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living room curtains

The living room bears great importance. It is a common family area. We entertain our guests in the living room. The décor of your living room speaks for you. If you want to create a good impression on your guests, then you must buy some aesthetically eye-pleasing living room curtains. A beautifully designed living room curtain panels can work wonders.

It will enhance your existing ambiance. We have done our market research & listed the best living room drapes out there. Invest in any of the premium quality curtains & make your living space more beautiful.

Top 10 Best Living Room Curtains in 2020

10. Vintage Floral Printed Living Room Curtains

Vintage Floral Printed Living Room Curtains

The timeless & chic curtains will add a festive vibe to your living room. This thick curtain panel hinders 100% UV ray & 90% sunlight entrance in your living room.

The curtain fabric has a motif design. The skin-friendly, silky & soft curtain is made from microfiber fabric with polyester composition.


9. subrtex Printed Curtains

subrtex Printed Curtains

These rich luxurious curtains will increase the esthetics of your living space ambiance. It blocks 80% of the harsh sunlight and harmful UV rays.

The natural landscape design of the curtain is printed on a brown background. It is made from premium quality polyester microfiber fabric.

  • Blackout curtain panels
  • Chemicals or coating free
  • Large grommets top
  • Thermal insulation

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8. Bermino Faux Linen Ombre Sheer Curtains

Bermino Faux Linen Ombre Sheer Curtains

This gorgeous voile sheer curtain provides a perfect balance between light & privacy. It is designed to enhance the elegance of your living room.

The black gradient colored curtain fabric is made from premium high-quality faux linen with pure polyester composition. It includes 8 silver grommets top.

  • Set of 2 curtain panels
  • Ombre semi sheer curtains
  • Vibrant color
  • Machine washable

7. jinchan Floral Scroll Printed Linen Curtains

jinchan Floral Scroll Printed Linen Curtains

This Jacobean retro-styled curtains will give your living room a vintage, rustic vibe. This curtain ensures a great time watching TV with its anti-glare protection.

The floral scroll printed curtain is crafted with 85% polyester &15% durable linen. This curtain comes in a taupe color.

  • Ikat flax textured
  • Light Reducing
  • No glare protection
  • Polyblend textured fabric
  • Washing machine friendly

6. Melodieux Moroccan Fashion Curtains

Melodieux Moroccan Fashion Curtains

This chic living room curtain ensures the utmost privacy. It blocks 100% UV rays & 80% to 90% sunlight. Your living room will vibe with the curtain’s cultural & contemporary look beautifully.

The curtain fabric is imprinted with Moroccan style geometric shapes on the colored background. The curtain top has 8 antique grommets.

  • Triple weave fabric
  • Contemporary design
  • Rust free grommets top
  • Soundproof
  • Energy efficient
  • Matching tie back included

5. H.VERSAILTEX Natural Linen Blended Curtain

H.VERSAILTEX Natural Linen Blended Curtain

 This 52” Width x 84” length linen curtain panels will complement your existing living room décor perfectly.

Open weave flax linen blended material is used for the curtain fabric. It has a natural & primitive look. The curtain panels feature 8 grommet tops crafted with nickel.

  • Lightweight & airy
  • Environment friendly & saves energy
  • Easy to care

4. NICETOWN Sheer Living Room Curtains

NICETOWN Sheer Living Room Curtains

This sheer curtain achieves a perfect light level balance between indoors & outdoors. It ensures a well-lit living room with natural ambiance. It provides a luxurious finesse to the room.

The dark grey curtain fabric is made from polyester & polyester blend. It comes with nickel grommets.

  • Elegant & stylish
  • Voile sheer curtain
  • Breathable & lightweight texture
  • Washing machine friendly

3. H.VERSAILTEX Geo Trellis Curtain

H.VERSAILTEX Geo Trellis Curtain

This finely crafted blackout curtain blocks 90% of sunlight & 100% of harmful UV rays. The vibrant drapes will be a beautiful addition to your living room.

The natural microfiber curtain fabric is triple inner woven. The geometric trellis design of the curtain is unique & refreshing.

  • Natural blackout
  • Noise-reducing
  • Energy efficient
  • Formaldehyde vinyl-free & skin-friendly curtain fabric
  • Easy upkeep

2.HLC.ME Semi Sheer Curtains

HLC.ME Semi Sheer Curtains

This semi-sheer living room curtains give out a luxurious & elegant feel. The light filtering curtain will brighten up your room.

100% polyester voile fabric is used to make this curtain. The color of the curtain is a solid aqua blue teal. The grommets come in brushed nickel color.

  • Light & airy
  • Light filtering voile
  • Machine Washable

1.NICETOWN Indoor Slider Curtains

NICETOWN Indoor Slider Curtains

This blackout sliding door blinds add an elegant touch to your living room. The size of the extra-wide curtain is 100 wide x 84 long, perfect for indoor sliders.

The burgundy red curtain is made from triple-weave pure polyester fabric. It includes 14 grommet top in silver color.

  • Innovative triple-weave technology
  • Blocks sunlight and UV rays
  • Thermal insulation
  • Noise reduction
  • Machine washable

Living room curtain is one of the essential items for every homeowner. It ensures home privacy & adds to the ambiance. Decorate your living room with beautiful curtains that goes with the room. Well-designed & well-made living room curtains are valued for money. These vibrant, stylish & chic curtains will make your living space look better. The good-looking living area will help brighten up your mood too. Choose any of the above curtain panels according to your liking. Your guests will be in awe of your living room décor choice.

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