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Hanging Closet Organizer

Closets, big or small are meant to organize your knicks and knacks and clothes. But in real life we end up shoving all things in the closet without thinking much about it. That beats the point. So how do you organize the whole process? Why with hanging closet organizer of course!

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Top 10 Best Hanging Closet Organizer in 2020

10. MISSLO Durable Hanging Organizer

MISSLO Durable Hanging Organizer

If you are in the market for something that just gets the job done and doesn’t break the bank all while being very simply designed, the MISSLO organizer is the right way to go.

The build quality of the organizer is pretty great for what it is. It boasts a couple of mesh pockets and can also swap out the hanger it comes without any extra steps. All around a great little budget product for a simply organized life.


Not too expensive and minimally designed with good fabric and durable build quality.

9. MAX Houser 6 Tier Shelf 

MAX Houser 6 Tier Shelf 

Give your closet a sense of calm and make your closet a lot more manageable with the MAX Houser organizer.

The best way to use this organizer is to hang it in your closet and use the 6 shelves to organize. The hook is durable and well-built which means you will not be having any things breaking off.


Quality build hanging organizer for a closet that needs just a little bit of help organizing.

8. Zober 5 Shelf

Zober 5 Shelf

A 5 shelf closet organizer that is to install and use with large open shelves for ease of access.

The Zober 5 shelf is made from a polypropylene material that is designed to be breathable and durable. The sturdy steel frame helps the organizer be solid.


With a weight limit of 15 lbs. with two steel bars and 5 shelves that are 12”x11.5” deep shelves.

7. Zober 9 Shelf

Zober 9 Shelf

If you want something a bit taller with more shelves and space than just 5, then the Zober 9 Shelf is the one you should get. It has the same qualities and great attention to detail as the 5 shelves with the added benefit of more space.

The 9 Shelf organizer from Zober sticks the iconic Zober design language of keeping things minimal and attention to detail with solid build quality. It’s made from the same durable material and comes in the same recognizable grey color palette. You can also opt for the black option if you want a stealthier look.


The tried and tested Zober brand with more shelves if you need something more heavy-duty.

6. Simple Houseware 5 Shelves

Simple Houseware 5 Shelves

Preview Product Rating Price
Simple Houseware 5 Shelves Hanging Closet Organizer, Gray Simple Houseware 5 Shelves Hanging Closet Organizer, Gray No ratings yet $11.87

We like this one for being so beautiful with a minimalistic design yet very practical and useful.

With two rods and a fabric quality that seems very well produced the Simple Houseware 5, tends to make any closet look cleaner and well organized.


A great product for those want style and functionality together in a great easy to manage and hassle-free package.

5. MaidMAX 3 Tiers 

MaidMAX 3 Tiers 

 Let’s tone things down a bit, from 5 and 9 shelves we bring the MaidMax 3, a trusty 3 shelves hanging closet organizer. If you need something small but the actual sizes of the shelf are large and usable, this one is worth a look.

The MaidMax is built to be collapsible and be taken with you when not in use. This is a great feature for when you are in the process of moving houses. The fabric quality is great and durable as well making this a perfect small organizer.


Elegantly minimal chic looking with ample storage space for your clothes, shoes, towels or socks.

4. Magicfly 6-Shelf Organizer 

Magicfly 6-Shelf Organizer 

Oh boy this is a long shelf. Not only does it come with 6 shelves, but the individual shelves are also quite large and has a lot of space for storing things.

Made from non-woven fabric that is designed to not damage your clothes or whatever you decide to put in them, the Magicfly 6-Shelf is a great companion for your closet. It can also be folded when you are on the move.


Large shelves coming in at 11.5″x12″x8.5″ each, this closer organizer can compete with the best of them in the market.

3. Whitmor 4 Section

Whitmor 4 Section

These are made for large closets that need some help organizing. Large and boxy with 4 shelves provide some great space for organizing.

The Whitmor comes made with durable fabric that is made to last years. It hangs using chrome rod hangers, three at the top to be exact which gives it great support. For added functionality, it has a rod at the moment for your foldables.


Great for large closets that need a little help with organizing.

2. StorageWorks 2PCS 3-Shelf

StorageWorks 2PCS 3-Shelf

If you have a large closet to fit two organizers and just be worry-free for some time to come, these are a great choice.

These are easy to assemble out of the box and are made from durable comfortable fabric that makes any occupying closet more professional.


Expandable organizer with folding capabilities.

1. StorageWorks 6-Shelf 

StorageWorks 6-Shelf 

Top of the line hanging closet organizer from the guys over at StorageWorks.

The design is very professional looking with a subtle mix of beige and brown color finish. The fabric is soft and of high quality instilling a sense of confidence in the product.


Ample storage space with 3 shelves and even 3 compartmentalized drawers that can keep even the messiest closet organized and neat.

What are the criteria to think before getting a hanging clothes organizer?

