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Best Leather Steering Wheel Covers in 2020 | Enhance Driving Experience

The steering wheel is perhaps the most abused interior feature, which you can find in your car. Extensive use, as well as the elements, are culprits behind it. During the summer season, it gets exposed to sunlight, and its lifespan gets shortened along with the features. Leather steering wheel covers are one of the best remedies for this problem. These are considerably cheap and with the added opportunity for personalization, it’s a no-brainer to get them. You’ll also get the added benefit of a better grip on the wheel. Let’s get started by talking about the top 10 leather steering wheel covers.

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Top 10 Best Leather Steering Wheel Covers in 2020

10. Gomass Steering Wheel Cover

Gomass Steering Wheel Cover

The Gomass Covers offer comfort with their soft leather, and it will fit any 14.5-15inch wheel. To ensure breathability, the manufacturer used a laser punching process during designing. They are free of any heavy chemicals use, so their construction is quite eco-friendly.

You can expect good stitching on them similar to interior seats. These Gomass covers offer durability for a longer lifespan. The covers’ elegant and stylish appearance can help to hide the damaged and faded steering wheel.

9. Wheelskins Genuine Leather Cover

Wheelskins Genuine Leather Cover

Next up, we have the covers with genuine leather from Wheelskins, and these covers offer high quality as well as durability. This makes the product a great car accessory investment. You can find these covers in different colors to personalize your car’s interiors.

Wheelskins have termed this as universal, so you can expect it to fit most of the steering wheels. These covers make your driving more comfortable and the material used feels good considering long drives.

8. Valleycomfy Universal Cover

Valleycomfy Universal Cover

Another great leather steering wheel cover is the Universal from Valleycomfy. The producers claim that the cover will provide you with comfort to your hands during driving, especially during the long-distance ones. The cover fits 14.5-15.5inch wheels, and there are various color choices available.

Valleycomfy Universal has durable materials, and it will withstand your everyday use. With the perfect materials and sewing, you can forget about worrying about losing grip because of sweaty hands. It will add style and class to your automobile.

7. Vitodeco Odorless Cover

Vitodeco Odorless Cover

The main selling point of the Vitodeco Steering Wheel Cover is that it doesn’t come with any weird odors, which is great if the vehicle is enclosed. This is mainly due to its construction of top-quality leather.

You can get these in basic colors such as brown, beige, gray, and black, and they come in large, standard, and small sizes for different vehicles. It’s comparatively easier to install, and the pattern of dragon scale on it makes gripping more secure. The stylish design is an additional complement to the product.

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6. BOKIN Steering Wheel Cover

BOKIN Steering Wheel Cover

The BOKIN cover for steering wheels is very comfortable to handle, and it will fit any steering wheel ranging from 14.5-15inch. You have the option to choose a color for the cover to make the interior fashionable.

Viscose and microfiber leather make these covers very durable as well as less susceptible to high or low temperatures. This means that the steering wheel won’t get hot even under direct sunlight. You can easily clean the cover and it’s antibacterial and in addition, you will get a warranty of 18 months.

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5. Moyishi Universal Steering Wheel Cover

Moyishi Universal Steering Wheel Cover

Moyishi’s Universal Steering Wheel Cover is made of PVC leather and the edges have weaved pattern along with them so that you can maintain a firm grip. The weaved pattern texture makes the cover comfortable for longer sessions of driving.

The easy install, sturdy build and 14.5-15.25inch fit range make this steering wheel cover hard to pass. They come in various colors to help you match them with your car’s interior. The PVC leather might cause your hand to dry out, but you won’t get any odor from the product.

4. Ylife Microfiber Leather Cover

Ylife Microfiber Leather Cover

Next in our list of leather steering wheel covers is the Microfiber Leather one from Ylife. You’ll love it for its comfort, and the fabric has good breathability. This means that the hands will have less sweat on the steering wheel.

Even in case of sweat, the cover’s material will help to maintain a strong grip for a safer drive. It will hide the existing wear and tear perfectly while protecting the steering wheel from any type of damage.

3. SEG Direct Black Steering Wheel Cover

SEG Direct Black Steering Wheel Cover

Direct Black from SEG comes in an expensive look but at an affordable price. It’s perfect for those who want their interior to look great but cannot afford expensive steering wheel covers.

Microfiber doesn’t offer the durability of genuine leather; however, the material offers a good grip with comfort. There are several color options available for this product for you to choose. It also installs quickly while resisting high temperatures, and the fit range for this steering wheel cover is 14.5-15inch.

2. Rueesh Microfiber Leather Cover

Rueesh Microfiber Leather Cover

Coming in a matte, anti-slip-finish the Microfiber Leather Cover for steering wheels from Rueesh is a great product. It is capable of withstanding weather condition changes despite being made out of thin materials.

You don’t have to check any model as the universal fit of this is supposed to fit around 90% of the steering wheels you can throw at it. This also offers wear-resistance, and your car will have a fresh look. The design on it makes sure that you have more control on the wheel with a sturdier grip.

1. Mayco Bell Steering Wheel Cover

Mayco Bell Steering Wheel Cover

Lastly, we have the Steering Wheel Cover from Mayco Bell, and they have done a great job with its design. The build of the cover contains pliable and very soft imitation leather. This steering wheel cover offers a strong grip while being great looking.

It is a little tight on the wheel, but that’s normal as it is intended for fit. You might want to consider something else if you have small hands as the wheel can get a little thick once the cover gets installed.

These are the top ten leather steering wheel covers you can get out there in the market in 2020. We have reviewed each of them for your consideration. 

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