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Best Heat Protectant For Hair in 2020 | Prevent From Hair Damage

I know you want your hair to look good after styling your hair with the heating tools, but that is no enough. You will need a heat protectant for that hair to look more prepared or last longer than if you have such a lively hair. After the heat, you can style anything you want.

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Top 10 Heat protectant For Hair in 2020

10. HSI PROFESSIONAL Argan Oil Heat Protector

HSI PROFESSIONAL Argan Oil Heat Protector | Protect up to 450º F from Flat Irons & Hot Blow Dry | Sulfate Free, Prevents Damage & Breakage...

Get the vibrant, silky, shiny and healthy styles you’ve always wanted without damaging your hair. HSI’s argan oil hair heat protectant is a weightless mist meant to be used before heated styling that protects the hair to heat exposure up to 450º F.

This light thermal protection spray can be also used as a leave in conditioning serum. Get smooth, hydrated, frizz-free hair that’s healthier than ever before. It is designed for Natural hair and Human hair extensions.This formula is created using a combination of healing and protective oils to create healthy, gorgeous and selfie-worthy hair.

  • Extreme hair protection
  • Leave in condition
  • Proudly made in The USA
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Mild formula
  • Professional salon love protection
  • Packaging may vary, may come in red or white packaging.

9. Kenra Platinum Blow-Dry Spray, 6.8-Ounce

Kenra Platinum Blow-Dry Spray

Kenra Platinum Blow-Dry Spray dramatically decreases blow-dry time and provides intense heat protection from damage and breakage.

This lightweight formulation detangles, smoothes, and softens while eliminating frizz and resisting humidity for long-lasting, healthy looking results.

  • Dramatically decreases blow-dry time by 50%
  • Provides intense heat protection from damage and breakage
  • Lightweight formulation detangles, smoothes, and softens
  • Eliminates frizz and resists humidity
  • Provides long-lasting, healthy looking results

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8. GHD Heat Protect Spray, 4 Fl Oz

CROC MultiFlex Super Heat Protector Spray for Flat Iron, Curling Iron, Blow dryer or other hair heating appliances 8 fl oz/240 ml Made in USA

CROC’s Spray MultiFlex doesn’t just protect your hair, it’s a great primer heat protestant for you to curl, straighten, or blow dry safely protect it. This extra strength heat protectant is perfect for professional flat irons, curling irons, blow dryers or other hair heating appliances.

Simply spray MultiFlex onto clean, wet or dry hair for a quick fix or extra shine.  It can be used for all hair types.This spray protects hair from heats and makes the Hair smooth and hydrated and designed to deliver a lightweight nourishing blend to strengthen hair, seal in moisture, eliminate frizz and resist humidity.

  • Instant heat protectant
  • Fine Mist
  • For all hair type
  • Heat protector spray

7. FoxyBae Cool AF Heat Protectant Hair Spray

FoxyBae Cool AF Heat Protectant Hair Spray - Thermal Heat Protector Pre-Styling Treatment Moisturizing Spray + Biotin for Hair Growth, Best Anti Frizz...

It helps to protect your hair from heat damage but also calms frizz, seals in shine, blocks humidity and conditions for a sleek style that lasts a long time. This protein hair spray penetrates the follicles of your hair to repair existing damage while also preventing breakage and split ends.

This unique hair hair heat protestant spray designs as a natural sunscreen while also offering color-safe protection, seals moisture and soothes the scalp.The vitamin hair spray has keratin smooth system that helps you to achieve silky smooth hair that’s still full of natural movement. This hair treatment spray will give you the perfect base for styling and helps you to create a gorgeously smooth, glossy look.

  • Keratin hair treatment
  • Includes biotin to help hair grow faster & stronger
  • Repair and texturize
  • Sweet summer fragrance
  • Risk free money back guarantee

6. Straight Silk Spray with Moroccan Argan Oil

Straight Silk Spray with Moroccan Argan Oil | Hair Straightening Protector & Detangler | Thermal Heat Protectant up to 450°F | Flat-Iron | Blow-Dry...

Straight Silk Spray is formulated and tested to protect hair at temperatures up to 450F degrees when used with specific styling instruments.

Infused with Moroccan Argan Oil which is a great moisturizer that contains beneficial fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamin E. Non greasy formula and does not cause product build up or weigh hair down.

  • Salon grade formula
  • Heat hair protector
  • Shampoo & conditioner friendly
  • Minimal ingredient- non flammable formula
  • MADE IN USA: Non-toxic minimal ingredient formula, cruelty-free, vegan, non-GMO

5. Peter Coppola Keratin Concept Just Blow

Peter Coppola Keratin Concept Just Blow – Blow Dry Spray – 6 oz – Heat Protectant Spray for Hair – Reduces Blow Dry Time, Smoothes...

