight

-Ensures crisp clear picture quality


-Ensures response time of 5 milliseconds

-Promotes comfortable viewing from blue light emission to a warmer spectrum

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7. ASUS ZenScreen

ASUS ZenScreen

The ZenScreen portable monitor from ASUS is perfect for on-the-go meetings and tasks. The ultra-thin design allows it to be carried with ease and can be used as an auxiliary screen to complete projects or edit videos/presentations.

Design & Quality:

-Slim, stylish and ultraportable

-Enhances viewing with eye-care technology


-Promotes auto-rotation technology

-Hybrid-signal solution that supports video transmission

6. Lenovo ThinkVision

Lenovo ThinkVision

Here’s an ergonomically designed portable monitor from Lenovo that enhances your mobile productivity with ease. It’s the perfect solution for adding a second monitor while traveling.

Design & Quality:

-Lightweight and tilt-adjustable

-Assures constant non-flickering streaming


-Low blue light technology that is easy on the eyes

-Ideal for both left-handed and right-handed users

5. WIMAXIT External Touchscreen Monitor

WIMAXIT External Touchscreen Monitor

This is a multi-platform portable monitor that is compatible with all laptops via Type C or mini HDMI, as well as XBOX One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. Besides, it works as an outlet to turn your android smartphone into a workstation.

Design & Quality:

-Lightweight & compact

-Brings top-level visual experience


-Allows 170-degree viewing angle

-Easy plug-and-play option for gamers



For all you gamers out there, this portable monitor from C-Force will provide you high-level performance. The crystal clear sound production enhances your gaming experience. Compatible with multiple gaming devices, the monitor assures bright colors and vivid images for thorough entertainment.

Design & Quality:

-Ultra-portable and slim

-Vivid image reproduction


-Built-in dual speakers

-Allows hybrid-signal solution for both HDMI and Type-C single cable

3. G-STORY Portable Gaming Monitor

G-STORY Portable Gaming Monitor

Product Description: This portable monitor from G-Story is designed in a way to provide an enticing gaming experience due to its output of a realistic visual effect. It will assist in better performance in any gaming mode without any lag time or distortion.

Design & Quality:

-Sleek and stylish

-The HDR technology ensures hallucinatory details


-Dual built-in multimedia speakers

-Comes with FreeSync technology to eliminate image tearing

2. Duex Pro Portable Monitor

Duex Pro Portable Monitor

This is a portable monitor that supports true mobility. Ideal for all the remote workers and travelers, this device not only delivers high-resolution screen performance but it also promotes good postures due to its ergonomic design.

Design & Quality:

-Sleek and energy-efficient

-Compact and durable


-Delivers flexible rotation and dual-sliding option

-Powerful graphics chip to ensure crisp visual output

1. Lepow Upgraded 15.6 Inch

Lepow Upgraded 15.6 Inch

Finally, here’s a portable monitor with ultra-smooth and stable operation from Lepow that delivers an excellent performance. You can use it in both landscape and portrait mode to extend your screen and achieve efficiency in both work and entertainment.

Design & Quality:

-Ultra-slim and lightweight

-Delivers immersive viewing experience


-Built-in dual stereo speakers

-HD protective film that brings high-definition screen performance

For certain work and entertainment, more efficiency calls for an extended screen. It not only helps you mirror the output but it also helps you visualize what you do on a greater scale. With a variety of functions, the gadget can be helpful to everyone in the form of work or entertainment. One of the main uses of portable monitors are to experience a dual-screen setup that allows you to extend the display mode. Having said that, we are confident that this article will help you to find the best portable monitors you need.

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