Best Micro Four Thirds Lenses in 2021

If you have no idea what the Micro Four Thirds lenses are, well, here is a bit of the backstory. In the year 2008, the Olympus and the Panasonic went on and released the standard for the design as well as the development of interchangeable mirrorless lens digital cameras as well as the camcorders that they went on and called Micro Four Thirds systems.

Well, this system was able to allow for bigger and much better sensors and the interchangeable lenses. It also went on to allow more control over the depth of the field. This meant that there would a wide variety of lenses that can work on the various cameras. Here are some of the best Micro Four Thirds lenses in the year 2020. You can also check out this:

Best Micro Four Thirds lenses Reviews | For the best photographer

10. PANASONIC LUMIX G II Micro lenses

PANASONIC LUMIX G II Lens, 20MM, F1.7 ASPH - Micro lenses

About the Product

Optically, among the best Micro Four Thirds lenses in terms of performance is this device. It delivers a very hugh sharpness with low CA as well as distortion.

  • A 20 mm focal length that is equivalent to 40 mm on the 35mm film camera.
  • F1.7 Brightness for the beautiful, a soft focus that is comprised of seven lenses in five groups.
  • The lens is not zoomable.
  • Closest focusing distance: 0.2m / 0.66 ft maximum magnification approx. 0.13x/ 0.25x.
  • Comprises of 7 lenses in five groups used with the Lumix G Micro System Cameras, which allows the use of advanced contrast Auto Focus system.

Customer Feedback

  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Excellent build quality.
  • Great portrait focal length.


9. Olympus BCL-15mm Micro lenses

Olympus BCL-15mm f8.0 Body Lens Cap - Micro lenses

About the Product

If you are looking for Micro Four Thirds lenses which combines great build quality with an excellent performance as well as those two factors alone making it a winner.

  • BCL 15mm f8 Body cap lens does serve as the body capo when one is carrying a camera around without the interchangeable lens. It transforms to become a pan focus snapshot lens so as to capture the images.
  • The lens is a bit thin, which is just 8 millimeters thick hence it can easily be mistaken for the camera mount body cap.
  • With 3 glass lens elements in 3 groups, it can easily be used as the wide-angle lens equivalent with single focal length of around 30 mm.
  • It is compatible with the manual focusing using the lever as well as capable of close up shooting as close as 30 cm.
  • The lens protection barrier is offered so that the lens can easily be mounted permanently on this camera and even be put in the pocket together with the camera.

Customer Feedback

  • The image quality is very good.
  • Suitable for even beginners.
  • The most convenient lens that you can own.

8. Olympus M.Zuiko Micro lenses

Olympus M.Zuiko 9mm f8.0 Fisheye Body Cap Lens BCL-0980 - Micro lenses

About the Product

One of the major factors that make this product to stand out among the best Micro Four Thirds lenses is the fact that it combines unique zoom range. The image quality is superb and the lens handles very well.

  • An ultra-wide-angle body cap lens that has inbuilt fisheye lens.
  • Ultra-wide 18 millimeter equivalent field of view.
  • Superb discreet street shooting lens.
  • All glass lens elements.
  • The Manual focus only with the close op as well as the infinity focus settings.

Customer Feedback

  • It is sharp in the center and it does take wonderful photos.
  • Little softer in the corners.
  • Produces fish-eye distorted image with very severe barrel distortion.

7. Rokinon FE75MFT-B

Rokinon FE75MFT-B 7.5mm F3.5 UMC Fisheye Lens - Micro lenses

About the Product

When this device was put to test, it surprised many people as the unassuming exterior was a quite superb compact lens which delivers goods. Images are not compromised hence making it stand out among the best Micro Four Thirds lenses.

  • Ultra wide-angle 7.5-millimeter fisheye lens is going to give you an exaggerated perspectives and 180-degree angle of the view for dramatic effects.
  • Great for travel photography due to the wide depth of the field.
  • Interior photography that does capture while room.
  • Low coma helps in preventing a blur which looks like the comet’s tail which can occur at the lens edge.
  • Low Chromatic Aberration ensures that all the colors can be able to come into focus for a reduced color fringing as well as the increased sharpness.
  • Internal Focus: The focus is easily achieved without the need to lengthen as well as rotate of the front lens element.

Customer Feedback

  • Great image especially in well-lit places.
  • Lightweight and have great metallic.
  • Fun to be able to shoot while having the full manual control of aperture as well as focus hence allowing you to focus on every shot.

6. Rokinon Cine CV85M-MFT

Rokinon Cine CV85M-MFT 85mm T1.5 Cine Aspherical Lens - Micro lenses

About the Product

If you are looking for Micro Four Thirds lenses which offer sharpness of very high quality, then this should be the first option. Chromatic Aberration is much under control and the flare is neither a problem either.

