List of Interior Design Schools in Thailand

Thailand is a new, but an outstanding spot on the map of interior design hubs. Its characteristic style, inspired by national culture and eastern influences is gaining a world-wide recognition and a broad audience of staunch followers. Such a considerable success doesn’t come from nothing. As interior design is all about people and ideas, this country have invested in them, creating a perfect environment for their development. The crucial part of it are schools were future adepts of this field can acquire knowledge, skills and the right approach to this sector. Thailand can boast about at least few of them, educating future interior designers, with the potential of being world-wide known for their distinguished style and creative ideas. We have prepared a list of the most important interior design schools in this country with a short description, pointing out their most important features. Let it be the indicator for young people aiming for such a career. Choosing one of these schools can only be a good choice!

1. Accademia Italiana

Accademia Italiana

Italian designers in the middle of Asia? Indeed, the school is an offshoot of Rome based school under the same name. Opened in 2006 has already gained an excellent reputation in Thailand, attracting students with interesting curriculum, the best teachers, European focus, as well as the possibility of obtaining a diploma of the UK Nottingham Trent University, the school is affiliated with. Based in Bangkok, one of the most vital Asian cities, the school gives its students numerous inspirations, both during classes and after them, on the campus on in the city. The international cooperation with many important interior designs institutes gives the students an opportunity to study abroad and learn how to work in a multinational environment, which is a basis for of nowadays interior design. The international approach is the basis for the curriculum prepared for the Interior and Product Design bachelor course, designed for young people, wishing to focus on this subject. This one degree offers a wide knowledge about various design fields, like design of objects, product design, design of interior and exterior spaces. The school gives the students many opportunities to engage practically in the industry, by participating in exhibitions, encounters, conferences, and special projects where the creativity of the new talents may truly emerge.


2. Chanapatana


“It has been said many times that the whole world steps aside for the man who knows where he is going. We, at Chanapatana International Design Institute believe in that mantra and encourage you to start expanding your future of possibilities now” says the school in their welcome message on the main website. Founded in 2000, the school is committed to the development of Thai interior design school, putting much effort to make it recognized in the world. Chanapatana also prides itself with excellent, international personnel, mostly on European with a great deal of Italian teachers with years of experience of teaching in best design schools in Europe. The curriculum is designed to meet Italian design school standards, in which hands-on learning is a crucial point. Students are encouraged to look for their own ways and show they creativity in unique ideas. At the end of the program they also get a chance to present their best work at the annual exhibition, which attracts attention of leading media and the whole industry. The school puts not only passion, but also a philosophy in their teaching. As they explain in the course description “Diploma of Interior & Product Design program lies on the philosophy that design professionals have responsibility to play a crucial role in improving people life”. People are in the center of attention of Chanapatana, so are the students, which can count on a remarkable attention of their teachers which will surely result in an outstanding success.


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