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Monitor Stands with Drawers

A tidy desktop naturally brings more productivity since your mind is not constantly distracted by the clutter. Monitor stands with drawers help you put away all the essentials but within easy reach. The cleared desk keeps you stress-free and encourages you to concentrate solely on the computer. That’s not the only benefit of this piece of furniture.

Monitor stands with drawers also doubles up as a monitor riser which helps to obtain an optimal ergonomic position. This in turn supports the natural alignment of the spine and prevents chronic pain. Here’s a list of the top-most options of this multi-functional product that everyone who owns a computer needs.

Top 10 Best Monitor Stands with Drawers of 2020

10. Mind Reader PC, Laptop

Mind Reader PC, Laptop

Here’s a versatile monitor stand that comes with 3 drawers to organize specific supplies. The built-in storage helps to sort and store stationery that would otherwise create a mess on the desk, such as paper clips, pencils, and sticky notes.

Design & Quality:

– Lightweight and stylish

– Solid construction


– Detachable non-skid legs to allow comfortable viewing

– Sectioned space-saving units.

9. Officemate 2200 Series Executive Monitor Stand

Officemate 2200 Series Executive Monitor Stand

 This monitor stand from Officemate comes with a drawer that can be used separately or to change monitor height. The pullout security drawer can be used to store documents. Great for organizing, this monitor stand is suitable for use at the office.

Design & Quality:

– Professional-looking

– Heavy-weight


– Bears computer at eye-level

– Detachable drawer.

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8. Sundale Bamboo Wood Monitor Stand

Sundale Bamboo Wood Monitor Stand

Product Description: This beautifully carved monitor stand is not only pleasing to look at, but it also does a wonderful job of organizing all your essentials in multiple drawers. If you are in search of a monitor stand that also elevates the room décor, get this one.

Design & Quality:

– Polished wooden finish

– Stable and eco-friendly


– Separate compartments for different supplies

– Comes with 4 pen holders.

7. SimpleHouseware Metal Desk Monitor Stand

SimpleHouseware Metal Desk Monitor Stand

This monitor stand from SimpleHouseware is a good option for the ones who want to put away their essentials but still keep them visible. It comes with an open drawer that can be used to place all your work supplies and grab them swiftly whenever needed.

Design & Quality:

– Metal mesh structure

– Durable


– Sliding drawer tray

– Storage pockets on the sides for smaller supplies.

6. Victor Midnight Black Collection

Victor Midnight Black Collection

Here’s a monitor stand that is not only pleasing to the eye but is also designed perfectly to set aside all the important documents and supplies. If you want to boost the appearance of your workstation, this will do an excellent job.

Design & Quality:

– Faux leather top for monitor placement

– Constructed with sturdy wood


– Open shelf above the drawer to keep papers/reports

– Easy to assemble.

5. Kantek Single Level Height-Adjustable Monitor

Kantek Single Level Height-Adjustable Monitor

This monitor stand comes with a height-adjustable option that lets you customize the level to your convenience. It’s an easy-to-setup monitor stand with a removable drawer to put aside supplies and documents.

Design & Quality:

– Simple and sleek

– Made of sturdy black plastic


– Allows cable management

– Extra-large and stackable.

4. Sundale Bamboo Wood Monitor Stand

Sundale Bamboo Wood Monitor Stand

Here’s another elegant-looking monitor stand from Sundale that has compartmentalized drawers for your office supplies and necessities such as your cellphone. To top that, it even has a cup holder for all the coffee/tea lovers.

Design & Quality:

– Coated with eco-friendly paint

– Sturdy construction


– In-built cable outlet

– Keyboard and mouse can be tucked in to increase desk space.

3. Fellowes Office Suites Premium Monitor Riser

Fellowes Office Suites Premium Monitor Riser

This monitor stand from Fellowes is the ultimate option for rooms with modern décor. In addition to keeping your essentials in the drawer, you can also utilize the compartment on the top surface specifically for media storage.

Design & Quality:

– Matte black finish with silver accents

– Made of durable plastic


– Non-skid rubber feet

– Comes with a cup-holder.

2. Monitor Stand Riser with Drawer

Monitor Stand Riser with Drawer

This stylish black and white monitor stand come fully assembled for you to use right away. It is the perfect space saver as it helps to store every tiny to large office supplies and keeps the workspace neat and clean.

Design & Quality:

– Ultra-modern

– Made of MDF to bear a maximum weight of 80 lbs.


– Slots for cellphone, stationery, and cup on the top surface

– Bottom space to hide the keyboard.

1. Bamboo Monitor Stand Riser with Drawers by Qlben

Bamboo Monitor Stand Riser with Drawers by Qlben

Finally, here’s an eco-friendly multi-use organizer from Qlben. With a spacious top surface for your phone, cup, and stationery, this monitor stand is large enough to fit monitors of all sizes. The concise monitor stand organizer is suitable for use at home and in the workplace.

Design & Quality:

– Made of 100% natural bamboo

– Durable frame that withstands up to 120 lbs.


– Bottom storage for keyboard and mouse

– Right viewing height for maximum comfort

When purchasing monitor stands with drawers, you must consider certain criteria to meet your needs, whether you want one with a fixed height or an adjustable height and if it is durable enough to hold your monitor. Once those requirements meet, you may focus on the design of the stand that would best fit your workstation or room interior. A product like this is beneficial to anyone who operates a computer or laptop on the daily. Therefore, we hope that this article will help you select one that meets all your desired features.

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