NEBO 6668 Glow Tumbler Holder : What’s So Special ?

NEBO 6668 Glow Tumbler Holder Review

NEBO 6668 Glow Tumbler Holder

Plastic tumblers are probably some of the most convenient things you can buy be it for personal use or commercial use if you happen to own a restaurant. They are durable and do not shatter easily and some come in fun colors too which makes them perfect for something like a house party.

However, having said that if you use one all the time personally for your beverages you might have realized that the lack of a handle may pose some annoyances in day to day usage.You need to make sure you have a firm grip on it all the time otherwise it might very easily just slip, and for something that is filled with liquids, that might not be something you would look forward to.

Enter the NEBO Glow 6668 tumbler holder. These provide an easy way to keep your tumbler in place and give you something to hold on to. In this article, we will give you an in-depth review and tell you how can these make your life easier.

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Lots of Bells and Whistles

NEBO 6668 Glow Tumbler Holder


This is no ordinary plain tumbler holder. The NEBO 6668 Glow has some character to it and adds a bit of extra flair to your tumblers.

It gives you an added handle to get a grip on your beloved tumbler and it does not stop there. Make your tumbler do more than just help you with your drinks.

With this one, you can add a light to your tumbler that comes attached to the holder. The light shines bright and steady which means a once boring and plain tumbler is now also a make-shift flashlight that you can use to get around the house when you need to of course.

You can choose the illumination intensity of the light as well, you have three choices of light modes and can be completely turned off as well when you do not need it.

The light quality themselves are pretty premium in their own right. Furthermore, they are bright and practical, shining at a rate of 220 lumens in ‘task mode’ setting, 130 lumens in ‘lantern mode’ setting and an eye-blinding 330 lumens in ‘task plus’ setting.

Usually when something like this comes by, it more often is just a gimmick. However, we quite loved the versatility the NEBO Glow 6668 provides with its thoughtful added functionality. Moreover, the on and off toggle is located at the top which allows you to easily turn the light on and off at will – no hand gymnastics required. The included 3 AAA batteries are a nice and thoughtful touch.

Apart from the light you also get the benefit of easily turning your tumbler into a cup with its ergonomic and easy to grip handle. Internally padded with anti-slip rubber, this holder will grip your tumbler firmly.

Say goodbye to accidental spills and inconveniences with this holder. These fit a wide range of 30-ounce tumblers some of which are the likes of YETI, Glacier Point, RTIC, Ozark Trail, NEBO products and many more. One thing to keep in mind though is to make sure if you are going to be buying this for a tumbler you already own, make sure your tumbler is 30 ounces. The NEBO Glow will also fit most car cup holders which is just the cherry on top at this point.

Premium Quality and Design

Usually tumbler holders are pretty basic accessories with not much thought and design are put behind them. Moreover, the NEBO changes that status quo and puts it right over its head.

Beautifully designed and made from premium high-quality materials means you can use this in a variety of scenarios. In addition, be it at the home or at work in a professional environment – the subtle look lends itself perfectly to any setting.

The black and red color scheme is not too loud and very tastefully done. With some of the best materials we have seen being used for this. It does look like quite an interesting gadget and not just a simple tumbler holder. Moreover, the handle itself is quite ergonomic as well, which means apart from the extra bells and whistles that it has – it serves its primary purpose very well. You can hold on to it for a long time without any signs of strain and not having to worry about your tumbler slipping.

NEBO has always been a popular brand amongst enthusiasts who are looking for a cool gadget or accessory to spice up their electronics game. With this they have made a seemingly plain piece of drinkware into a functional and cool working gadget with added functionality.

This is a must-have if you want something to make your life convenient which also adds some added functionality to your beloved tumbler. A great option for home use, professional use or even when you are out and about at a camping trip or hiking in the woods.

This little NEBO 6668 Glow can come in handy in many ways – no pun intended. A well-rounded and well-built from a reputed brand and rave reviews from other users speak volumes about the product.

For some, they would want a simple tumbler holder, but where is the fun in that? If you are going to buy an accessory for your tumbler why not get one that adds some more functionality all while making the thing more interesting and versatile to use. The NEBO 6668 Glow Tumbler Holder is exactly one such product that we were quite surprised by the popularity of and after getting our hands on it ourselves, we can see why people love it. It is an easy recommendation from us.

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