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Pocket Watch For Men

Pocket watches have started coming back in to fashion again. So, here is your chance to win your man’s heart by getting the finest pocket watch for him! These watches come in a wide variety of designs. From simple to the most intricate designs, we have tried to pick the best options for you. In fact, you can even get a Doctor Who- or Full Metal Alchemist-themed pocket watch! Without further ado, check out the top ten best pocket watch for men on amazon here-

Top 10 Best Pocket Watch For Men in 2020

10. Hicarer Pocket Watch

Hicarer Pocket Watch

Are you looking for a Pocket Watch For Men to nail your Great Gatsby costume? Then buckle up! Or should we say, suit up?

You can use this watch as a prop for your next project. It comes with the convenience of a detachable chain. So, you can attach it to your pants if it goes with the look.

The classic vintage look comes in three amazing colors. The front plate has an intricate design that gives a sneak peek of the dial.

  • Cheap
  • Heavy outlook
  • Runs on batteries

9. YISUYA Pocket Watch

YISUYA Pocket Watch

If your stalking skills has revealed that your crush is a Whovian, then here is a go-to option to win his heart. This pocket watch serves the tribute to Doctor Who with its stunning design. It is a multi-purpose pocket watch.

The watch comes with a copper body with intricate Doctor Who inspired design. Besides using it as a pocket watch, one can wear it as a pendant too. One pro-tip: don’t go for the chain it comes it. Just get an additional timeless one.

  • Free battery
  • Gift bag inclusive
  • Removable hook

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8. Fullmetal Alchemist Pocket Watch

Fullmetal Alchemist Pocket Watch

This Pocket Watch For Men is a must addition to your anime fandom merch! You can either use it as a pocket watch or wear it as a necklace to stand out in any fan gathering. You can pair it up with your favorite pair of pants or jacket. The crown controls the bezel movement and time settings.

The dial presents the analog outlook. It comes with two color choices but we would recommend the bronze one.

  • Light weighed
  • Full Metal Alchemist inspired design

7. Stuhrling Original Pocket Watch

Stuhrling Original Pocket Watch

This classy Stuhrling pocket watch will be a classy addition to your accessory collection. It is a dual-sided dial where both sides are bare and completely stunning. Mark out words, you won’t be able to take your eyes off it.

With a stainless-steel body, this white beauty’s crown is inspired by a design of the early days. With roman numbers embedded, the crown comes with a push and pull control system.

  • Chain available
  • Belt clip available
  • Desk stand
  • Analog display
  • No battery requirements

6. Steampunk Pocket Watch

Steampunk Pocket Watch

Get ready to have your hands on the most stylish pocket watch ever. If your heart weakens over blue like ours, then what are you waiting for? Besides, the black glass dial has blue roman numerals embedded on it.

The outer design of the watch is vintage with an intricate pattern. The case is absolutely made of stainless steel.

  • Hand-wound movement
  • Black metal chain
  • No battery requirements

5. Mudder Pocket Watch

Mudder Pocket Watch

This pocket watch comes with the most gorgeous looking design on both sides including the dial. You can tell time even with the lid closed.

If you want to level up your fashion game, this vintage pocket watch will be your next favorite purchase.

  • Time setting through the crown
  • Easy to operate
  • Black dial
  • Chain belt available

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4. TREEWETO Pocket Watches

TREEWETO Pocket Watches

If you are looking for the most unique design, this Pocket Watch For Men is definitely a keeper. Pair up the bronze case pocket watch with your favorite formal wear. You can wind the clock with its crown.

Its steel curb designed chain can be attached to your belt as well. It includes moon and sun turning tables.

  • Smoothly functions
  • Open case
  • Roman numerals

3. ManChDa Pocket Watch

ManChDa Pocket Watch

The design of this case has a unique combination of phoenix and dragon. The front body is made of pure acrylic. Roman numbers are beautifully embedded on the dial to capture the classic outlook.

The watch functions on hand winds.It comes in four different colors. We would highly recommend the black one for the most stylish outlook.

  • 2-year warranty
  • Analog display
  • Chain inclusive
  • No battery requirements

2. SIBOSUN Pocket Watch

SIBOSUN Pocket Watch

The case design can make your accessories look duller in comparison to it. To level up your fashion or to gifting someone something classy, add this to your cart right now! You can tell time without having to open the cover.

It has a gorgeous vintage outlook with roman numbers embedded on the beautifully designed dial.

  • Metal-based bezel
  • No battery requirements

1. SIBOSUN Skeleton Double Case Pocket Watch

SIBOSUN Skeleton Double Case Pocket Watch

The most vintage-looking pocket watch topped the list. Its double cases and the stunning outlook are what reeks of extreme luxury. The outer case is made of acrylic to ensure extra safety.

Designed to provide smart outlook with a beautiful color range

  • Functions on hand winding
  • Analog display
  • No battery requirements
  • Affordable

No one knows your loved ones better than you do. So just go with the pocket watch that will stand out for him. Remember to keep his fashion sense in mind. If he is excited about the next Comicon, then get the fan merch. If you want him to pair it up with his formals, or for date night, then go for the most sophisticated designs.

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