What are the criteria to think before getting a hanging clothes organizer?

If you want to buy a hanging closet organizer, think about the following criteria.


How much money are you planning to spend on your hanging closet organizer? That will determine the brand, type, and features to expect. The next one is about the various features to look out for.


Look for hangers because they will help with the organization. Make sure that the hangers fit securely on the rods. Preferably, go for the hook-and-loop hangers since they fit perfectly. Look out for pockets as well. They offer you additional space for the likes of undergarments, small purses, socks, belts, and scarves. If there are no pockets, storage bins could serve the same purpose, no doubt.


The size of the hanging closet organizer should be enough for the clothes that you have. At the same time, your house should have a space that can accommodate it. If you need one for storing shoes, it doesn’t have to be wide.


It plays a huge role in determining the durability of the closet. Equally important, it determines the amount of weight that it can handle. For instance, a wood hanging closet organizer will last longer than that of cloth.


When looking for the shelves, consider the number. The more the shelves, the easier it will be to organize clothes. Nevertheless, ensure that the distance between shelves is big enough to fit thick clothes. Otherwise, you will have many shelves that are defunct.

Weight capacity

Settle for a hanging closet organizer that can handle the weight of your belonging. Otherwise, you will end up overloading it, which could lead to breakage.

Should you hang or fold your clothes in your closet?

Should you hang or fold your clothes in your closet?

The answer to the question depends on a number of things. One of them is the material of the clothes. If they wrinkle easily, consider hanging. Good examples are lace, satin, and silk. Hung those that are often starched, including cotton dress shirts. Fold the stretchy and slinky ones such as jersey and lycra so that they don’t stretch out. That also applies when it comes to knitwear. If the clothes are too heavy to be withstood by the hanger, it is advisable to fold them.

In summary, consider folding jeans, khakis, t-shirts, embellished items, the heavily beaded the stretchy and slinky as well as sweaters and knitwear. On the other hand, hang starched garments, lightweight materials, the ones that easily wrinkles, and blazers. You should also hang dresses, excluding heavy gowns, pleated items, and dress pants.

When hanging, ensure that the shoulders seams of your shirt align with the hanger. Don’t overstretch the collar area by inserting the hanger from up but rather do it from the downside. Space the hanging clothes to avoid wrinkling, overcrowding, and snagging.

Tips for organizing your clothes in a closet

Tips for organizing your clothes in a closet

Use a hanging closet organizer. As the name suggests, it is a great way of organizing the clothes in your closet. After all, you will have a specific place for all types of clothes.

Arrange your clothes based on color.

Leave the storage boxes for the likes of workout clothes, pajamas, and t-shirts.

Always stack thick types such as sweaters and denim.

Even when it comes to hanging, do that with type in considerations. For instance, let all coats be in a particular place. Do the same for the dresses, shirts, and so on.

Hang scarves on hangers instead of rolling them and then stacking them.

If the closet has empty walls, use them for jewelry and accessories.

Ensure that each drawer house a certain category of clothes. For example, all your undergarments should be in a particular drawer. The same case applies to tops in that order.

Avoid keeping unnecessary things in your closet. For instance, a pair of shoes or a piece of cloth that you haven’t worn in years doesn’t deserve a place in your closet. If possible, once you buy something new, look out for something else that you can get rid of. It will ensure that what you own is manageable.

Depending on how often or seldom you wear certain clothes, let the hangers look forward or backward for the former and latter, respectively, or vice versa. It ensures that you don’t pull out a dress that you will end up returning to your closet because you can’t bring yourself to wear it.

How to clean your hanging clothes organizer?

How to clean your hanging clothes organizer?

Cleaning your hanging clothes organizer often includes removing unnecessary clothes. That’s where the problem comes in since most people are sentimental. However, these are ways to make it easy and less emotional.

Start flipping the hangers one after the other. While at it, think about when last you wore a particular top, dress, or any other cloth. In the process of doing you, it will become vivid just what is important and what is not. Do it for every season because what you wear in summer is different from that of winter. At the end of it, you will easily decide what to keep and what to throw away.

Another method of knowing what to throw away and what to keep is to arrange your clothes based on color. What’s the need to have many dresses of the same color? That’s especially if they have similar designs or are made for the same occasions. It becomes easy for you to eliminate duplicates.

You can also opt to remove everything that you own out of your closet. Once you do, begin returning them, starting with the most favorite one. With time, it will become clear just what doesn’t matter.

Once you decide on what to throw away, here are some ways to make sure that it hurts less. One of them is donating to the needy. It feels good. Another one is reselling them. It will help you earn money to mitigate the loss of throwing them away. For those that you are not sure of the fate to give them, first box them out. Over time, you will realize that you can do without them. Hence, it will be easy to throw them away.

Finally, some of the best organizers we have seen have two things in common, the fabric that is used and the number of shelves. With so many options on our list, you can never go wrong with a choice.

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