Top 10 Best Neewer Ring Light in 2020

Neewer Ring Light

Neewer Ring Lights makes sure that you do not have any dark spots and they help to be able to draw out the fine colors. They are not hard to use or even set up and once they are ready, you should be able to have higher quality selfies to be able to show the world. You can be able to impress both the friends as well as strangers with the picture taking creativity. Selfie taking has become a lot easier. Previously, one needed help to be able to take the photos. With the Neewer Ring Light, you can be able to take some of the best photos which will amaze your friends. Here are top 10 Neewer Ring Lights in 2020.

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Top 10 Neewer Ring Light in 2020

Best Neewer Ring Light Review | Become An Effortless Professional Photographer! 

10. Neewer Ring Light Kit

Neewer Ring Light Kit

This is the product which will start our list of the best Neewer Ring Light. It is ultra-slim with a thickness of 1.8 cm, which makes it be lightweight, elegant and portable.

It has been designed with the dual-color setting. One can be able to adjust the color temperature ranging from 3200K to 5600K freely without the color filter. The special SMD bulbs (LED) with wide dimming range from 0-100% with the constant current drive. The LED ring light brings out the most natural skin tone which is able to make portrait more attractive and engaging.

  • Easy to assemble.
  • The picture is of good quality.
  • Nice looking and it works well.

9. Neewer 18-inch White LED Ring Light

Neewer 18-inch White LED Ring Light

Are you a professional makeup artist or a YouTuber and you are looking for the best Neewer Ring Light to help you capture the best images? Then, this is an excellent choice.

It has been designed with white color that does look more elegant. There is no ultraviolet as well as infrared light radiation. It does have low heat output and there is environmental protection. It has been made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel which gives it exceptional strength for the heavy-duty work. Bottom of the light has been designed with the standard ¼ inches screw thread. This is to make it possible to easily install on a light stand or the tripod directly as well as easily.

  • It is very easy to set up this ring light.
  • Unique design that makes it stand out.
  • The quality is very nice.

8. Neewer 14-inch Outer Dimmable

Neewer 14-inch Outer Dimmable

If you are looking for Neewer Ring Light that is lightweight and portable, then this is an excellent choice. The color temperature with a wide range of (3200k-5600k) can easily be adjusted easily by white/yellow color separate dimmer control.

The durable bracket can easily be installed to the ring light easily for supporting phone holder above as well as connecting to the light stand from the bottom. It comes with metal light stand with an adjustable height that ranges (36 inches-79 inches). Pretty stable three-leg stage design makes it very strong enough to be able to hold most equipment.

  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to setup.
  • Stunning LED ring light.

7. Neewer Camera Photo/Video Ring Light

Neewer Camera Photo/Video Ring Light

Many people when choosing the best Neewer Ring Light have issued whether the products are environmentally friendly. Yes, it is environmentally friendly. Well, this device has all that ensure you capture great images or videos with no problems.

With the reinforced flexible arm, it will move freely and never drop. It does have a special LED SMD design that is portable and lightweight. The gadget is well equipped with the universal adapter that has two plugs. It is environmentally friendly and it has low heat output.

  • Super easy to operate.
  • Lightweight and convenient.
  • The light works well.

6. New LED Ring

New LED Ring


Are you in need of extra lighting for make-up, taking videos or selfie and you are looking for the best Neewer Ring Light? Then here you are. This is an ideal choice.

This ring light has multiple uses. The phone holder is highly compatible with almost all the smartphones within width from 2.2 inches and more. It comes with the cold shoe ball head for supporting 90 degrees or even 360-degree rotation of ring light and phone holder. This gadget can be able to serve as a desktop lamp or even floor lamp as you would want. Convenient USB plug means that you can be able to plug it in desktop, PC or the USB socket.

  • Very effective ring light.
  • It does fit perfectly.
  • Works well as it was designed.


5. Neewer 18″Outer 14″Inner Un-dimmable

Neewer 18"Outer 14"Inner Un-dimmable


A good photographer understands that the key to a good photo is having the right attachments. This is among the best Neewer Ring Light which will provide you with numerous attachments.

With the reinforced flexible arm, it moves freely and it never drops. The extra-long cord as well as heavy-duty thumbscrews. This is a must-have for photography enthusiasts. It is huge and super easy to use.

  • An excellent choice for the makeup details.
  • It works perfectly.
  • Easy to store this ring light.


4. Neewer 18-inch Outer Dimmable

Neewer 18-inch Outer Dimmable


This is among the best Neewer Ring Light that has the best filters as well as dimming capabilities to create great moments. The special SMD LED design, with the constant current drive and minimal power loss ensures that the photography can be able to have the best possible light from the compact light.

It does have a dimmable function with the wide dimming range from 1-100% to be able to meet different light source. Soften light source and be able to enhance skin tone in the portraits photography. Get to add the dramatic color to backgrounds or even the selected portions of the scene for the artistic effect.

  • Sturdy ring light.
  • Super easy to assemble.
  • Easy to use it.


3. Neewer 18″ Dimmable Fluorescent Ring

Neewer 18" Dimmable Fluorescent Ring

This is among the best Neewer Ring Light which comes with a carry bag to hold all equipment so that you can be able to take them wherever you are. The soft tube, as well as hot-shoe adapter, is a very good accessory for the ring fluorescent flashlight to be able to work efficiently.

Get to enhance the facial features under the constant lighting, making your eyes bright and draw over the others attention instantly. Soft tube cam does make light rotate freely for the best position. It does come with an orange and white color filter to be able to change color temperature for both the warm and cold light. The light stand has been made from aluminum alloy that ensures it has exceptional strength for heavy-duty work.

  • Lighting and the film set can all be done on one stand.
  • Very easy to assemble.
  • High-quality ring light.

2. Neewer RL-12

Neewer RL-12

Our list of the best Neewer Ring Light will not be complete without this product. The soft tube makes light rotate freely for the best position. Filters are made of highlight transmission plastic material with steady color temperature.

The light stand has been made from the aluminum alloy, which gives you exceptional strength. The Solid locking capabilities ensure safety of lighting equipment when it is in use.

  • It does have a really good brightness range.
  • Easy to setup up and it is lightweight.
  • The cord is a great length.

1. Neewer Ring Light Kit

Neewer Ring Light Kit


The top product in our list of the best Neewer Ring Light is this device. It has low heat output and very safe to use.

It comes with a gooseneck soft tube that is super strong but it is incredibly flexible. One can be able to twist and also bend it in any way that you like to be able to reach certain angles. The reverse folding leg stand is easy and very convenient to set up, store and carry. The standard cold shoe with ball head adapters that is compatible with most of the DSLR cameras and the smartphone holder for the majority of the smartphones.

  • The LED light that burns less energy.
  • It comes with inbuilt camera mount.
  • Super easy to setup.

In the past, the photographers used to use traditional lamps to be able to get the right kind of brightness. But, with the advent of this technology, such old means have been phased out with an easy setup process. Of LED ring light on the list. Therefore, you can be able to take images like a professional photographer. LED ring lights aren’t restricted to motion picture and photography. Some, in beauty industry, have been able to find it useful to get an accurate view of the subject’s skin tone while at the same time applying the makeup. This is just one of the many uses of the Ring lights.

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