Best Portable Monitors for Laptops in 2020

Portable Monitors for Laptops

Working on your laptop can often be tormenting, especially if it’s a small screen. If your work requires you to constantly access multiple tabs, it becomes burdensome and decreases work efficiency. Portable monitors for laptops can add an extra dimension to your screen that helps to divide your concentration on multiple interfaces at the same time, thereby increasing productivity.

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Not just for work, but portable monitors are useful for gamers, artists, and businesses. There are certain criteria that you should focus on while purchasing a portable monitor such as the technology the panel uses, the resolution, and the brightness. For your ease, we have sorted out a list of the best portable monitors below.

Top 10 Best Portable Monitors for Laptops in 2020

10. Eyoyo Portable HDMI Monitor

Eyoyo Portable HDMI Monitor

Here’s a portable monitor from Eyoyo that can be used for multiple purposes including gaming, working, and in-flight entertainment. It comes with a foldable stand that allows the perfect viewing angle for the right posture.

Design & Quality:


-High-quality screen clarity


-Built-in dual speaker for pure stereo sound

-Can be used in both landscape and portrait mode

9. ASUS Portable Monitor

ASUS Portable Monitor

Preview Product Rating Price
ASUS MB169B+ 15.6' Full HD 1920x1080 IPS USB Portable Monitor ASUS MB169B+ 15.6" Full HD 1920x1080 IPS USB Portable Monitor No ratings yet $172.99

This portable monitor from ASUS is very easy to connect to your laptop with just one cable. It’s a great option for long-hours usage since the screen ensures a blue light filter that minimizes the blue light to reduce eye strain

Design & Quality:

-Sleek and ultra-slim

-Sturdy case with the monitor for carrying safely


-Allows auto-rotating display with a two-way adjustable stand

-Built-in battery

8. ASUS ZenScreen Portable Eye Care Monitor

ASUS ZenScreen Portable Eye Care Monitor

Here’s another portable monitor from ASUS that assists in extending your vision. The incorporated flicker-free technology helps to ensure a comfortable viewing experience while being easy on the eyes.

Design & Quality:

-Slim and stylish

-Eye-care technology that minimizes eye fatigue


-Allows automatic screen orientation

-The wide viewing angles provide extreme viewing positions

7. MSI Frameless Portable Monitor

MSI Frameless Portable Monitor

This portable monitor from MSI is ideal for work and class as it comes in a tablet-style case that allows easy transport without any risk of damage. However, keep in mind that the glass display is a fingerprint magnet so it should be wiped after the stand is set up.

Design & Quality:

-Extremely thin, glossy display

-Crisp and clear picture quality


-Multiple connectivity options: HDMI, USC-C, and USB-A

-Advanced display settings for swift changes

6. Halnziye Gaming Monitor

Halnziye Gaming Monitor

Here’s a portable monitor from Halnziye that has built-in dual speakers to enhance the functionality of the screen. Not only is it good for working, but it also amplifies the video-viewing experience.

Design & Quality:

-Ultra-slim and lightweight

-Made of high-quality aluminum


-Detachable smart case to fold into different positions

-Allows versatile digital connectivity to multiple platforms

5. Szoon Portable Monitor

Szoon Portable Monitor

This portable monitor from Szoon provides one of the brightest displays that make it ideal for working, gaming, and other multi-media viewings. If you use it at home, you can mount it on the wall to save space and keep the desktop tidy.

Design & Quality:

-Surfaced with brushed metal that prevents dents from a collision

-High-quality resolution for a crisp image


-Dual built-in speakers that provide a loud stereo effect

-Can be charged by a power bank

4. Mobile Pixels Duex Pro Portable Monitor

Mobile Pixels Duex Pro Portable Monitor

The portable monitor from Mobile Pixels is the perfect example of an on-the-go dual screen. Its ultra-portable design makes it suitable to be used anywhere including co-working spaces, airplanes, or coffee shops.

Design & Quality:

-Lightweight with a matte finish

-Anti-glare screen to prevent strain on the eyes


-Can be attached to either side of the laptop for extended screen

-Allows 270-degree rotation for optimum viewing

3. Auzai Portable Monitor

Auzai Portable Monitor

Here’s a portable monitor from Auzai with HDR technology that supports a broader spectrum of contrasts and colors. Moreover, its built-in stereo speakers deliver an extraordinary sound that magnifies the audio experience thereby, making it ideal for gaming and entertainment.

Design & Quality:

-Incredibly handy and lightweight

-Flicker-free screen to optimize eye comfort


-Wide compatibility with laptops, phones, Xbox and PS4

-A panel that enables a wide viewing angle

2. Wetoph Portable LED Monitor

Wetoph Portable LED Monitor

This is a high-quality portable monitor that ensures a crisp and clear display, allowing both landscape and portrait modes. Besides, it features a high configurable menu which allows customization of screen settings that fit your needs the best. The dual-screen function through this will definitely improve work efficiency.

Design & Quality:

-Ultra-slim design with double-sided tempered glass

-Blue light filter to protect against eyestrain


-Dual built-in speakers to promote deep and accurate bass

-Ergonomically designed with a 170-degree angle for comfortable viewing

1. UPERFECT Portable Monitor

UPERFECT Portable Monitor

Finally, as the name suggests, this is indeed the perfect all-in-one portable monitor that boosts efficiency and productivity. This smart device acts as a second screen synchronized in both portrait and landscape modes. Moreover, its high definition pixel technology delivers phenomenal life-like visuals that enhance gaming and video streaming experience.

Design & Quality:

-Ultra-light and sleek

-Made of all aluminum alloy that makes it sturdy


-Extremely narrow screen border to increase the visual range

-A Smart-hole pen feature to change the display angle

Portable monitors for laptops allow us to expand our workspace and in turn increase productivity. Its lightweight feature lets us continue our work on-the-go. This versatile device comes in handy for anyone who operates a laptop. Be it for work, travel or entertainment, everyone should purchase this economical gadget in this day and age. Hope our list of the best portable monitors for laptops will help you to find the one you need!

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