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As human beings, we work, we eat, and we sleep, have fun and repeat. We enjoy the little things like sleeping in little late or watching movies with our partner in the warmth of our bed. LapGear takes care of these little things for us. A desk for the bed is just what we need. Even though it may sound as on the verge of luxury, you will never know its importance until you have one.

Go through our list of top 10 products by LapGear.

Top 10 Best LapGear Products of 2020

10. LapGear BamBoard Pro

LapGear BamBoard Pro

The LapGear BamBoard is reliable for those busy bees who are habituated in using multiple devices at once. Worried about trapped heat that will bust you into flames? This 22” × 11” board has 18 ventilation holes for your laptop to be cool even when you’re not.

Built with three layers of bamboo, this lapdesk consists of double tablet rests, an integrated media bar and more two slots for you to use your gadgets vertically or horizontally.

  • Padded wrist rest
  • Eco-friendly
  • Proper ventilation

9. Designer Tablet Pillow Stand

Designer Tablet Pillow Stand

Probably the most comfortable gadget accessory in the world, this designer product by LapGear fits most tablets and has a thick strap to carry while traveling. You don’t even need an extra pillow on the bed if you have this.

Match this micro-beaded stand according to the shades of your room from the three different designs. Although a little small to rest your laptop on and your sheet will probably be punctured when writing, this is by far the most comfortable Tablet stand LapGear has produced.


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8. LapGear XL Executive Style #45188

LapGear XL Executive Style #45188

Curved around the edges and ready to start work, this Executive desk has been layered with a premium napped cushion base. This cushion provides support, comfort, stability and also reduces heat burped out from your laptop.

Adorned in a posh mahogany bamboo surface, the Executive is pumped with a foamed angle cushion and can fit a 17.3” laptop.

  • Bolster cushion underneath
  • Curved edges
  • Eco friendly

7. LapGear Style No. 45492

LapGear Style No. 45492

Unlike other LapGear products, this Style by LapGear works as a mini-desk. Although not mini for a 15 inch laptop, this surface has two Velcro pouches on the side for storage and its features are accessible to both left-handed and right handed people.

Available on 4 funky colors blended with a body of black for you to choose. Although the built-in wrist cushion may not be a favorite, the smooth plastic of the desk curves up on your lap like a perfect match.

  • Micro bead lap-pad
  • Mobile desk
  • 2 zipped pockets

6. Clipboard Lap Desk

Clipboard Lap Desk

 This desk by LapGear is more appealing to college students because of the mounted clip. Attach notes and stationery to write on the bed of your dorm or take it to the coffee shop with the notes still attached.

Although you can’t take this with you in the exam hall because of the bolster cushions underneath, the surface has the capacity to fit laptops up to a size of 17”. I like it blue.

  • Dual pen holder
  • Rack hole/airflow channel
  • Mounted clip

5. LapGear Smart-e

LapGear Smart-e

 If you are used to switching between working and relaxing, then the Smart-e could be the smart choice. The 11” slot at the edge can be used to position your tilted tablet for screen time or to add a keyboard for work.

Available in 3 elegant styles, the tray is supported with a bumpy cushion, a small buckle for transportation and an ergonomic wrist pad to keep your hands in place, although too smooth to keep your laptop in place

  • Lined media slot
  • Micro bead cushion
  • Screwed on wrist rest

4. Media Bed Tray

Media Bed Tray

This tray had to be in the top 10. The tray is a combination of versatility and a homey feel. Enjoy breakfast in bed, easy working and writing or movie time with this wooden comfort tray.

LapGear offers two wooden colors of the Media Bed Tray. Looks like an average bamboo tray but have a spacious stand and a lined slot for positioning your gadgets.


3. LapGear Designer Lap

LapGear Designer Lap

The Designer Lap looks like a pool table in the disguise of an office table. The elastic organizational strap keeps your files intact while the pen holder tucked in with the memory foam under the wood helps you not ruin your bed sheets.

Out of the 9 trending colors, the blue blossoms is my favorite as it goes with the bedroom curtains. The carry buckle added has made this desk travel friendly.

  • Laptop bumper
  • 7.9” lined slot
  • Durable cushion

2. LapGear Elevation

LapGear Elevation

Mounted with a foldable bolster cushion attached to the memory foam, this lap desk lets you work whether you’re slanted on your couch, a chair or even when you’re sleeping on your bed. The surface is practical enough to fit a 16” laptop along with a cute mouse.

The plastic desk is fitted with a nice strap and lined phone slot which may not be a very good idea to keep your phone on if you’re clumsy.

  • Plastic laptop ledge
  • Elastic strap
  • Foldable bolster cushion

1. LapGear Home Office Pro

LapGear Home Office Pro

Superior comfort, practicality and modern design, all comes together in the Home Office Pro. The wrist rest on the top and double bean-bag bolsters on the bottom have been built with your utmost comfort in mind.

Built with a phone and a mouse slot, when you hold the buckle, it almost looks like a quality briefcase.

  • Environment friendly packaging
  • 9”×5” depression
  • Wrist rest

These gears don’t necessarily have to be used just for working. They work perfectly for breakfast in bed. Or basically any actions you feel like doing in the comfort of your bed. Hope our list of the best LapGear products will help you to find the one you need!

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