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Phones are a blessing, and it’s especially difficult to stay on track without a smartphone these days. So, putting your phone away when you have to ride a bike can be really annoying. For that, getting a phone holder for bike is your best bet. It goes without saying that you’d want the best one out there. After all, a cheap phone holder would increase the risk of dropping your phone during a ride. There are other things to consider as well, such as value for price, and longevity. Let’s talk about the top 10 phone holder for bike in 2020.

Top 10 Best Phone Holder for Bike in 2020

10. Vibrelli VPM-002 Universal Mount

Vibrelli VPM-002 Universal Mount

Our first phone holder for bike pick is the VPM-002 from Vibrelli, which fits smartphone devices with width up to 3.7in. You can fit it to your bicycle or even motorcycle handlebars ranging from 0.9in to 1.3in in diameter.

The adjustable strong clamp along with the silicon band holds onto your device firmly. You can put large phones in the holder. The socket and ball design allow you to rotate your device and adjust it to any position or angle you want.

9. TaoTronics TT-SH013 Bicycle Holder

TaoTronics TT-SH013 Bicycle Holder

Next up, we have the TT-SH013 from TaoTronics, and it features rubber grip support to eliminate chances of accidental falls. The installation process is fairly simple as you only have to screw its flipper for a firm hold.

This holder offers a width option between 1.97in to 3.94in. You can rotate your phone a whole 360 degrees. The viewing angle ranges between 18mm and 40mm in terms of diameter. Your phone will always be in your vision with this, and you can easily release it using a button.

8. Roam Premium Universal

Roam Premium Universal

Roam’s Premium Universal is made to accommodate a wide range of phones with a display of a maximum 3.5in of width. This holder can fit any handlebar with 7/8-1.25 inches of circumference. However, this doesn’t include the super spot kind of bikes.

The Universal offers a firm grip, and the premium plastic used to make this helps resist road vibrations. You’ll find that the mount offers great accommodation considering different types of smartphones. The build quality and material are strong enough to keep the mount from breaking.

7. Mongoora BM Phone Mount

Bike Phone Mount for Any Smart Phone


If you’re an active bicyclist looking to take your bike and your phone out in the wild, the Mongoora BM is a great choice. This mount offers a design that’s universal, and you can fit phones up to 3.7in in width.

You’ll be able to fit this holder on handlebars with a diameter of 0.9 to 1.3 inches. The holder offers a whole 360-degrees rotation feature for your phone. Mongoora has offered a cash-back guarantee to stand behind its high-quality claim.

6. BioLogic WeatherCase

BioLogic WeatherCase

BioLogic’s WeatherCase is a perfect phone holder for the bike, especially for iPhones. But the makers have also made sure that you can use this affordable mount with Android phones as well. This offers a pocketable, slim design with a solid side for better side protection.

These cases are made of hard plastic and the membrane it comes with is touch-sensitive. This way, you will be able to use your phone while it stays dry and safe. The cushion padding helps to keep your phone safe from vibrations.

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5. Okra OK-UNI-BKM-01 Handlebar Holder

Okra OK-UNI-BKM-01 Handlebar Holder

The installation process for the Okra OK-UNI-BKM-01 is fairly simple, and you can use various models of smartphones with this. The rotating base allows for adjusting your phone’s viewing angle along with the option to tilt your phone in various positions.

You can securely attach this to your bike’s handlebars with the silicone bands. Even if you go for bumpy and long rides, you can stay assured that your phone will be safe from excessive vibration and shaking. This product comes with a lifetime warranty too.

4. TeamObsidian Premium Mount

TeamObsidian Premium Mount

Moving onto our next phone holder for the bike, it is the Premium Mount from TeamObsidian. This holder offers a thick 1-piece design using silicone, which holds the phone securely. It also helps to reduce unnecessary vibrations that might damage your phone.

The company offers a cash back guarantee with this holder if you don’t think it is satisfactory. You can get the Premium Mount in two sizes, and you can attach & detach it quickly and easily.

3. Topeak Ride Case

Topeak Ride Case

If rain or heat doesn’t stop you from getting out there with your bike, Topeak’s Ride Case is the perfect choice for your phone. This phone holder for the bike will protect you from the rain, and you can use its touchscreen as would normally.

The Topeak phone holder for the bike is perfect for keeping your phone safe, whether you are an amateur or a professional. It’s made of top-quality materials, and the durability has been tested for assurance. The QuickClick system lets you mount it easily.

2. Ailun Phone Mount

Ailun Phone Mount

The next phone holder for the bike is the Phone Mount made by Ailun. It’s not limited to using any specific smartphone brand or type. The clamp is spring-loaded, and you can safely put in phones that have a width between 2.2-3.7inch.

The butterfly style silicone band is attached to the 4 corners of the phone for security. You can safely use this holder in the bumpiest of terrains. The installation process is simple, and it only takes about two minutes.

1. IPOW Bike Mount

IPOW Bike Mount

IPOW Bike Mount keeps you active on your phone even during bike rides. Its universal feature allows you to use various phone models with this. There are 2 silicone butterfly style bands for holding your phone at any angle you want.

The grip is firm enough to prevent the phone from falling off during bumpy rides. The gentle clamp rubber lines decrease vibrations for the phone and also helps to avoid surface scratches. In addition to all these features, you also get Lifetime Warranty from IPOW.

It is difficult to stay away from our phone even for a little while nowadays. Check out these reviews of phone holder for a bike to pick one and make sure that you can stay active on your phone even during bike rides.

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