  • Minimum focusing distance of 3.6 feet.
  • The lens not zoomable.
  • It has De-clicked aperture to be able to reduce the noise as well as jerking motions.
  • The lens is usually followed focus compatible to ensure user focus and use aperture ring with no interruption on video shooting.

Customer Feedback

  • High-quality piece of glass.
  • Achieves smooth focus transitions on the videos.
  • The build quality appears to be very solid.

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5. Rokinon 12mm F2.0

Rokinon 12mm F2.0 NCS CS Ultra Wide Angle Fixed Lens - Micro lenses

About the Product

This device is a cracking good lens which is highly functional with useful teleconverter which extends possibilities. It is a big pleasure to use this device and the price won’t hurt.

  • Prime lenses which are sharper and lighter and it can work even in low lighting conditions than the zoom lenses.
  • The Nano coating system enhances the light transmission as well as suppresses the lens flare as well as the ghosting for more contrast-rich, color-neutral images.
  • Low coma that assists in preventing distortion of the point sources of light including stars.
  • The lens does have low achromatic aberration which allows all the colors to be able to come into focus.

Customer Feedback

  • Wide-angle ensuring that you capture a wider view.
  • Great for nature.
  • Superb especially in low light.


4. Sigma 19mm F2.8

Sigma 19mm F2.8 EX DN Art (Black) for Micro 4/3 - Micro lenses

About the Product

Among the Micro Four Thirds lenses which are very easy to handle is Sigma 19mm F2.8. It is able to produce excellent results and has been well priced against the competition.

  • 3 glass mold aspherical lenses offer excellent correction for color aberration, distortion, and the field curvature.
  • Superior telecentric optical design enhances image quality throughout this frame.
  • Excellent multi-layer coating reduces the flare as well as ghosting and also offers sharp as well as very high contrast images even at an optimum aperture.

Customer Feedback

  • Small lightweight prime lens.
  • It works perfectly.
  • Extremely sharp and very accurate picture rendition.

3. Olympus M. 40-150mm

Olympus M. 40-150mm F4.0-5.6 R Zoom Lens (Black) - Micro lenses

About the Product

With reasonable pricing, excellent sharpness across frame from the maximum aperture, useful optical stabilization and the life-size magnification at the closest focusing distance, is all that you need.

  • High power zoom is a perfect companion to the standard kit lens. This means that you can easily shoot indoors and outdoors, long-distance scenes and the close-up portraits.
  • Linear drive motor that is this device is MSC (Movie Still Compatible) and it offers fast and almost silent focusing as well as an aperture performance.
  • A serious handheld performance which ensures that you can be able to shoot longer handheld exposures without having tripod.
  • Excellent choice for sports as well as portraits

Customer Feedback

  • Lightweight and perfect travel lens.
  • The image quality is very good.
  • Lens is able to focus very quickly.



PANASONIC LUMIX G LENS, 25MM, F1.7 ASPH - Micro lenses

About the Product

With features such as compact size and lightweight, this device is among the best Micro Four Thirds lenses that you can purchase.

  • Nano Surface coating reduces unwanted ghosting as well as flaring for crystal clear pictures.
  • High precision and high-speed AF: Stepping motor makes focusing action smooth and near-silent for use in the video as well as photo recording.
  • Stable optical performance: Compact lens maintains stable optical performance even at the wide F halt.
  • Fast standard lens: Versatile and fast focal length lens that is perfect for the low light and high-quality photography.
  • Seven aperture blade construction: Len’s seven aperture blades give an amazing smoothness in out of the focus areas, even when one is shooting at the large aperture.

Customer Feedback

  • Lightweight.
  • Good flare control.
  • Superb edge to edge sharpness.

1. Rokinon 85M-MFT

Rokinon 85M-MFT 85mm F1.4 Ultra Wide Lens - Micro lenses

About the Product

With the fine lens which is priced well, especially when it is compared to the lenses covering wide-angle view of the scenery, this Micro Four Thirds lenses stands out in the list and it tops the list.

  • 85 millimeter f1/4 manual focus which is the ultra-bright lens and it has a high aperture of around f1/4.
  • Despite the fact that you can utilize the lens in the manual focus mode. Well, it is compatible with automated properties available with the digital SLR cameras.
  • Compact and lightweight and it offers an ideal focal length as well as a bright aperture for use as the portrait lens. Available for the mirrorless cameras.

Customer Feedback

  • Great optics that allow in lots of light.
  • Has a real aperture ring which you can easily turn,
  • Superb solid feel to focus ring and the large grip area.



Are you among the avid photographers who are heavily interested in the Micro Four Thirds camera lens? Well, then this is a good piece of news to you. Regardless of the camera that you may be using, you can join this system regardless of what the camera that you do currently have. There are very many options which are available that you can choose from. Well, to make your work easier, we have been able to compile some of the best micro 4 lenses that you can be able to choose from.

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