Best Home Theater Systems in 2020

The best home theater systems offer great entertainment in many forms. You can stream films and TV shows from various platforms such as Netflix, YouTube, among others, and tune in to your preferred music. The current systems give the best quality sound and visuals. That enables you to take advantage of everything. This article will be about some of the best home theater systems and their different features.

Best Home Theater Systems Review in 2020

9. Yamaha YHT-4930UBL 5.1

Yamaha YHT-4930UBL 5.1

Yamaha, a notable brand with a name synonymous with all things sound, has set a high bar with the YHT-4930UBL. It’s anything but difficult to fit the whole framework in even a little room or office, and, as it is wireless, you’re not going to be stumbling over any cables.

You can access various kinds of content through Bluetooth, and the packed music enhancer increases the value of the music playback you get. The 100-watt subwoofer is supplemented with five smaller speakers and the 5.1 channel AV collector. The YHT-4930UBL additionally bolsters 4K UHD go through, and it’s wonderful for gaming as well as movies and music.

  • Bluetooth for wireless music
  • PAO sound optimization

8. Klipsch 11.2 Dolby Atmos

Klipsch 11.2 Dolby Atmos


In case you’re searching for a top-notch home theater system that gives the bona fide experience of being in a cinema, this system by Klipsch merits considering.

Klipsch is a brand more connected with business systems than home gadgets, yet this unit can be bought for home use. This system incorporates a bigger number of speakers than you can shake a stick at.

  • Two towers and one center speaker
  • Two subwoofers
  • Four surround speakers
  • Yamaha Receiver

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7. Orb Audio: Mod1 Mini 5.1 Plus 

Orb Audio: Mod1 Mini 5.1 Plus 

This home theater system spread a wide range of choices. Toward one side, you have proficient quality systems, for example, Klipsch. Towards the other side, you get passages, for example, The Orb Audio: Mod1 Mini, that seems as though it may seem like a wasp in a coke can, yet totally overwhelms you.

The six little sphere speakers and box subwoofer convey ultra-high-yield that must be heard to be accepted. The sound is fresh and clear, particularly the vocals. There are genuine profundity and clearness that you would anticipate from an expert framework with a much bigger price.

  • Fast and easy set-up
  • Handmade from steel
  • Wireless transmitter

6. Sony DAVTZ140 DVD Home Theater System

Sony DAVTZ140 DVD Home Theater System

Preview Product Rating Price
Sony DAVTZ140 DVD Home Theater System Sony DAVTZ140 DVD Home Theater System No ratings yet

This is one of Sony’s progressively affordable home theater sound systems. It’s a 300-watt surround-sound system that incorporates an inside speaker, subwoofer, two surround speakers, and two front speakers.

DVDs played in this sound system will move up to approach 1080p quality. With a solitary remote, you’ll have the option to control various HDMI gadgets, for example, Blu-ray players, camcorders, computerized cameras, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. You can likewise attach the framework to your PC to stream recordings and other substances on YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and different stages.

  • 1080p upscaling
  • HDMI Output
  • BRAVIA Sync
  • USB port

5. Samsung HT-J5500W 5.1

Samsung HT-J5500W 5.1


This sound system by Samsung gives a decent scope of entertainment choices, including HD quality pictures and top-notch 3D sound. You can play Blu-beam plates just as DVDs, with upgraded, upscaled DVD quality.

Play your preferred streaming applications, for example, Pandora, YouTube, and Netflix. Besides, it accompanies Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks. It’s a decent essential framework for streaming and getting a charge out of good quality sound and pictures

  • Dolby Digital
  • DTS digital surround
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • USB and HDMI ports

4. Onkyo HT-S5800 5.1.2-Channel Onkyo HT-S5800 5.1.2-Channel


This home theater system from Onkyo gives Dolby Atmos sound that can be gotten from all areas, which is a significant advance past customary speakers. This is a comprehensive system that enables you to appreciate the entirety of your preferred excitement, including the most recent formats arranged by Hollywood.

For instance, the system is prepared for 4K UltraHD, which highlights clearness multiple times superior to the present standard. Discrete enhancers give exact and dynamic sound multiplication. Onkyo’s home theater system is helpful to work with just a single HDMI link to associate from your TV to the unit.

  • HDMI Terminals
  • Wide Range Amplifier Technology
  • 4:4:4 Color Space for UltraHD Entertainment

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3. 7.2-Channel by Sony  

Sony 7.2-Channel 


Sony’s 7.2 Channel 3D 4K Home Theater System is an advantageous backup to any 3D or 4K TV. It gives incredible sound and superior quality video to 4K/60p information perfect TVs.

Surround sound gives you a vivid encounter to retain the music and audio effects of your preferred motion pictures. For this situation, the encompass uses Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD. You could set the speakers up to work crosswise over three distinct rooms if you needed them. Additionally, you will get access to the big Sony streaming experience with Netflix, Amazon, Pandora, and many more.

  • Wi-Fi home theater receiver
  • Bookshelf speaker
  • Active subwoofer
  • Four standing speakers

2. Samsung HT-J5500W 5.1 Channel


This Samsung’s home theater system gives advanced surround sound to numerous shows, films, and music. You get particularly reliable lucidity and wealth from Dolby Digital sound.

You’ll get more from music with improved bass, and you’ll appreciate fresh conversations from films and network shows as you would in a theater. You can stream content from a wide range of stages as well as play your DVDs and Blu-beam plates while getting a charge out of HD quality


1. Enclave Audio CineHome HD 5.1 Wireless 

Enclave Audio CineHome HD 5.1 Wireless 


Preview Product Rating Price
2016 Enclave Audio CineHome HD 5.1 Wireless Home Theater System 2016 Enclave Audio CineHome HD 5.1 Wireless Home Theater System No ratings yet $799.98

The Enclave Smart Center fills in as the focal center saving you a fortune and space without the requirement for an extra Audio/Video Receiver or running speaker any speaker wire.

Tune in to 360 degrees of 24 bit HD remote sound. Every Enclave back encompasses speaker contains two full-range drivers on opposing sides of the enclosure for a far-reaching, wrapping surround understanding.

  • HDMI input
  • Bluetooth input
  • Dolby Digital and DTS

In conclusion, technology revolving around home theater systems has been changing from time to time and even becoming better. This has made the quality of music or images played by these home theater systems to be just overwhelming. Many companies have come up with innovative changes to ensure that the home theater systems will always blow your mind.

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