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Popcorn is one of the best snacks that one can think of, especially during movie time. Kids can also carry it to school without worrying about spillage. The crunchy taste and feel are also amazing. They are also easy to prepare. However, the quality of different types of popped corn can vary significantly from brand to brand. This article discusses all your favorite popcorns and helps you determine the best option out there. Use this guide for the best popcorn.

Best Popcorn in 2020

9. Great Northern Premium Yellow Kernels

Great Northern Premium Yellow Kernels

This product’s ingredient is a high-quality premium yellow popcorns. It lacks fat, salt, or artificial anything. The wholesome kernels not only pop up nicely but are also fluffy.

It is easy to cook. Equally important, you can cook them on a popcorn machine, microwave or stovetop. They are also nutritious.

  • Premium gourmet yellow popcorn kernels individually selected for their superior expansion qualities and tender flakes.
  • Convenient 12-pound jug, always fresh
  • A certain amount is cooked using a third of oil
  • In addition to popping up will fewer hulls, it is low in calories and high in fiber

8. Hoosier Hill Farm Ruby Red Kernels 

Hoosier Hill Farm Ruby Red Kernels 

Ruby red kernels are beautiful, and also pop up into a fluffy sweet tasting popcorn that’s incredibly tender. That makes it one of the best popcorns in the market.

It is not only grown but also packaged in Indiana, so consumers can rest assured that they’re getting the highest quality agricultural product they can buy. It contains antioxidants and is healthy.

  • High in fiber and antioxidants
  • This popcorn pops medium to large.
  • It has its flavor, yet it’s a little sweeter.

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7. Great Northern Premium 8-Ounce Portion 

Great Northern Premium 8-Ounce Portion 

Each pre-measured pack is a combination of coconut oil, yellow corn kernels, and seasoned salt. As a result of that, you get cinema-quality popcorns.

They contain absolutely zero amounts of fats. Equally important, it is cholesterol-free. Their shelf life is long since the packs are moisture-proof.

  • They are great tasting.
  • High volume popcorns.
  • A lot of popcorns
  • pops up incredibly fluffy

6. Amish Country Old Fashioned Red Kernels

Amish Country Old Fashioned Red Kernels

The kernels lack large hulls, which are a rare thing when it comes to other corn varieties. It pops up nicely and is usually fluffy. The taste is also amazing.

It contains components that are free of gluten, tree nut or peanut allergens, dairy, or lactose. It’s an entirely vegan product.

  • There are small and big packs to suit different needs.
  • It is full of flavor.
  • Preservative-free.
  • It is excellent for individuals with allergies, for vegans and vegetarians.

5. Amish Country Old Fashion Purple Kernels

Amish Country Old Fashion Purple Kernels

Amish Country Popcorn has pop up that is nice as well as fluffy. Popcorn aficionados love them for obvious reasons. Some love the purple kernels while others love the low hulls or the great taste.

To maintain the natural integrity, these kernels contain antioxidants. Expect no GMO corn and are ideal for a vegan. Allergens such as tree nut and peanut are not part of the ingredients either. They are gluten-free without lactose and dairy allergens, either.

  • A deliciously satisfying, low calorie, and healthy snack.
  • Gluten-free, tree nut and peanut-free, lactose, and dairy-free.

4. Paragon Country Harvest Bulk Yellow

Paragon Country Harvest Bulk Yellow

For the best beautiful butterfly popcorns and the perfect size come to the next movie, think about these. Its size is about a 12.5-pound size bag. However, if that’s not enough, there is isn’t big enough for you, this product can also be bought in 50-pound economy bags that will keep you in popped corn for a long time to come.

  • Cost-effective popping
  • Butterfly looking popcorn and a great popping size.
  • No need for a coconut or canola oil as well as the buttery salt.

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3. Snappy Brand White Kernels

Snappy Brand White Kernels

If you are searching for popcorns that will pop well and produce a fluffy and tasty snack, look no more. That’s because this brand has you covered.

The ingredient is high-quality white corn kernels without salt and butter. You have total control of how to go about cooking and processing.

  • The popcorn package is proudly raised, processed, and packaged.
  • A high-fiber snappy snack that is seriously delicious and supremely satisfying
  • Gourmet quality and flavor.

2. Franklin’s Gourmet Organic Popping Corn

Franklin’s Gourmet Organic Popping Corn

Franklin Gourmet Popcorn is made specifically to be used in popcorn machines and to pop up salty, fluffy, and tasty. The ingredients that can be found on these pre-measured portion packs can be counted on just a few fingers.

They contain salt, coconut oil, organic corn, natural as well as artificial butter flavor. Its beta carotene gives it color. The taste and quality are amazing.

  • Delicious organic popcorn portion.
  • It is gluten-free and highly organic.
  • Includes a delicious seasoning and coconut oil

1. Orville Redenbacher’s Gourmet Popcorn Kernels

Orville Redenbacher's Gourmet Popcorn Kernels

These are the highest quality for popping on the stovetop, in your air popper, or an electric popper. They are gluten-free original popcorn kernels, which are a delicious yet wholesome snack. Our lighter, fluffier original kernels pop up bright white, with a crispy outside and tender inside.

  • Has a high percentage of whole grain
  • It is original.
  • Free of transfats.

From the piece above, it can be concluded that you should not just go for any popcorn but choose the best brand. Get the perfect popcorn for you and your loved one for a great Netflix time. They are not only easy to use but also delicious. That way, you get to enjoy watching your favorite television show.

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