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To begin with, luggage scales have had much popularity through which they have become a part of the flight traveling in the determination of the weight of the luggage. Furthermore, these luggage scales are not only used in determining the weight of the luggage, but they also are used in computing the money the traveler will pay. In addition to this, it determines whether the maximum weight on each passenger has been surpassed. This requires much accuracy and hence developing the need for having a luggage scale.

Nevertheless, where an inaccurate luggage scale is selected, it might raise serious consequences on the traveling agency as well as to the passengers. As a result of this, we have you a solution to the best luggage scales which you will get to have the best and accurate measurements. This is through our thorough research to ensure you get the best. Check our below top 10 best luggage scales you will find in the market today.

Top Best luggage Scales In 2020

8) Backlight LCD Display Luggage Scale

Backlight LCD Display Luggage Scale

This is one of the amazing luggage scales you will find. It will not only provide you with accurate results but will also give you a long-lasting service from its high durability. It boasts of a capacity of 50kg or 110lbs in which it also has an accuracy of 0.02lb on every 10g. This, therefore, makes it have precise and more accurate results.

In addition to this, it also features a backlit LCD screen which ensures ease in reading the results even in total darkness. Furthermore, this luggage scale not only displays the weight but also displays the temperatures of the luggage making it a two in one luggage scale.

  • Features auto-off and tare functions
  • Highly durable from high-quality material used
  • Easy to use

7) Samsonite Electronic Luggage Scale

Samsonite Electronic Luggage Scale


The Samsonite Electronic luggage scale features a conical shape making it look stylish. It uses stainless steel material hook which is strong enough to hold this luggage scale on your bag. It clearly displays the results from the LCD screen in which you can convert the weights in your preferred option including both kilos and pounds.

Furthermore, it has a high degree of accuracy which ensures that you get an accurate result and it will withstand a bag which weights up to a weight of 80 lbs. Lastly, it also contains a tape measure which you will use in ensuring that your bag fits the size regulations required.

  • Measures a weight of up to 80lbs
  • Features a grip handle that is comfortable
  • Comes with an adjustable strap for enhancing the weighing process

6) Digital Luggage Scale 

Digital Luggage Scale 

This is yet another one of the most amazing luggage scales you will find which provides you with precise and accurate results within a very short period of time. Results provided can be in the form of either pounds or kilograms depending on your preference and the place you are. It will hold a capacity of up to 100lbs or 50kgs.

This luggage scale has an ergonomic and a sleek design which makes it have high portability. In addition to this, it also has a bright backlit LCD display which enhances quick visibility for immediate results.

  • Features shut-off and auto-lock functions for saving the battery life
  • Holds a weight capacity of up to 100lbs or 50 kg
  • Uses 2 AAA batteries which are included

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5) 4UMOR Luggage Scale

4UMOR Luggage Scale

Despite most luggage scales using interchangeable looks, the 4UMOR luggage scale makes the use of a unique design with an addition of caring about its functionalities as well. First, it has a comfortable handle which you will have a strong grip. In addition to this, it also features a well-backlit LCD display.

In addition to this, the design of this luggage scale provides a shut-off feature which ensures that it shuts down automatically after every 60 seconds of inactivity. Finally, it provides you with options of weight units which include kilos, pounds, ounces, and grams. You just need to select one that suits you.

  • A backlit LCD display
  • Can measure the weight of bags of up to 110 pounds with high accuracy levels
  • Provides both the low battery as well as the overload warnings

4) Etekcity Digital Hanging Luggage Scale

Etekcity Digital Hanging Luggage Scale

Etekcity digital hanging luggage scale is another one of the best luggage scales we found to suit your needs. First, it features a high-accuracy sensor together with a rubber paint technology which ensures that you get accurate results. This will just be through hooking your luggage scale on the luggage.

In addition to this, it also features a thermometer temperature sensor which provides measurements in both F° and C°. Lastly, it also features auto-off and tare functions which will save you time and energy.

  • FDA/CE/FCC/ROHS approved
  • Holds a capacity of 110 lbs or 50kgs
  • Contains a thermometer temperature sensor that provides measurement in both F° and C°

3) EatSmart Precision Voyager Digital Luggage Scale 

EatSmart Precision Voyager Digital Luggage Scale 

Being one of the best from our list, you are sure of having the EatSmart luggage scale will give you an amazing weighing experience. First, it features a strong, large handle which ensures that you get a comfortable and a strong grip. In addition to this, it has a clear, backlit LCD display. This luggage scale will hold a weight of up to 110 pounds.

Furthermore, the EatSmart luggage scale also contains an auto-off feature which ensures that it shuts itself automatically after 20 seconds of inactivity so as to save the battery’s life. Lastly, it comes with a 2-year warranty which ensures that you get full satisfaction on its use.

  • A 20-second auto-off feature to save the battery’s life
  • Beeps while indicating accurate reading
  • Features a large and clear back-lit digital display

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2) Tarriss Jetsetter Digital Luggage ScaleTarriss Jetsetter Digital Luggage Scale

On the second best luggage scale from our list is the Tarriss Jetsetter Digital Luggage Scale. First, you will be sure of having a long-lasting service from its use in which it features a 100% satisfaction guarantee together with a lifetime warranty.

This luggage scale features a lightweight as well as a compact construction which makes this luggage scale to be reliable for your travel use. It holds a capacity of 110lbs or 50kgs with an accuracy of 0.2lb on every 10 grams.

  • Contains an easy to read backlit LCD display
  • Measures a weight capacity of up to 110lb or 50 kg
  • Highly durable through the use of the stainless steel material

1) Samsonite Manual Scale, Black

Samsonite Manual Scale, Black

On the top of the list is the Samsonite Manual Scale which is unique from most of the other luggage scales. This is through its old-school look with which it works perfectly with the common features of the best old-school tech. However, using this luggage scale is not an easy task. An amazing thing about it is that you don’t need to power it nor will the batteries die as they are not included fully.

This is one of the most accurate luggage scales invented in which it has an error or about 2-10 ounces. In addition to this, it is also of a lightweight hence making it highly portable.

  • Features an inbuilt tape measure to avoid overweight bags
  • Contains an adjustable strap together with a comfortable grip handle
  • Measure the weight of up to 80 lbs.

In summary, while choosing the best luggage scales, you will have to put several factors into consideration. This is to avoid the luggage scales which will later disappoint you and which would cost you must upon depending on the results provided. However, with the above top ten best luggage scales we have provided you, we are sure that this will go a long way in avoiding any penalties due to overweight luggage.

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