Simple Ways to Make Your Kitchen Look Really Expensive

Kitchen look really expensive

Everyone wants to have a kitchen that looks as expensive as the ones in Hollywood movies. But it is the only reality that not everyone can afford the cost of an exquisite, five-star kitchen. Nevertheless, there are little, less costly touches you can give your kitchen to make it look expensive.

Get the Latest Kitchen Fixtures

Updating your entire cabinet may really require that you make a kill. But you can give your kitchen a modern look without spending a fortune by replacing cabinet hardware.

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A Nice Marble Trick Would Do

How to make your kitchen look really expensive

Marbles give the kitchen a classy and elegant look – especially if their colors complement those of cabinets. But replacing your entire countertop and walls with marble may be too complicated and expensive. Simply use marbles with expensive-looking designs to create a captivating backsplash, a baking spot, or to update a noticeable portion of your floor.


Highlighting some parts of your kitchen can make it appear as though you’ve invested so much money in there. The sink, for example, is about the most significant part of every kitchen. Making your sink more evident and appealing can give your kitchen an expensive look. Think about a stone or copper sink, or better still an unconventional shape and design.

Your island can also be highlighted. Beautify your worktable with marbles of unique designs, or simply go for island colors that contrast the rest of the kitchen.

Work with Colors

how to make your kitchen look really expensive

A new coat of paint can modernize the look of your kitchen. Play around with attractive colors, but stick to a single color. Complementing a modern kitchen with dark colors adds exuberance and elegance to its look. While lighter colors like white and beige can make kitchens look bigger and expensive. The reflective properties of bright colors also help keep all the faults in your space concealed.


Small appliances can make your kitchen look cheap and unappealing. Blenders, food processors and towels can be stored in cabinets until they’re to be used.

Step Up Your Lighting

You may not imagine that lights confer any difference to the look of your kitchen, but they do. Using a conventional lighting system can make your kitchen look too conventional. But installing a pair of low-hanging light or cheap chandelier can add elegance to your kitchen. They also confer a grandiose look to your kitchen by making the ceiling look very high. Dimmers can also give your kitchen the look of an expensive diner at dinnertime.

Utilize Wallpapers and Artworks

If your living room can get an elevated look with wallpapers and pieces of artwork, why not your kitchen? Go for wallpapers and artworks that highlight your kitchen features to give your kitchen a more significant, bolder look. And if your space is rented, wallpapers are a great way to step up the look of your kitchen without making any permanent changes.

Change Cabinet Doors

If your kitchen cabinets are worn out and outdated, changing the entire framework can be quite costly. Instead, install new and modern doors. You can try ultramodern wooden doors or glossy glass door for an entirely modern touch.

You can also detach some doors to create open storage for your attractive spice jars and food containers. Placing beautiful flower jars in some of the open shelves can also give your cabinet a modified appearance.

Make Your Serving Staples Impressive

how to make your kitchen look really expensive

The plates and bowls in which your food gets served can say a whole lot about your kitchen. You can’t upgrade your kitchen, and still, serve your meals in shabby unattractive dishes.

Invest in modern dishes, there are great ones you can obtain at a fair price. You can also showcase your stemware in open or glass door cabinets to integrate a more luxurious and classy look in your kitchen.

Upgrading your cutlery and trays to more appealing stainless steel alternatives can also add a touch of luxury to your kitchenware.

Lush Up Your Windows

Bare kitchen windows are typically not attractive to behold. Touch up your kitchen by installing beautiful but straightforward window coverings and accessories. A simple window blind with contrasting colors would do the trick.

Give Your Kitchen an Expensive Silver Look

Stainless steel – having the same color as silver – can give your kitchen an aura of wealth. But if you haven’t got stainless steel appliances and equipment, you can spray paint what you have with a stainless steel finish. Ensure to seek professional help or follow manufacturers’ manuals before using stainless steel paints.

Replace Outdated Decorative Pieces

Outdated decorative pieces can make your kitchen look like a space from the 18th century. If possible, replace ceramic flower vases with glass alternatives, and decorating your space with one or two digital pieces won’t be bad at all.

Now you know your kitchen can spell luxury even when you do not spend so much on it. Why not get on with your trial!

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