Peter Coppola Just Blow heat protestant blowout spray, smooths, protects and straightens hair with a few simple sprays. Reduce the amount of time it takes to blow dry hair up to 50% with Peter Coppola’s Just Blow.

This formula assists in relaxing and making hair much easier to smooth and straighten with less heat. Get a flawless silky, smooth look with less heat and less damage. Perfect for daily use.This super versatile product is excellent for people with thick, unmanageable, curly, kinky or coarse hair that they want to be shiny, straight and healthy.

  • Reduce blow dry time
  • Instant heat protectant
  • Smooth and straight hair
  • Beautiful natural shine
  • Trusted salon quality hair care

4. Macadamia Professional Hair Care Sulfate

Third Wheel Heat Protectant Hair Spray - Flat Iron & Hair Dryer Thermal Protection - For All Hair Types - Prevents Damage & Breakage (1.6 Oz.)

This unicorn potion bottle full of goodness creates silkiness while enhancing natural body and provides thermal protection against heat.

It is designed to protect your hair from heat while using hair dryers, flat irons and curling hair. Lightweight spray detangles hair, controls frizz, deals and protects hair color. Prevents split ends and stops hair breakage.

  • Keep your hair safe while adding shine
  • AMINOKERATIN Special formula
  • Keep your hair strong, no matter what type it is
  • If you don’t feel your hair look better, we’ll give you full refund

3. Press It Straightening Cream

Press It Straightening Cream, 3.4 oz - Regis DESIGNLINE - Medium Hold Heat Protectant Hair Straightener Cream (3.4 oz (2 Pack))

This heat protectant cream helps keep your hairstyle straight, silky, and smooth. The anti-frizz product prevents frizz, delivering a smooth finish.

The DESIGNLINE straightening cream provides thermal protection from heat styling. No more dry, damaged, or burnt hair from your flat iron, blowout treatment, or blow dryer.This hair styling aid offers a medium, flexible hold. This allows you to style it as you please without worrying about uncomfortable, stiff hair.

  • Smoothing formula
  • Protects from heat
  • Offers medium hold
  • Works for all hair types
  • Designed by stylists

2. TRESemmé Expert

TRESemmé Expert Selection Pre-Styling Spray, Repair & Protect 7, 4.2 oz (Pack of 6)

Before you style, prep and protect with TRESemmé Repair & Protect 7 Pre-Styling Spray, which not only helps protect hair against 7 different types of damage, it also makes it easier to style.

It is designed to protect your tresses against 7 different types of damage: brushing, blow-drying, bleaching, coloring, curling, flat-ironing and braiding. This heat protection spray is specially designed to treat visible hair damage instantly, and helps repair the hair fiber from within, strengthening against breakage so you can keep on styling.

  • This heat protectant makes hair easier to style and allows for hair repair
  • Professional-quality formula, with Biotin, protects hair from heat and helps prevent breakage and split ends
  • Visibly repair hair from 7 different types of styling damage – brushing, blow-drying, bleaching, coloring, curling, flat-ironing and braiding
  • This pre styling hair spray has a light-weight conditioning formula allows you to layer styling products on top
  • This hair styling product is safe to use on color-treated hair

1. KERASTASE Blond AbsoluCicaplasme Hair Heat

KERASTASE Blond Absolu Cicaplasme Hair Heat-Protecting Serum 5.1 Oz

Heat-protecting serum for all blonde hair types. Instantly unifies damaged areas of the fiber, provides smoothness and lightness for flawless blonde hair. Serum infused with antioxidants, protects from heat up to 450 F.Hyaluronic acid-fills & strengthens fiber damage from within and resurfaces cuticle for uniform porosity

  • Instantly unifies damaged areas of the fiber, provides smoothness and lightness for flawless blonde hair.
  • Serum infused with antioxidants, protects from heat up to 450 F.
  • Hyaluronic acid-fills & strengthens fiber damage from within and resurfaces cuticle for uniform porosity
  • Edelweiss flower-anti-oxidative power against daily damage and softens and calms sensitized fiber

These ten products not only protecting your hair from the heat but also prevent your hair from damaging and losses. You can us this with the blow dry to create texture or style your hair and suitable for both man and women.

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How does a heat protectant work?

How does a heat protectant work?

In general, heat protectant for hair works by protecting your hair against heat often used during straightening. They achieve the reduction of the damage resulting from the heat through either reducing water evaporation or lowering heat conduction.

