Most Common Mistakes Parents Make with Newborn Baby

Most Common Mistakes Parents Make with Newborn Baby

Raising a child can be very demanding, and the task of taking care of a newborn baby is not a walk in a park. You want to give your child the best care you can provide, and this is okay. However, in doing this, there are certain mistakes parents make with newborns, and in this article, you will get to know some of them. Be it as a new parent or someone who has been on that journey before, and it is vital that you understand these mistakes and either avoid them or stop them.

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Allowing your newborn to sleep throughout the night

Most Common Mistakes Parents Make with Newborn Baby

Avoid letting your newborn sleep through the entire night without being fed. This may lead to the baby being dehydrated because the major constituent of their food at the stage is water. It is advised that for at least two weeks after birth, you should feed your baby every four hours. Not only will this keep your baby hydrated, but it can also improve weight gain in your child.

Taking to Every Advice

It is normal to want to give your child the best care at this stage. However, you must know that while doing this, you should not believe every advice you are given on how to take care of your child. It is inevitable, and you will surely get different advice from individuals. But you must note that not every advice should be put into action. The best decisions for your child are to be made by you and your spouse.

Not feeding your baby when he/she wants it

Not feeding your baby when he/she wants it

Possibly, advice from someone or information on TV may make you want to keep your baby on a particular eating schedule. However, it is essential to note that this is not advisable. Feed your baby when he/she demands it. Professionals have advised that it is okay to feed your newborn whenever it is required as long your baby eats at least every four hours.

Keeping your newborn at home all the time

As much as you may want to keep your newborn safe, and hence keeping them at home at all times, it is advised that once in a while, you take your baby out. A few minutes walk outside the house won’t be a bad idea, or taking your baby while going to get things at the grocery store. You should, however, have a set time to do this. It should be a time when there is less crowd there, and this should be considered only when your baby is about six weeks old.

Taking the newborn to crowded places

Though it advised that you take your baby out once in a while, you should consider avoiding crowded places. This will keep your newborn from being exposed to too many people, bacterial infections, and less-dangerous viruses, which can cause a fever in the newborn. Avoid overcrowded birthday parties, markets, and any place with too many people around.

Comparing your baby with other infants

Comparing your baby with other infants

Every individual is different from the other, and it is so for adults as well as children. You might feel your baby is a bit slow in his/her development, and this may cause you to start comparing them with other infants. It is crucial to know that every baby is different, and so is their rate of development. As far as your baby is within the normal range for that stage, you need not bother yourself. Allow your baby to grow at his/her own pace.

Not taking care of your relationship

Caring for a newborn baby requires that you give lots of attention. But it does not put a stop to your relationship with your spouse. Create time for your baby and your spouse as well. Do not leave the job of caring for the child to one person; it should be a collective effort of both parents. Support each other and take care of your relationship too. Avoid getting frequently pissed at your husband and do not fight in the presence of your baby, so he/she doesn’t pick up negative habits.

Ignoring oral care for the newborn

Do not neglect your newborn’s oral care. Practice proper oral hygiene. Avoid giving your baby milk in bed once the teeth start erupting, and be sure always to wipe your baby’s gum with wet gauze.

Taking care of a newborn requires time, effort, attention, caution, just to name a few. You’re not only saddled with the responsibility of taking care of the newborn but also understanding their needs and being able to meet them. You have to be mindful of what you give them, where you take them, where you keep them, like being conscious of your baby’s car seat installation while driving. It also requires that you take care of yourself because your wellbeing is also essential.

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