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Best Indoor String Lights in 2020 | Warm & Cozy Lights

The style of home décor changes every other year; what stays the same are the elements. Lights are one of the consistent things that you can use in your home and still be in a trendy fashion. Lights are beautiful, efficient and cost-efficient decoration items. They are affordable as well and last a long time. String lights are one of the most popular all-time favorite decorative lights. Not only outdoor, but the indoor string lights also look very amazing in the night. If you want to light up your room with muted firefly like lights; the indoor string lights are the best option for you.

Indoor string lights come at affordable prices as well! You can get one, hang some pictures on it with paper clips and that will give your room a totally new look. These lights are one of the most popular items for room decoration among Instagrammers.

Top 10 Best Indoor String Lights in 2020

10. Enbrighten Classic LED Café String Lights

Enbrighten Classic LED Café String Lights

With Enbrighten, you can discover the future in lighting with these café lights. You get a warm white, and attractive light that needs no replacing and offers an energy-efficient design. The commercial-grade structure has a premium design with a Paris café look for creating the perfect ambiance indoors and outdoors. You can use it on the patio, at parties, camping, pergolas, gazebos, and as a home accent.

9. Mikikin Globe String Lights

Mikikin Globe String Lights

The white ball string lights from Mikikin are perfect for decorating the home or a patio to create a festive atmosphere. Whether you are planning a dinner for two in the backyard or hosting a party, these lights will surely brighten up any event. The light sets extendable as well and fitted with 100 LEDs. Furthermore, it is RF wireless remote controlled to control the brightness and set the right mood. You get eighty different modes to meet your needs.

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8. Mycozylite- Indoor String Lights

Mycozylite- Indoor String Lights

These lights do not compromise with quality. It is understandable that there are much low quality LED string lights in the market. The company has taken this fact into consideration and manufactured a durable premium quality LED string light for its users.

The cable of this string light is 15m in length. The bulbs are highly durable and strong; so even if the string covers a long area, do not worry about your bulbs breaking.

7. SPIRITUP Indoor String Lights

SPIRITUP Indoor String Lights

These string lights are specially designed for hanging photographs. Each light is shaped like a clip to hold photos and illuminate light on them. We have all seen people hanging photos on string lights with paper clips or cloth clips; with this innovative rope light, you do not have to do that. The light is 12 feet in length and holds 30 LED lights. This innovative design comes with a USB plug. So you can take it to picnics!

6. HaMi Indoor String Lights

HaMi Indoor String Lights

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage; this rope light is 66 feet long and has 200 LED lights hanging from it. If you live in a large house, you can get this light for your stairs or to decorate your leaving room. Although indoor, this light is not very suitable for the bedroom. As there are 200 lights; it will light up the whole room and take away the muted feeling you want from string lights. The light is easy to use and will last a long time.

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5. Fairy Copper Indoor String Lights

Fairy Copper Indoor String Lights

This is another long string light. You can make several lines with this and hang pictures on the lines to beautify your room. The string is 66 feet long and holds 200 LED lights. The best thing about these lights is that they do not get very hot after the usage for a long time and do not consume much power either. You can keep on all night. As it is very long; the string might get tangled by itself. So you need to set it up carefully. You can use this light outdoors or even in your stairs.

4. CMYK Globe Rope Lights

CMYK Globe Rope Lights

This is a very unique and vintage looking indoor string light. The light has a globe with designs on it. The design creates paths for the light inside to illuminate. It looks very cool. The crafted globe created the shape with the lights. The indoor string lights are 13 feet in length and hold about 40 LED lights. As it is a designed light; 40 lights are enough for any bedroom or other rooms in your home. It can be used outside as well!

3. EchoSari Lotus Flower LED String Lights

EchoSari Lotus Flower LED String Lights

These might be the most beautiful indoor string lights on the list. Each light has a shape of the lotus flower in the color white. The light looks magical. You can hang it outside as well and it will certainly add magic to the place. Each string is 13 feet long and has 40 LED lights hanging from the string. The string is battery powered and has 8 different modes of operation.

2. 33 FT 100 LED Globe Ball String Lights

33 FT 100 LED Globe Ball String Lights

With the indoor string lights, you get a remote control to change the lighting modes and set the timer. Eight light modes work well for parties to set the right atmosphere. You can use them on the deck, in the backyard, bedroom, or any festivity. The length of the lights is 33-feet and fitted with 100 LEDs to lighten up any place. The multifunction remotes easy to use, and you can buy different strings to place around the home.

1. TaoTronics Indoor String Lights

TaoTronics Indoor String Lights

These string lights with a very thin wire are awesome for any room. The string is 33 feet and has 100 LED lights. The LEDs are of a beautiful muted golden color. They look rich and classy. It comes with a waterproof power adapter. The light is highly durable and does not heat up. You can use it for a long time and it will stay cool.

Now that you have seen the best indoor string lights to use, you may have some questions on your mind before buying a set on the list. Here you can find some questions answered related to concerns some of our readers had.

Why do string lights stop working?

Indoor String Lights

String lights can stop working for many different reasons, especially if they are from a cheap kind. However, with some time, you can quickly diagnose how to rectify the problem. Furthermore, it depends on the type of lights you have, as well. You will, however, a bulb need test with light string fuses and replacement bulbs available.

  1. If the string lights have, a fuse you need to check this part first by sliding the plastic covering found on the plug back to see the fuse. You may find there are two fuses present and need to replace any blown fuse on it.
  2. Now, if the fuse is not a problem, you need to check each bulb, and some allow you to remove them from the hole. You can check each bulb to see if it is tight. Going this root can take a while if you do not have a bulb test. However, if you do, the lights need plugging in, and you need to place each bulb into the hole for testing and replace the ones that are not working.
  3. Furthermore, the way you store your lights when not used can also make them defective. Never pull hard on the wires; it can become damaged.
  4. Other causes of the lights not working can be a frayed wire, broken socket, or loose bulb.

How long do string lights last?

When you buy cheap string lights such as Christmas lights, the lifespan is only 1500 hours, lasting one season of use. If you take them down with care and keep them securely stored without getting damaged, you can use them for the next event again. However, investing in LED lights lasts ten times longs.

How do you hang indoor string lights?

To compliment your home hanging indoor string lights makes a huge difference to the interior of the house. The lights look old-fashioned with a bulky design and may need some nails or a staple gun to hang them. These lights illuminate the whole room to set a great mood.

Therefore, it helps to zigzag them across the ceiling or throughout the hallway and more challenging than draping it outdoors. Never hang them with pushpins because the weight will pull them out. If you do have a support beam, you can secure them with zip-ties but more suitable for outdoor use.

When used in a loft, you can drape them and hang them from a ceiling with a small open loop hook that is simple to install.

How to decorate indoor string lights for your home party?

Indoor String Lights

Depending on where you plan to host, your party there are different ways to achieve some excellent results:

  • For the living room, you can adorn a large empty wall and create unique wall art in a gallery-style setting. Alternatively, you can create artwork with it against the wall, becoming the focal point of the party. You can even hang them along the wall loosely.
  • Create a message along the wall, as it is a big trend from love you for a romantic gathering to a happy birthday for a big family gathering. You can do this by working them around wires, creating a word.
  • Alternatively, you can create the detention to move upwards and decorate the ceiling. Doing this creates a soft glow at a dining table or any part of the home.
  • If you have a fireplace, you can spread it around it to become the focal point.

As you can see, there are different options available to give your party the uplift needed to create a great atmosphere at your next event.

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