A heat protectant for hair has ingredients that form thin films on your hair. So, when using heat to style your hair, the film will see to it that heat conduction is as low as possible. In addition to that, the head distribution will be even, thus, not much damage. Other ingredients, such as silicone, are themselves pour conductors of heat. Therefore, once you use them to coat your hair, you can rest assured that only a little heat will reach your hair. Silicones will also reduce the loss of hair from your hair. To achieve that, they form a layer that seals the hair cuticle. Consequently, hydration becomes impossible but instead traps moisture inside your hair. Ensure that you go for the friendly ones which dissolve in water. They include behenoxy dimethicone, stearoxy dimethicone, and dimethicone copolyol. Equally important, they moisturize your hair. That’s because they are similar to hair conditions but relatively light. They contain the likes of lotion or spray and fatty acids which moisturize your hair.

Keep in mind that the heat protectant for hair doesn’t prevent your hair from heat damage. Nevertheless, it makes sure that the heat damage is as little as possible. Given the fact that usage of heat is inevitable when styling, one can say that it is good to mitigate the effect instead. In most cases, they will ensure that your hair dries within a short time. In return, it will take little time to style your hair, ensuring that it is not exposed to too much heat.

Can you use a heat protectant on oily hair?

Can you use a heat protectant on oily hair?

Many are times when people assume that oily hair doesn’t need a heat protectant for hair. However, that is wrong and could see you fry your hair to death. As long as you are doing any heat styling, the heat protectant comes in handy. That is regardless of whether you have dry or oily hair. It will ensure that heat doesn’t damage your hair whether you are using a curling iron, flat iron, or blow-dry. It is also important to note that oil shouldn’t be used as a substitute for heat protectant for hair.

In addition to that, don’t make a mistake of styling oily hair, especially if you have used heavy and unrefined coconut oil to achieve that. That’s because it could see the hair sizzle as soon as it comes into contact with heat. Instead, go for the likes of argan oil, avocado oil, and grape seed oil. After all, they are not only refined but also lightweight.

What will happen if you straighten your hair without heat protection?

If you insist on straightening your hair without heat protection, expect several dire consequences. For an instant, you will realize that the texture will turn relatively loose. The hair will be, to some extent, limp. The split ends will be intense and easily noticeable. You can as well say goodbye to curls because the hair will always return normal within a short time. You can’t afford to expose your hair to heat damage because it is impossible to reverse that.

If you keep straightening your heat without protecting it from the heat, it will soon start shedding excessively. While normal split ends appear approximately every three months or even after six months, they will become the order of the day due to heat damage.

Expect the curls to become large and disappear eventually if you have curly hair. It can also be porous to the extent that holding up hair dye becomes hard. Consequently, you will have to do touch-ups often. In other cases, a certain hair dye will give you a different color altogether. That’s because damaged hair will absorb various colors as time goes by.

It could also mean saying goodbye to the shine and luster of your hair. Once that happens, there will be no difference when your hair is clean and dirty. It may become too tangled and hard to manage, as well. There will be no more elasticity, and the feeling of dryness will be evident. That’s why it is advisable to use heat protectant for hair when straightening.

How do you make your hair straight without using heat?

How do you make your hair straight without using heat?

Everyone wants straight and glossy. However, often are times when people choose to throw away that satisfaction because heat is used. That’s since heat poses a danger to your hair. Fortunately, there are some tricks on how to avoid such a bad fate without compromising how your hair looks. Check them out!

Use a natural mask intended for straightening. All you need is honey and milk, which can either be coconut milk or whole milk. Mix a tablespoon of honey and a cup of milk well. Leave the mixture to sit in your hair for not less than an hour. Then, wash it nicely. A mixture of an egg and two cups of milk is also yet another great natural mask. Soak your hair in the same for 10 minutes.  Squeeze it and then wrap it using a plastic cover for half an hour. Wash it and then brush it until it dries.

If you don’t have wavy hair, consider twisting it to a bun. Make a ponytail and ensure that you do it while the hair is damp. After that, twist it like a rope then wrap it around itself. Secure it with an elastic. Once it dries, brush it. Tie the hair with a band overnight. Use several of them, preferably at an interval of 1 inch. Tie them loosely, or else they will leave a mark on your hair. Release the hair the following morning.

Another simple way is to brush your wet hair while air drying it until it dries completely. Also, you can use rollers and this time around the big ones. Only remove the rollers once the hair dries completely. Last but not least, to wrap it tightly while it is still wet with a silk scarf. Then, let it air dry.

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