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Best Heated Seat Covers in 2020 | Keep You Warm

Winter is different in different areas of the world but we can all agree that we do not enjoy the extremely cold environment during the weather. The car heaters are not always enough to keep you warm during the winter season. Heated seat covers a great choice which will add a bit of heat to your body along with the car heater in the winter days. Some people do not have to drive often; so they don’t really need heated seat covers. But the others who don’t work from home and have to go to the office every day of winter; really need heated seat covers.

These products come in a versatile range of designs and usage. They can be different for different vehicles as well. Read on to find out about our top heated seat covers list.

Top 10 Best Heated Seat Covers in 2020

10. WARMITORY Heated Car Seat Cushion

WARMITORY Heated Car Seat Cushion

With the heated car seat cushion from WARMITORY, you can feel warm in one minute with the gorgeous design. The seat pillow has a dual and safe design made with flame-retardant fabric and has an overheat protection thermostat as well. You can enjoy sitting on a comfortable leather cushion that heats up in seconds. The universal design fits most cars, trucks, RVs, and SUV seats.

9. Reach Auto Parts Car Seat Heater

Reach Auto Parts Car Seat Heater

With the car seat cover, you can enjoy warming up in three-minutes during the cold months. The universal design works on both the front seats of the vehicle as well. You get plug-and-play by plugging it into a 12/24V cig lighter and press the red button for adjusting the temperature. The non-slip car seat warmer is easy to put on the car seat with the fitted straps. Furthermore, it comes with a three-year warranty as well.

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8. BDK 2P-056-BK_AMO Heated Seat Covers

BDK 2P-056-BK_AMO Heated Seat Covers

The 2P-056-BK_AMO model from BDK Company is very efficient and comfortable seat covers. These covers are made of high-quality materials. If you suffer from back pain or shoulder pain; these seat covers can come to your aid. The covers are great as it has padding and gives you something very soft to sit on. The heat of these seat covers is relaxing. You can use it every day on your vehicle during winter and have an amazing journey to work.

7. KINGLETING Heated Seat Covers

KINGLETING Heated Seat Covers

These cushions are something from the future. It comes with an intelligent heater. The heater can measure temperature in your vehicle and adjust the heat level in the seat covers accordingly. The covers require DC outlet current equal 12-Volts to work. You can also choose the temperature and change it according to your wish. The option stays between 86 degrees to 140 degrees.

The cover works very quickly, it can generate heat enough to warm you within one or two minutes.

6. Sojoy Universal Multifunctional Car Seat Cushion

Sojoy Universal Multifunctional Car Seat Cushion

These heated seat covers from Sojoy are a universal fit. So you can use it in any kind of vehicle. These covers are intelligent as well. It requires 12-Volts of electricity from DC outlets from operating. These are great and ensure that you are very comfortable in your car. The temperature can be controlled manually as well.

The seat cover is attached to your car seat with a belt, a hook, and loops. So it is ensured that the cover won’t slip from its position. Heat is dispersed uniformly and you can feel similar warmth on different parts of your body.

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5. COMFIER Heated Seat Covers

COMFIER Heated Seat Covers

These covers have a cushion like texture and structure to be a better comfortable seat for your lumbers. The cover heats up quickly and evenly. There are three pads for heating; two pads in the back area and one pad for your seat. These covers are awesome for people suffering from back pain. It will certainly soothe the pain area and provide you some relief.

The strap used for attaching the cover to a car seat is elastic so you can move around and use it on different vehicles. There is protection from overheating as well.

4. Zone Tech Heated Seat Covers

Zone Tech Heated Seat Covers

Manufactured by Zone Tech Company, these heated seat covers are great for long journeys. These covers don’t only provide heat to your back and bum, but also warm your thighs. These are great for countries that face extreme cold during the winter. The material used in these covers is fire proof. So over heating won’t cause any damages to your body. The seat covers heat up quickly and has an even distribution heat.

3. SNAILAX Seat Cushions

SNAILAX Seat Cushions

The heated seat covers are not only heated; they can provide you a cold feeling during summer. These are the all year use seat covers you did not even know to look for! The design is very innovative.

The covers come with a layer for ventilation. It is made of polyester; so it is highly durable as well. You can easily install it and use it all year long for several years.

2. IHealthComfort

IHealthComfort. Heated Seat Covers

These padded cushion like covers have a classy looking design. The design is universal so you can use it for any kind of vehicle. These cover heat up instantly. You won’t have to sit in your car in discomfort for even a moment during winter with these covers. The design is highly durable and the price is affordable too!

1. Comfitech Heated Car Seat Covers

Comfitech Heated Car Seat Covers

Imagine a seat cover that works as a massager too. This is the most innovative and amazing design you will find in the seat cover market. If you have back pain; the cover has heat therapy for you. There are five different modes of therapy which will give you very nice massages. Definitely a product its money’s worth!

Now that you have seen the best-heated seat covers, you may be wondering why you should invest in one. Here you can find an answer to all the questions you have in your mind.

What are the benefits of using a heated seat cover?

When investing in a heated car seat cover, it provides you with many benefits as follow:

  • Keeps the passenger and yourself warm – getting into your car when it is cold and snowing takes a great deal of courage. With a heated car seat, your body heats up fast, and you can control the temperature.
  • Keeps the interior protected – as with any car seat cover, the heated seat cover keeps the seat protected. Therefore, it increases the lifespan of the car seat.
  • Adds a unique touch to the car – with the cover, you can spruce up the look of your car seats in no time with a gorgeous designed heated seat cover.
  • Provides you with lumbar support – as a bonus, it offers excellent back support to keep your spine aligned and straight at the same time. The heat even allows for healing when it comes to back pain.

What happens if we overuse heated seat cover?

While the majority of heated seat covers are made with fire-resistant fabric with overheat protection and auto shut-off, it is reasonably safe to use in the car. However, when not selecting a durable model and left on, it can cause damage to the seat or catch alight when not switched off.

How does heated seat cover work?

The heated seat cover works with either 12V or 24V battery power provides through the car battery. You get an adapter to plug into the cig lighter section to power it, providing you with heat. Some models even come with an auto shut-off timer as well.

What are the tips to stay comfortable in the car during winter?

If you spend most of your time in your car for work, you want to make it as comfortable as possible when traveling. Here are some helpful tips you can make use of.

  • Retaining heat – for traveling and sometimes spending the night in the car needs insulation to keep it warm. You can replace the headliner with a carpeted version as it keeps the vehicle fresh in summer and warm in winter. Alternatively, you can use Reflectix that is a reflective foil for insulation and sold in rolls of various lengths and widths.
  • Creating heat – you can use your car heater but will still need added heating like a portable heater or even a heated car seat cover. The seat cover and portable heater both use 12V from the cigarette outlet, and you may need a power inverter as well.
  • Wear multiple layers of clothing – for extra warmth, and it helps to wear some layers of clothing to become as comfortable as possible. With warm clothing, it keeps you toasty inside and helps warm you up when needed to step out for a meeting.
  • Hot drinks – having your favorite hot beverage is another way to keep warm when sitting on a long road in traffic as well.

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