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When you purchase a desk lamp, you most likely focus on the style that fits your taste or room décor. With that as a ticked box, it’s pertinent that you choose one that is efficient as well. LED desk lamps are the most cost-effective and long-lasting types of light sources. Not only do they require very low power, but they also provide a controlled beam of light exactly where you need it.

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Ideal for desks at home or work, operating costs of LED lamps are much lower than halogen ones even though they come at a high initial price. That being said, we have listed down the best LED desk lamps to match your needs.

Top 10 Best LED Desk Lamps of 2020

10. Ikea Jansjo LED Work Lamp

Preview Product Rating Price
Ikea 902.142.33 Jansjo LED Work Lamp, White Ikea 902.142.33 Jansjo LED Work Lamp, White No ratings yet $27.99

For all the workaholics out there, this LED desk lamp from Ikea is a great option. The affordable lamp is well-built with an adjustable stand that can be twisted for needed light direction. However, the parts have to be assembled but it can be easily done following instructions.

Design and Quality:

– Art-deco styling

– Sturdy base


– Provides focused bright light

– Supports corded power source.

9. Globe Electric 12643 Energy Star

If you are in search of an affordable LED lamp, here’s one from Globe Electric that is designed with a gooseneck thereby, making it adjustable. A good option for gifts, or personal use this desk lamp meets all the requirements of a standard LED desk lamp.

Design and Quality:

– Chic and compact

– Sturdy and durable


– Integrated LED bulb

– Not dimmable.

8. New Sunbeam Flexible Neck LED Desk Lamp

The touch-sensitive LED desk lamp from Sunbeam is a great option as it fits all the standard requirements: good price, great quality, modern-looking. If that’s what you’re looking for in a lamp, purchasing this would do you justice.

Design and Quality:

– Soft-touch finish

– Durable and sturdy


– High maneuverability

– Rotatory head.

7. VICFUN LED Desk Lamp

Here’s a versatile LED desk lamp that allows 7 levels of brightness and 5 color modes to best suit your tasks. The combination of light settings is soft to the eye, making it appropriate to use for a long period. The modern-looking desk lamp is a perfect fit for your desk at home.

Design and Quality:

– Sleek and contemporary

– Dimmable and flexible


– USB option for charging devices

– Allows sleep-mode.

6. Deacon Modern Desk Table Lamp

This ultra-modern desk lamp will not only provide you the functional LED light, but it will also double up as a bedside or office space accessory. For all the aesthetics enthusiasts, this LED desk lamp should be your ultimate choice.

Design and Quality:

– Metal construction with bronze finish

– Light-weight and sturdy


– USB charging port added

– Adjustable fixtures.

5. STARPIE Portable LED Desk Lamp

As the name suggests, this LED desk lamp is portable and foldable which you can get the use out of, both at home and workplace. It fully runs on battery, lasting up to 8 hours. This budget-friendly desk lamp is also a good choice for college students who need to pull through all-nighters.

Design and Quality:

– Sleek appearance

– Environmentally friendly


– Allows 3 color temperatures with 3 level dimming

– Adjustable folding arm.

4. Gooseneck Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

Here’s a stylish LED desk lamp that fits right into any room with a modern décor. With its 3-level brightness it produces a constant beam of light for reading, writing and working purposes. Besides, the in-built USB port supports charging while you use the lamp.

Design and Quality:

– Pyramid-shaped bottom with a wooden surface

– Provides constant non-flickering light beam


– Flexible and adjustable arm

– Integrated touch-control.

3. Newhouse Lighting LED Desk Lamp

To ensure stress-free productivity, get this high-quality LED desk lamp from NewHouse. The light output is more of a spotlight making it perfect for reading and intricate work such as stitching. Moreover, it comes with a USB charging port for all electronic devices.

Design and Quality:

– High-grade silicon neck

– Devoid of harmful chemicals like mercury


– Touch dimming option

– Twistable gooseneck.

2. Gladle Eye-caring Dimmable Desk Light

Here’s a color-adjustable LED desk lamp that produces light soothing to the eye even when used for long hours. Besides, the onboard memory allows the light settings to remain the same as when it is last used. If you are in search of a desk lamp for working or studying, you should get this one without a doubt.

Design and Quality:

– Minimalistic

– High-quality flicker-free light source


– Adjustable head

– Light easily blends from cool to warm & vice-versa

– Easy to assemble.


 This is a multi-functional desk lamp that creates an eye-protecting beam of light that is suitable to be used for long hours for any focus-related activities. It comes with options for several mode lights to fit your task. To top it off, it offers USB port and wireless charging option.

Design and Quality:

– Has a modern flair to it

– Lightweight


– Color temperature memory function

– Facilitates touch control

– Foldable and portable.

Sometimes, light fixtures on the wall might not suffice the required brightness for specific tasks. That’s when task lighting, in the form of LED desk lamps come in handy. Although LED bulbs are on the higher end of the pricing spectrum, they have an incredible lifespan. Consequently, if you purchase one for your home or workplace, it will most like last you for a decade or more. Since appearance matters for products like these, we are positive that you will be able to select one from our list that complements your taste.

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